Wool Furniture: Care & Maintenance

Wool Furniture: Care & Maintenance

Wool is one of the coziest materials you can choose for your furniture. It is warm, soft, and natural. It goes with nearly every decor style. If you choose to have wool furniture in your home, you may need to look into wool furniture care and maintenance, as it may be a bit different than other furniture material care.

Vacuum or brush your furniture regularly

Wool is a natural material that is prone to a bit of shedding. It can have a few extra fibers come loose every once in a while. This should calm down a bit once you have the furniture piece for a while, but in the meantime, you should prioritize vacuuming or using a fabric brush on your materials. This can help the materials come up and be removed more quickly. This will leave your furniture looking new and soft for longer. It’s recommended to do this whenever you notice extra fibers loosening, or every two weeks.

Keep it clean and protected from spills

Wool furniture is difficult to remove stains from. It is naturally able to soak up liquids quickly, which makes it more prone to stains. If you plan to eat or drink regularly on your wool furniture, consider having custom slipcovers made. These will fit your furniture perfectly while protecting it from spills. They can be easily removed and washed and are just as easy to put back on. Investing in a slipcover allows you to enjoy the cozy warmth of wool furniture without the hassle of constant wool cleaning.

Regularly wipe off pet hair, dirt, and crumbs

Caring for and maintaining your wool furniture so it’s clean and healthy means keeping it free of dirt, dust, and crumbs. This process should be done daily, but don’t worry – it’s not as complicated as it sounds! Pick a time of day, such as when waking up in the morning or when getting ready for bed at night, to quickly run over your furniture with a fabric brush or even with a lint roller to dust off the dirt from the day. This may need to be completed multiple times a day in households with pets prone to extreme shedding.