Why Slipcovers Are a Great Trick for Open Houses

Why Slipcovers Are a Great Trick for Open Houses

Getting everything ready when selling a home is one of the most stressful things you can go through. Packing up all your things, finding a new place to live, and getting in your last goodbyes are just a few of the things you’ll be taking care of during this time. Once your house is on the market, you can add the arduous task of getting your home ready for open houses every weekend. There are so many things you need to do. Fortunately, slipcovers can help you knock out a few of these tasks in one calculated blow. That’s why we’re going to explain why slipcovers are a great trick for open houses and why you should look into using them.

Depersonalize the House

You may or may not have to do this depending on where you live and who you are trying to sell to. Your realtor will let you know if you need to depersonalize your home before the first open house. For those of you who don’t know, depersonalizing your home is the process of taking all personal effects and giving all of your rooms a neutral overhaul. The main part of this is removing things such as family photos and heirlooms. The other component is painting walls and removing objects that are more attuned to your personal style. The goal is to give open-house attendees the ability to project their own taste on your blank canvas to better picture if this is the house for them. This is where slipcovers come in handy. If you have a matching set of purple couches and chairs, your realtor might recommend doing something to make them more presentable to people who will be turned off by that color. Instead of removing the furniture and renting new pieces to replace them, you can simply buy some slipcovers. They are much cheaper than rental services and more customizable to your current needs.

Change the Color Scheme of a Room

As we mentioned, not all houses need to be depersonalized. Some realtors might even suggest trying to make your home stand out compared to others or just leave it the way it is. Regardless of whichever they tell you, not having to depersonalize leaves you open to a lot more options. You can go all out and make your house look like it never has before. Try to really get it to stand out, so people who come to see the place are blown away by the way it looks. If you currently like the design of your house and think it will help you finalize a sale, there’s no shame in not changing it, but we’re sure there’s at least one room that you would like to update. Slipcovers can come to the rescue yet again. Sure, to really sell a theme you will need to do more than merely cover all the furniture with slipcovers, but you’d be surprised at how much they can change. Do you feel like your living room is too dark and uninviting? Throw some white slipcovers over the couch, open the blinds, and set out some plants. However, brightening up a room isn’t your only option. The furniture slipcovers we have on our website come in a wide variety of colors and styles, perfect for any theme you’re going for.

Cover Up Imperfections

It’s perfectly fine to admit that your furniture isn’t perfect—nobody’s ever is. Even though you’re used to the imperfections on them, unfortunately, your open house guests won’t be. As dumb as it sounds, the sight of a discolored couch can be enough to convince an interested family that maybe this isn’t the right place for them. Houses need to be in immaculate condition, or else people might start to rethink their decision. Many realtors will recommend rental furniture like we talked about previously, but just like before, slipcovers are a much easier and cheaper option. Plus, who wants to have to change out their furniture every weekend continuously? No one. Slipcovers can cover up stains, scratches, or any other deformity that your furniture could potentially have. If you have pets, instead of painstakingly cleaning up every last hair from the couch, you can throw a slipcover over it and take the culprits over to the neighbor’s house for the next hour. The number of defects or imperfections that you can cover up with a slipcover are almost limitless.

Easy To Clean

The worst part of open houses is trying to clean up after each one. Most guests don’t try very hard to keep the place clean, and if you offered them any snacks, the amount of filth is going to be even higher than usual. To make matters worse, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, so sanitizing everything between showings is more important than ever. Luckily, slipcovers can help you out in this department as well. Cleaning a slipcover is much easier than trying to clean an entire couch. Sure, companies make spray bottles specifically for cleaning furniture, but those are only temporary fixes. If a guest made a big mess on the chair they were sitting in, or you feel like it’s time for a deep clean, slipcovers are the best solution since you can take them off and throw them in the washer. If this all needs to be done before the next showing, having a second pair of slipcovers will come in handy.

The Best Benefit

Now that we’ve gone over all the reasons why slipcovers are a great trick for open houses, it’s time for us to let you in on the best part of using them: they come with you when you move. If you fell in love with the look you created with the rental furniture, then you will have to accept that the day will come in which that look goes away. When you change the look with slipcovers, however, you can continue to use that look after your move. All the benefits we mentioned for slipcovers apply to them for everyday use as well. You may have bought them for the single purpose of changing how your place looked for the open house, but now you have a permanent option for designing your brand-new home. Why Slipcovers Are a Great Trick for Open Houses