White Suede Custom Pillow Cover 373

SKU# 47-373 99
ID# 9012
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White Suede Custom Pillow Cover offers an extraordinary feel that makes this microfiber suede cover pleasing to the touch as well as the eye. Furnishing your living area with this deeply mesmerizing fitted mattress cover will provide an instant freshness and award you with a unique style.
Custom Furniture Covers

Made in the USA

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  • Custom Pillow Covers are made especially for pillows that have pointy, corners at the top or all four sides. Made to your desired size and shape.
  • Features concealed zippered construction. Makes ideal cover sham for furniture back pillows, throw pillows, floor cushions, pet beds, etc.
  • Pricing is based on the size of the cushion cover. Price includes our fabric and labor. We do not offer piping or trimmings.
  • Lead Time: 7 business days.
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TypeCustom Pillow Covers
Fabric Contents100% Polyester
CareCold Wash/Line Dry or Dry Clean
BrandEasy Fit
SKU47-373 99
ManufacturerEasy Fit
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1. Anonymous User on 6/18/2017, Said:
Excellent fit and finish... our worn out seats and backs of faux leather sofa look like new again!

2. Anonymous User on 10/26/2018, Said:
The overall fabrication of the product seems to be above average quality and done with precision and care. This is above average I think and I expect the sewing and zipper to last. The quality of the fabric was not, one slight scratch from a puppy made a hole straight through the slip cover as if pencil through paper. There is no layering of the fabric to make it more durable and clearly the fabric itself is very thin. A normal fabric or leather or even faux leather would resist much worse repeatedly before showing sign of wear...puncture has to be the quality and thickness of fabric which seems cheap. We were not disappointed in the cost but would have paid slightly more for a higher quality option and if you offered real leather reasonably we would have purchased that. Overall the skip cover did not last 48hrs. Without having a small hole in it that could have as easily been from a key in a pocket. I was very surprised and disappointed as was my partner who was very excited to replace the cover on our couch.

3. Anonymous User on 5/4/2019, Said:
SofaFriends and family Very good

4. Anonymous User on 8/15/2019, Said:
fits great