Ways To Make an RV Feel Like Home

Ways To Make an RV Feel Like Home

RVs and campers are full of potential, and you can use them in different ways, depending on many factors. Whether you’re using your RV for vacations, road trips, and camping or plan to join the trending vanlife, it’s important to learn ways to make an RV feel like home.

Decorate It Like a Home

Most people wouldn’t leave the walls in their home bare or relegate decorations to just one small section of their house—so why do that with an RV? Get some decor in your RV to make it your own. Hang pictures or tapestries, paint, and customize it. It’s your space, so make it feel like yours. Decorating an RV can feel like a task with limitations, but there are tons of ways to add decor without creating permanent damage—think of it like a rented apartment. Any methods you might use to decorate one of those without damage, apply them to your RV.

Make It Cozy and Welcoming

The chances are good that you have some sort of sleeping surface or bed in your RV or van. There is also a high likelihood that you’d like all your spaces to serve multiple purposes, such as a bed serving as additional seating during the daytime. Try adding fitted mattress covers to your bed. These slipcovers are stylish and easy to wash, and they’ll protect your bed when you’re using it as additional seating in daytime clothing. Slipcovers are such a beneficial addition to an RV—even for the other seats. They add style and comfort, and they’re super easy to care for and maintain while protecting your upholstery.

Add a Scent

RVs can start to smell and feel cloudy, dingy, and stuffy simply because of the cramped quarters and the limited time you spend with windows or doors open. This is one small factor that can make you feel alienated in your own RV. Take back your home’s homeyness by adding a fresh scent. You can use sprays, faux candles, covered wax melts, and room air fresheners to make your space smell fresh and clean again. It’s one small change that can make a huge impact on how at home you feel. No matter how you use your RV, finding ways to make an RV feel like home is essential. Investing in custom, high-quality slipcovers from Easy Fit is a great way to start. Contact us today.