Tips for Making a Studio Apartment Work

Tips for Making a Studio Apartment Work

After a long year living with family or spending time away from cities, many young professionals are flocking back to cities or ready to venture out into living on their own again. Prices for apartments are high, and it’s not uncommon to land in a studio apartment. Studios have their charms and are quite trendy right now, but making that small of a space work for you may feel impossible. Check out some handy tips for making a studio apartment work for you.

Sneak in Storage

Storage may be in short supply at your new studio but fret not—there are sneaky ways to maximize your storage. Consider investing in furniture that opens to reveal storage, such as storage ottomans, trunks, and other double-function furniture. Pro Tip: Make the most of your cabinet space by investing in shelf splitters, stackable drawers, and other organizational items that maximize the use of your vertical storage space.

Make It Multifunctional

Furniture shouldn’t be just one thing. Your kitchen table should double as a coffee table—yes, they really make these! Consider getting chairs for that table that double as lounge chairs. One of the best multifunctional furniture pieces you can invest in is a futon. Futons are the perfect furniture piece for studio apartments. The couch-by-day and bed-by-night flexibility makes you feel less like you’re cooking in your bedroom for lunchtime and helps you transition to sleep much easier. Consider investing in a few futon slipcovers to cover and protect your mattress. These allow you to use your futon as a stylish couch without fear of dirtying your bed at the same time.

Use the Vertical Space

Vertical space is essential in smaller apartments. Even if you have low ceilings, you can still utilize vertical space through the following methods:

  • Install shelves
  • Invest in tall, skinny bookshelves for a renter-friendly alternative to shelves
  • Hang a pegboard
  • Hang some hooks
  • Install tall cabinets

There are so many great tips for making a studio apartment work, but the most important thing is that your space works for you. Studios can feel cramped and limited, but with the right furniture and design, you can really make it feel like a spacious home. The use of slipcovers helps make your furniture look new and can take any upholstered item to the next level. Check out our vast selection of fabrics and styles of high-quality slipcovers for your furniture.