Tips for Choosing a Slipcover for Your Home

Tips for Choosing a Slipcover for Your Home

Slipcovers are a sound investment for many reasons. They help protect furniture from spills, rips, and other damage. They also help keep your home’s interior design interesting and on theme when it comes to color and style. There are so many reasons to invest in slipcovers for your furniture, but something many people struggle with is deciding which slipcover is the right one for their home. If you’re having a hard time picking the perfect piece, check out these tips for choosing a slipcover for your home.

Pick where it will go

When deciding to invest in a slipcover, be sure to choose where you will put it before you go any further in your search. If, for instance, you want slipcovers for your living room furniture, this will help you narrow down your search. Different materials and types of slipcovers are available for different types of furniture. For example, patio furniture slipcovers will be more durable and water-resistant to help protect your items from the stressors and elements of the outdoors.

Decide on color

After you’ve decided which furniture pieces need slipcovers, the next step in choosing a slipcover for your home is selecting the right color. Part of the fun and excitement of investing in these items is that you can choose any color or pattern without fear of tiring of it. This is your chance to go bold or neutral without reservations. Consider the room’s existing color scheme and think about the way certain colors would pop or blend with the look.

Choose a set or a custom piece

There are a few different ways to go about getting a slipcover for your furniture. You can purchase one that is already made and designed to fit furniture of a similar shape and size as the piece you plan to cover. You can also invest in a custom slipcover that is designed for your furniture’s exact specifications, so you are guaranteed a perfect fit. For more standard-sized items, a pre-fabricated cover will work perfectly, but for larger or more unique shapes and sizes, it’s well worth the extra wait time for a custom slipcover.