Tips for a Monochromatic Living Room

Tips for a Monochromatic Living Room

With all the home trends emerging as 2021 continues, one of the early standouts is the monochromatic theme. This home trend emphasizes using one color in each room of your home to simplify your design without committing to minimalism. If you love the monochromatic home trend but don’t want to shell out a fortune for all new furniture, check out our tips for a monochromatic living room with the stuff you have now.

Spray Paint What You Can

The little things in your home that you use for décor may all be different colors, but that doesn’t mean you have to toss them when you choose a monochromatic theme. Any vases, picture frames, small décor pieces, and plant pots can all be spray painted to match the new color you choose. Remember to only spray paint in well-ventilated areas and use safety precautions.

Invest in Furniture Slipcovers

While smaller décor is easy to replace or change in color, you may look at your couch or ottoman that is grey and realize it needs to be green to match your color scheme. Don’t fret! Although reupholstering furniture often costs the same (if not more) than purchasing new furniture, you can invest in a furniture slipcover for your couch—there are even custom-made ottoman slipcovers that you can choose to match your aesthetic perfectly! Slipcovers from Easy Fit are high-quality and come in a wide range of fabrics, patterns, and colors to make your living room look exactly the way you want.

Minimize Your Belongings

If you have some things in your living room that are the wrong color and spray paint just won’t fix them, consider either donating the items or storing them in a covered basket. That way, you can keep your items without having to see them on display or mess up your room’s aesthetic. We hope you use our tips for a monochromatic living room in your next living room transformation. Contact us today for information on our high-quality custom-made furniture slipcovers.