Three Ways To Instantly Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Feeling stuck in a small bedroom? Not enough space to feel comfortable? When it comes to your bedroom, size is everything! Unfortunately, for many of us, moving to a brand new bedroom isn't an option. A complete move is time consuming, takes up all of your energy, and more importantly, can be very expensive. Don't have the budget for a complete move? Here are three ways to instantly make your bedroom look bigger: 1. Use lighter colors to enhance the overall mood and feeling of the space. Darker colors make you feel closed in. Light colors make you feel open and free. Its time to lighten up the wall paint and furniture colors. 2. Although this may come across as somewhat obvious, get rid of the king size bed for a queen. You'll be surprised by how much space this saves. And, the truth is, you'll hardly notice the difference between a king and a queen! You might even want to try one of our futon mattress covers. 3. And for the fastest option, you can visually expand the room almost instantly by utilizing a few mirrors here and there. Use these three options and watch your room grow instantly!