Spring: Home Décor Updates To Transform Your Space

Spring: Home Décor Updates To Transform Your Space

Spring is here, which means it’s time to send the grays and heavy fabrics out and bring in the bright pastels and florals of the season. If your home needs some updates to prepare for the warmer weather and brighter season, but you don’t want to undergo a full remodel, check out these spring home décor updates to transform your space.

Switch Out Your Throws

One of the simplest ways to make your home feel springier is by rotating out your throw pillows and throw blankets based on the season. Switching out throw pillows is easy and quick. You can simply put a pastel or spring-colored pillowcase on the existing throw pillow. For throw blankets, it’s best to find a spring color and use it all season. Pro Tip: Keep your spring-inspired throw blankets and pillows draped over your couch for an extra appeal, or keep them in a decorative basket next to your seating area for more décor options.

Put Up Some Temporary Wallpaper

Another great trick to make your home match the season is to invest in some temporary wallpaper. Putting up wallpaper is easier than ever with peel and stick sheets. Most home improvement stores and even some retail shops carry temporary wallpaper that is easy to install and even easier to take down. Pro Tip: Pick a spring pattern and put up one accent wall in your living room or kitchen. Those rooms see the most use and will benefit most from a seasonal change.

Change the Look of Your Furniture

The best way to make your home match the season is to switch up your furniture colors and fabrics. You may be thinking that it’s a tad unrealistic to get all new furniture for every season—and you’d be correct! However, investing in custom slipcovers for every season is affordable and fun. You can get a heavier fabric in a gray tone for winter and switch to a trendy sage green linen for spring. It’s as easy as ordering and placing a perfectly fitted custom slipcover over your existing furniture. There are so many ways to give your home a little upgrade for the springtime. Contact Easy Fit today for information on our custom sectional sofa covers and other slipcovers for all your furniture needs.