Brushed Natural Canvas Custom Ottoman Cover 335

Brushed Natural Canvas Custom Ottoman Cover is one of our top selling solids. Smooth finish, upholstery grade heavy weight texture. Cotton canvas is durable and easy to care for. Easily coordinates with a variety of other solids and prints. Excellent cover choice for any room setting.
Select from shapes below:


Custom ottoman covers are made in square, rectangular, round, oval or made from template provided by you. We understand that repeated use of your favorite ottoman may cause it to wear out prematurely and become frayed at the edges, looking worn out and old before its time. And although your ottoman may not be the main feature in your room’s design, it will surely attract negative attention if it looks worn or torn. Why replace a perfectly good piece of furniture when you can have a custom made ottoman slipcover crafted to your specific piece.
Note: Prices includes our fabric and labor. We do not offer piping or trimmings.

Lead Time: 7 business days.

Made in the USA Before and After
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