Modern Furniture Trends in Home Décor

Modern Furniture Trends in Home Décor

Modern furniture is on the rise in the home and interior design world. Challenging the standard straight lines in furniture design, modern furniture highlights curved lines, soft edges, and interesting silhouettes. Modern furniture design encourages elegance with tones of minimalism and intrigue. Check out the top modern furniture trends in home décor.

Natural materials

Natural materials are key to obtaining the trendiest looks in modern furniture styles. Woods are huge right now in home décor. Wooden couch legs, tables, and reclaimed wood countertops took over this year. Finding subtle—or not so subtle—ways to work natural materials into your furniture items is sure to upgrade your home in the trendiest way. Adding a small element such as a solid wood coffee table or roll-away island with a reclaimed wood countertop, as well as having stained cabinets instead of painted ones can bring a room from dated to trendy.

Bright colors

Often, people believe manufacturers create modern furniture with a dull color pallet in mind; think gray tones and neutrals. But actually, modern furniture is actually quite bright. A modern furniture trend that is taking over right now is full color with pops of neutral. Before now, the standard home décor technique to avoid a bland color scheme was to choose neutral colored furniture and supplement with subtle pops of color. Now, the trend outlines keeping your furniture bright and colorful, which transforms a room from dull and picturesque to bold and full of life. Pro Tip: A fun way to liven up your furniture without investing in a whole new piece is by adding brightly colored zippered cushion covers to your existing couch and chairs.

Art deco elements

In the modern age, art deco is making a surprise reappearance in the trends of modern furniture. Furniture long relied upon minimalistic looks, so it’s natural that there is pushback to the old days of art deco. Bright and bold elements are returning to the modern furniture scene. Things such as marble material, geometric patterns, and bold glass finishes in furniture can make your home a modern marvel. A budget-friendly way to transform your furniture with art deco elements is by replacing doorknobs and cabinet hardware with bold and luxurious handles.