Keeping Hotel Lobby Furniture Modern

Keeping Hotel Lobby Furniture Modern

Hotels are a business where customers expect the best. Hotels must build trust with their market before they convert consumers into guests. Guests must trust the hotel to be clean, private, secure, safe, and comfortable. People go to hotels in search of a home away from home, and part of this is expecting a modern environment. No matter how clean and pristine a hotel is, if the lobby looks outdated, guests will be less than satisfied. Check out this guide to keeping hotel lobby furniture modern.

Replace the furniture every decade

You should replace hotel furniture every decade. This not only helps hotels keep up with modern trends and styles but keeps the furniture nice and comfortable as well. The hotel lobby is the first impression a hotel makes on a potential guest. If there is furniture from 20 years prior, guests will notice. While trends occasionally make comebacks, this is rarely true in the short term for furniture. Hotels should aim for a 10-year mark of replacing lobby furniture to stay modern and in style.

Cover old, outdated patterns

Even within a decade, hotel furniture can quickly become outdated and look old. Outdated patterns are a sure giveaway that furniture is old. Jumping onto trends too quickly can turn an entire hotel lobby into an outdated mess, even with newer furniture. Patterns come and go from popularity and can quickly date a piece of furniture. To avoid this, invest in zippered cushion covers and slipcovers for your lobby furniture. These covers are stylish and can be custom-made to fit perfectly with any color or pattern. You can easily remove and wash them, as well. Whether you want to cover a dated pattern or display a modern one, zippered furniture covers can help your hotel stay on-trend much easier.

Rearrange the furniture often

It isn’t just the style of furniture that makes a hotel lobby look old, but the way you arrange it as well. Furniture arranged in a closed-concept set up can make a hotel lobby instantly feel forty years older. You should arrange furniture in a modern, open-concept feel. Even with old furniture, the lobby will instantly come to life and feel more modern when you arrange the furniture well.

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