How to Protect Outdoor Furniture During All Seasons

How to Protect Outdoor Furniture During All Seasons

If you live in an area that experiences all four seasons, you know the struggle of trying to keep your outdoor furniture safe and intact during the constant weather shifts and precipitation variation. Check out this brief guide on how to protect outdoor furniture during all seasons.


In the fall, the main threats your outdoor furniture faces are rain, leaves, and dirt. To help your outdoor furniture survive the fall, check out these tips and tricks.


If your outdoor items have cushions, make sure to put them away when you’re done using them. This could mean bringing them inside before each rainfall or putting them in an outdoor storage space such as a garden bench or deck box.

Leaves and dirt

In the fall, leaves are bound to find their way onto your furniture—and they bring dirt with them. A great way to protect your furniture from the elements and dirt is to use slipcovers for outdoor furniture. These are easy to clean, and they come in fun colors.


The winter is a difficult time for people with elaborate outdoor spaces and a lot of outdoor furniture to take care of. Between the snow, cold, and ice, your furniture may suffer if you don’t properly care for it.


Snow is just as damaging as rain—especially as it begins to melt and turns to slush, which helps dirt seep deep into your cushions. Treat snow like you treat rain: simply take your cushioned furniture out of the elements.


Most types of outdoor furniture should be able to stand up to the ice. However, you’ll have to store cushions and fabric furniture inside and away from water, if possible. If you don’t have the storage space, then consider getting furniture covers or even a deck box to help protect fabrics from hail and ice.


Cold conditions are generally safe for most patio furniture. Just make sure to properly secure or store lightweight items in case of cold, harsh winds that could potentially damage your frames.


Springtime means it’s finally warm enough to use your outdoor furniture—but it still needs protection from rain and dirt buildup.


Just as in the fall, keep an eye on the forecast, and move your cushions off your furniture to avoid soaking them.


Participate in spring cleaning. Wash the frames of your outdoor furniture pieces, and clean the cushions and fabric. This can prevent rust, dirt, and other issues from piling up and leading to your furniture’s early demise.


Summer is the time your outdoor furniture will get the most use, so protect it properly.


Heat won’t damage most of your furniture, but some materials could burn you if they get too hot. Keep furniture out of the sun if it’s made from a material that heats easily, such as metal.

Sun damage

With the extra sun exposure in the summer, furniture covers and slipcovers for outdoor furniture are perfect for preventing the sun from fading your furniture.