How To Prevent Slipcovers From Sliding Around

How To Prevent Slipcovers From Sliding Around

One of the biggest complaints about slipcovers is how they move around too much when people sit on them. While this doesn’t always happen, it’s a problem that needs to get fixed when it arises. If you currently own slipcovers that suffer from this problem, you’re in luck. We’re here to share tips on how to prevent slipcovers from sliding around when you sit on them.

Tighten Up All Fasteners

In the same way that tech support must ask a person if they’ve plugged in the troublesome device correctly, we have to start with making sure you attached everything the right way. Whether it’s drawstrings, Velcro, zippers, or loop fasteners, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve closed them all up. Missing one or two could be the reason why your slipcover isn’t remaining in place.

Find Ways To Increase Tension

If everything is secured or closing everything up didn’t help, then you’ll need to try out some more interesting methods. Increasing the tension is one of these ways. The easiest way to do this is by tucking in the slipcover into the crevasses as deep as you can. If that doesn’t seem to be enough to hold it in place, you can put weighted objects in the areas you tucked the cover into to keep it more securely in place. The best things you can use are either PVC pipes or rolled-up magazines. They’re good at pinning the sheet down without sticking up too far and disrupting people who are currently sitting on your furniture.

Add Something To Improve the Friction

The other method for a makeshift fix is to add a layer between the slipcover and furniture that will increase the friction and make it less slippery. You could use a nonslip shelf liner, but that probably won’t be the most comfortable thing to sit on. What we’d recommend instead is a rubberized grip like the ones that are on the bottom of rugs and mouse pads. Whatever you decide on, make sure you cut the section to be a little larger than the cushion it will be on. That way, it will droop over the edges and have an easier time holding the cover in place.

Buy Custom Slipcovers

In the end, if none of these tips on how to prevent slipcovers from sliding seem to be cutting it, then you’ll most likely want to look into getting some higher quality slipcovers. Sometimes you get what you pay for with those cheap ones. That’s why we want to take the time to show you our line of sectional couch covers. If you buy our custom slipcovers, they will fit your furniture perfectly. This will significantly cut down or even eliminate any amount of sliding that you were experiencing previously. If sliding still occurs, the above tips should help get rid of it completely.