How to Measure for Slipcovers

How to Measure for Slipcovers

When deciding to order a custom slipcover, it’s important to measure your items correctly to ensure the best fit possible. Every manufacturer will want you to measure and communicate your findings correctly and accurately, so you receive a slipcover that fits perfectly. We share a comprehensive, step-by-step sizing guide that explains how to measure furniture for an easy ordering experience. Here is a brief description of how to measure for a sofa slipcover.

Custom couch slipcover

When purchasing a custom couch slipcover, go to our website and choose your preferred fabric. Click “Price or Order,” and it will redirect you to an interactive page that will help you find your perfect fit. First, let us know if you have T-shaped or square seat cushions on your couch. Next, tell us what the back of your couch looks like—there are photo examples to make this process easy. After this, you’ll need to select your couch’s arm style. Then, our convenient tool will start to walk you through the measurement process with graphics to help you visualize the measurements needed. Measure all parts in inches—do not round or change actual dimensions. Here is the order to measure in:

  1. Seat length
  2. Cushion height
  3. Base length
  4. Arm to arm
  5. Base depth
  6. Arm depth
  7. Base height
  8. Desired skirt height (if any)
  9. Back overlay
  10. Arm width at the top
  11. Arm width at the bottom
  12. Arm height
  13. Seat depth
  14. Back height
  15. Measure of sofa
  16. Measure the top to the lowest point of furniture back
  17. Backing width at the bottom
  18. Backing height
  19. Backing width at the top
  20. Backing height in front
  21. Width of the back of the sofa
  22. Floor to top
  23. Floor to top of the back of the arm
  24. Floor to top of the front of the arm
  25. Length of the front of the couch at arm level

While this is a lot of measuring, it is well worth it when your brand new, custom made, perfectly fitting slipcover arrives just a week after ordering. After you complete the measuring process, decide if you want pleats, options for a sleeper, and separate seat cushion covers. Further, let us know if your back cushions are detachable or not. Then upload photos of your couch, and we can handle the rest. We provide many other custom products to match your exact needs. From sofa slipcovers to custom pet bed covers, we have what you need to create a cohesive and attractive environment in your home.