How To Make a Futon More Comfortable

How To Make a Futon More Comfortable

Everyone knows futons aren’t ideal to sleep on. Chances are, you’ve felt the wrath of an evil futon that preyed on your back one fateful night. However, futons aren’t predetermined to be uncomfortable and to cause restless nights’ sleep—they can be as cozy as a regular bed. Check out a guide to how to make a futon more comfortable.

Invest in Your Futon Mattress

Usually, the largest issue that causes a futon to be uncomfortable is the mattress that’s on it. Many times, futons come equip with a low-quality mattress or pad that functions more as a passable couch cushion than a realistic sleeping place. Replacing your futon mattress is a great way to instantly improve its level of comfort. You can purchase a high-quality futon mattress that’s thicker and more supportive than the original manufacturer-grade mattress it came with. Pro Tip: Think of your futon mattress as a regular mattress. When you purchase a new mattress for a bed, you want to try it out and ensure it’s comfortable for all your regular sleeping positions—do this with a futon mattress too!

Get Cozy Pillows

Sometimes a new mattress is not enough to make the futon a cozy place to rest at the end of a long day. If you’re just using a throw pillow or an old hand-me-down pillow with a head hole in the center, your neck will not have the support it needs for a restful night’s sleep. Investing in a supportive and comfortable pillow to pair with your futon is essential. Even if you only use your futon for occasional overnight guests or for family over holidays, investing in one or two nice pillows will go a long way for comfort. They’re even easy to store—simply put them in a protective bag or tub and keep them under the futon. Pro Tip: You can even use your pillows as throw pillows for the futon when it’s in couch-mode by investing in a complementary-patterned pillow cover.

Cover It With Soft Blankets

Soft, cozy blankets are a comfort of home, especially when traveling. At the end of a long day, everyone loves to curl up with a soft blanket and take a deep, restful snooze. Many futon users tend to use throw blankets, but these aren’t the same quality of blankets that you’d put on your bed to sleep with. Get a blanket that’s the correct size for the futon. For example, if you have a full-sized futon, get a full-sized comforter to go with it. Small throw blankets are not large enough to cuddle up with for a warm night’s sleep. Pro Tip: Get a pair of sheets for your futon! Putting sheets on your futon will make it feel much more like a traditional bed.

Purchase a Mattress Topper

If you don’t want to invest in a new mattress for your futon or your futon is not compatible with a replacement mattress, a great alternative is to purchase a mattress topper. There are many options of mattress toppers with different benefits and thicknesses to fit your exact needs. If your futon is lumpy, and you can feel the metal rod down the center, invest in a thick, supportive topper. If your futon is just a little lumpy but pretty cozy overall, a thin memory foam mattress topper should do the trick. Pro Tip: If you want a thick, luxurious mattress topper but are worried the couch-mode may look odd with it on, you can always store it during the day and apply it a night. Many mattress toppers are easy to roll up and store in a closet or cabinet.

Get Comfy Covers

The material of your futon mattress or padding may not be conducive for sleeping. For example, leather or faux leather futon may be stylish in couch-mode, but leather is not an ideal sleeping material. A thin sheet isn’t enough to really cover this material. Using high-quality futon covers is the best choice when you want to make your futon’s material more comfortable so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep on it. Futon covers are available in many materials, styles, colors, and patterns, so you’ll be sure to love whatever you pick out. Pro Tip: Easy Fit has high-quality futon covers that come in a wide range of styles and materials. You can pick out the exact material and style you want for a cozy and quality night’s rest.

Pad the Frame

A top complaint of regular futon sleepers is that the frame pokes through the mattress or causes discomfort during the night. The best thing to do is to avoid futons with thick, jutted metal frames or arms. If you already have your futon and the frame is causing discomfort, try padding the portions of the frame that are giving you trouble. For example, if the center metal support juts through the mattress, wrap extra padding around it to soften the impact. Pro Tip: Using a cheap mattress topper and cutting it to size is a great DIY way to pad the problem parts of your futon’s frame.

Add Slats

Most futons come with built-in slats or ones that are available to install. If those don’t seem to support you enough, you can always add more. In spots where there’s a noticeable dip in support, try adding your own DIY slats. Simply measure your existing ones and cut some wood down to size. Pro Tip: While making your own wooden slats may feel intimidating, there are plenty of online tutorials to follow along with. You can do this! At Easy Fit, we sell top-quality futon covers that are sure to make your futon more cozy, comfortable, and inviting. Just because you’re sleeping on a futon doesn’t mean you can’t get a restful night’s sleep. These tips on how to make a futon more comfortable are sure to make your sleeping arrangement more enjoyable.

How To Make a Futon More Comfortable