How To Design and Decorate Kids’ Rooms

How To Design and Decorate Kids’ Rooms

Every child is different and holds different interests, and those interests can come and go with the blink of an eye. This makes designing a kid’s bedroom much more difficult. Every parent is plagued by similar questions: will my child still be interested in space two weeks from now? Should I really make everything blue, or will their favorite color be red tomorrow? These rapid changes all stem from the rapid learning your child does every day. This can make decorating their room more difficult for parents, though. Discover how to design and decorate kids’ rooms in a fun and functional way.

Pick a Color Scheme

One of the best ways to avoid favorite color fatigue is by choosing a color scheme with a main neutral color, a main pop of color, and a few supporting colors to break up the monochromatic feel. Talk to your child about what their favorite colors are. A fun way to discuss colors with a child who may not know shades and hues very well is by bringing home a few color swatches from the paint store. They can point to the swatches they like and tell you what they do or don’t like about some of the other shades. This can be a fun bonding experience that helps your child choose their room color and learn more about different shades.

Be Realistic and Stylish

If you have a young child, fitted mattress covers are a must. These are something stylish and practical that give the room a little fun and function. High-quality mattress covers will protect the mattress from the stains and spills that children are so prone to. It also makes the bed more fun for your child, as they can get a mattress cover in fun colors and patterns to make bedtime a little more exciting.

Consider Wall Decals

Wall decals are fun, easy to put up, and, most importantly, easy to take down. These are perfect for the child that likes to change their mind. If your child is extremely interested in zoo animals, you can put up fun zoo decals on their walls. In a few months, when they tire of zoos and get more into sports or science, you can easily remove the zoo animals and put up new decals in their place. This is a super fun and interactive way to let your child take ownership of their bedroom. There are many ways to design and decorate kids’ rooms. One of the most important things you can do is include your child. This helps them take responsibility and connect with their space. When they get to make a few decisions, they will find it easier to take ownership of their space and feel truly at home there.