How To Care for Outdoor Upholstered Furniture

How To Care for Outdoor Upholstered Furniture

An outdoor space is essential for every home. Enjoying the outside in the comfort of your design is very beneficial. If you have an outdoor space at your home, you probably also keep furniture outside to help you enjoy it more. Caring for outdoor furniture is tricky but possible. Explore how to care for outdoor upholstered furniture regardless of the season or location you’re in.

Cover It During Rain, Snow, and Other Inclement Weather

When the weather is not ideal for spending time outside, you need to protect your furniture. If you wouldn’t lounge outdoors in the weather without a coat, umbrella, or other protection, neither should your furniture. Upholstered furniture that gets wet can potentially start to smell and grow mold or mildew. When it’s raining or snowing, consider taking your furniture inside or placing the cushions and other upholstered parts of the furniture into a deck box, shed, or storage area. If you don’t have an available storage area, plastic tarps and furniture covers are also great options.

Use Covers To Keep It Safe and Easy To Wash

Furniture slipcovers are another great way to care for your outdoor upholstered furniture. Outdoor furniture, as everyone should know, gets dirty much faster than indoor furniture. It can encounter dirt, leaves, and other outdoor items that come with wind and outdoor creatures. Investing in a slipcover for your outdoor cushions makes clean-up much easier. Simply remove your slipcover, throw it in the washing machine, dry it, and put it back on. It’s much easier to clean outdoor furniture slipcovers than the actual furniture.

Store It When It’s Not in Use

When you’re not using your furniture or won’t be using it for an extended period, such as the winter season or when you go on vacation, consider storing it. Keep it in a garage, deck box, shed, or even a storage room or facility. There are many ways to protect your furniture when you’re not planning to use it for a while. There are many ways to care for outdoor upholstered furniture. We recommend investing in our quality, custom-made outdoor cushion covers. These slipcovers fit exactly right to your furniture and protect the original fabric from sun damage, color fading, and weather conditions—and they make your items much easier to keep clean. Simply remove the slipcover, pop it in the washing machine, and enjoy a nice, clean furniture cushion. Contact us today for more information or help getting started on your custom slipcover design.