Essential Furniture for Your Apartment

Essential Furniture for Your Apartment

An apartment won’t fully feel like home until you’ve outfitted it with the proper décor. We’re likely to amass a collection of furniture and personal belongings over time, but one generally has to work from the ground up. It’s best to evaluate what to start with, and there are some necessary staples. Here we list some furniture your apartment can’t go without.

A Bed

While this should go without saying, we can’t make this list without including a bed. While needing a bed is obvious, which one you choose is incredibly important. This is the piece of furniture you’ll want to take your time finding, as a subpar bed isn’t going to do your sleep pattern any favors. If you must cut corners, consider getting a twin or full-size bed instead of a considerably larger one.

A Desk

While this may seem optional, we think it’s important to have a designated workspace in your home. Working from a couch or your bed can cause you to become easily distracted—and it may even make you want to take a nap. You can generally buy a small desk at a good deal, and you’ll find that it’s helpful for completing many projects.


Be it a dresser or coffee table with storage beneath it, drawers can store not just clothes but any other items you may accumulate. It’s easy to find yourself among unintentional clutter. You’ll do yourself a favor by creating a storage plan ahead of time.

A Bookshelf

Next to drawers, a bookshelf is another useful storage option. It’s tempting to have boxes full of books sitting in your closet for the first few months after moving, so you’ll want to take care of these before they collect too much dust.

A Dinner Table

If your apartment is small, you don’t have to invest in a large table. A bar table is often a smart, space-efficient option. You can also make do with TV tables for a while until you have your décor completely mapped out.

A Couch

An ideal area for unwinding, a couch is a must-have in any apartment. Many people advise using your bed for only sleeping, but you’ll want to have another area that’s also comfortable. Additionally, this is essential for movie nights with your best friends. Though you may slowly work your way up regarding furnishing your home, you can still show your personality from the very beginning. One way you can do this is by using slipcovers that match your taste. Invest in affordable and aesthetically pleasing options, such as daybed wedge pillow covers. We have an endless assortment of slipcovers in our catalog, and they’re sure to give your apartment the personality it needs.