Easy Ways To Achieve a Modern Look in Your Home

Easy Ways To Achieve a Modern Look in Your Home

Everyone wants to have a modern and stylish home, but there are many costs involved with updating furniture and décor every few years. Here are a few easy ways to achieve a modern look in your home without breaking the bank.

Bring Old Metals into the New Age

If your home is still plagued with the ghosts of decades past, consider a quick and easy replacement or color change to help bring in the modern era for a low cost. One of the common telltale signs of an outdated house is its metal accents such as fireplace covers, lighting fixtures, and door handles. These items are all simple to replace through DIY projects. Back in the old days, shiny gold fixtures were the talk of the town, but now a muted silver or attractive copper is the way to go. This can be achieved in one of two ways:

  • Remove and spray paint the items with a metallic finish spray paint
  • Purchase new items and replace the old ones with them

Cover Up Old Patterns

Older furniture may be lasting and comfortable, but old, bold patterns are out. Modern looks favor those of minimalism, monoaromatics, and mid-century styles. If your upholstered furniture is outdated, consider investing in a custom slipcover to bring it back into the modern age. For example, there is currently a big emphasis on upholstered dining room chairs, but many are covered in old patterns that date a dining room greatly. Investing in dining chair slipcovers can ensure your chairs are an attractive color that compliment your décor and boasts a minimalist, yet farmhouse style that currently reigns in the modern home.

Clear Out the Clutter

While this may seem more like a tip for creating space than a home style tip, it helps with both. The modern home isn’t bursting at the seam with furniture like how it used to. Today’s stylish home has enough seating and enough furniture without crowding a room. The look of today is space and open concept. Even if your home doesn’t have an open concept floorplan, minimizing unnecessary furniture pieces opens up a room and makes it look more spacious. There are tons of easy ways to achieve a modern look in your home. Check out our selection of high-quality custom slipcovers to get a jump start on making your home the most up-to-date and stylish on the block.