Elasticized Cushion Covers

Elasticized Cushion Covers are Easy to Price and Purchase online - simply click on desired pattern & follow required steps.
Custom made in USA to fit any shape cushion. Features Elasticized Construction.

Price includes: Our fabric and Labor.

Lead time: One Week.

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Custom Elastic Cushion Covers

Custom Elasticized Cushion Covers

Our custom elasticized cushion slipcovers are your all-in-one solution to freshening up the cushions of any couch or loveseat in your home. Custom cushion covers are tailored to fit with any round, oval, square, T-shaped, or L-shaped cushion, our couch cushion slipcovers are diverse enough to enhance the value of all of your home furniture, boat or RV. Whether you have a sofa that has seen better days, or you simply want to protect the cushions of your brand-new loveseat the elasticized cushion covers here at Slipcover Shop are custom-built to last for years to come. Rather than invest in expensive, unnecessary new furniture, our products can help your existing pieces take on a whole new life. 

An Unbeatable Variety of Custom Upholstery

In addition to providing some of the most durable and affordable custom upholstery in the furniture business, we are also proud to offer the most diverse elasticized cushion covers on the market. With hundreds of fabric options for your cushion cover, you will have no trouble finding the perfect complement to the rest of your living room furniture. Our fabric selection for your RV or Boat cushion cover can be easily sorted, allowing you to quickly browse our products in outdoor, denim, faux leather, cotton, and more. Whether you prefer the elegant simplicity of smooth, solid colors, or would rather make a statement with our eye-catching designs, we have the ideal custom elastic cushion slipcover for you