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Custom Cushion Covers

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Elasticized Cushion Covers


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Custom Pillow Covers


Elasticized and zippered cushion covers in just one week! 

Custom cushion covers will rejuvenate your existing sofa or chair cushion or a pillow and can transform any room in a snap. These covers are made to the specific size and shape you desire in both zippered and elasticized closures. The types of materials that are available are denim, cotton, print, suede, leather-look, and floral—just to name few. Cushion covers will instantly elevate a living room, entryway, hall, or even a bedroom. Give your existing sofa, loveseat, chair cushion, or any type of pillow an upgrade with zippered or elastic cushion covers. With endless pattern designs and fabric options to choose from, we have the best cushion covers to fit any shape and size you need. Due to the high-quality of each made to order cushion cover, they’re durable and will hold up from everyday use.

Find high-quality custom cushion covers with clean, modern patterns or whimsical details right here on our site.