Create a Luxury Daybed Oasis With These Tips

Create a Luxury Daybed Oasis With These Tips

What was once considered a niche choice for a home is starting to become a staple in many people’s floor plans—the daybed has come a long way. Now that it’s become more mainstream, people are finding ways to innovate it even further with fancy new features. If that idea interests you, you’ll want to see how to create a luxury daybed oasis with these tips that we have put together for you.

Bring the Daybed Outside

It’s hard to make your space feel like an oasis if you feel cooped up inside, so go ahead and pull that daybed onto the back porch and find a spot to soak up the most sun. Of course, bringing something made for indoor use outside will require some extra work to make it usable, but we’re here to show you how. First, you’ll need to buy a water-resistant mattress for the days it rains so that you can keep it safe. Next, covering the whole thing with a canopy is a great way to protect your bed from getting too wet and protect you from getting too much direct sun. Finally, you want to top it off with one of our fitted daybed covers. Getting one made from outdoor-related materials will protect your bed from growing mildew when wet and keep it from fading from constant sunlight over time.

Add Some Cozy Accessories

Once you get all that situated, you’ll want to look into buying some accessories for your bed too. If you know that you’ll bring these in with you when you stop using your daybed, you can buy the softest pillows and blankets imaginable to use out in the sun. This will give you the ideal oasis-like experience. If you know that you’ll forget them out in the rain, plenty of waterproof ones are still comfortable for everyday use.

Decorate Your Outdoor Space Around It

Now comes the fun part when you create a luxury daybed oasis: the decorating. You aren’t living on a beach, but your daybed doesn’t have to know that. Setting up wicker basket end tables and pots with exotic plants inside are the best ways to give the illusion that you’re on a beach. Having a couple of serving trays with mason jar mugs filled with ice-cold drinks will add to the feeling, and a set of wind chimes will set the mood. Go wild with it and find the things that give it the feel you desire.