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Why Buy us?

•  Diversity: We offer 14 different custom slipcover categories, covering anything from dining chairs with arms to sectional.
•  Easy Online price Quotes & Ordering: To get a Furniture Slipcover price quote - we need to know only One dimension in step 1
•  Fast turn around: Most of our custom slipcovers are made within 5 to 7 business days. NOT 4 -8 week like other companies.
•  Fabric Samples: Shop with confidence, we offer fabric samples. So you can see and feel fabric texture.
•  Price Factor: Our price is usually just a fraction of what you would pay at your local upholsterer or other web based companies
•  Inventory: We offer hundreds of fabric choices. We stock over half a million yards of fabric.
•  Experience: We have been making slipcovers for furniture industry since 1983. Before & After


Just a few reasons to buy from

 Unlike your typical “run of the mill” store bought ready made slipcovers, we take pride in our attempt to achieve custom tailored perfection. Striving for this coveted title is no small endeavor. Ready made slipcovers are exactly as stated… “Ready made”. This means that they are usually mass produced in some factory and constructed to fit many average sized seats according to industry standards.

As you thumb through catalogs or browse the internet websites you will see that dimensions and measurements are all predetermined on a sizing chart. That’s fine, but if your particular piece of furniture doesn’t conform to this so called “standard”, then a ready made slipcover will never fit properly. If you went out and spent a small fortune on a new set of furniture for your home you can truly appreciate its aesthetic value while it is in its pristine state. But somewhere in the back of your mind you are saying to yourself, “How am I going to keep this upholstery clean?” After all, it is made to sit on.

Perhaps you’ve seen the damage a new pair of blue jeans can wreak on a light colored sofa on a hot summer day? A dye stain on your seat cushion is an eyesore that can ruin a beautiful set, or an accidental wine spill on the sofa arm can be disastrous when the set is only equipped with removable seat and pillow cushion covers. The underlying pleasure of owning a set of custom made slipcovers is that you have the freedom of removing the entire cover allowing you to promptly treat a stain that could otherwise be the downfall of your entire set.

Custom Slipcovers are the absolute proactive approach to ensure peace of mind and to assure you that your furniture will look its best, and last for many years to come. Custom slipcovers are made with the exact dimensions that you provide. It may take a little time to gather the necessary measurements of your sofa, chair, or loveseat; but if you follow our step by step comprehensive measuring guide you’ll see that it is no bother at all, and it is actually quite easy to do. Because our slipcovers are custom tailored to fit the exact contours of your furniture you will achieve a very sleek and natural look without the expense of reupholstering. Custom slipcovers are unique, and every piece is made to order. You may have to wait a bit longer for their delivery, but when they arrive, you can rest assured knowing that each order is cut to your specifications and will ultimately fit your furniture like a glove.