Pet Furniture Protection Essentials

Having the right pet furniture protection essentials will make the process of pet-proofing your furniture simple. These pet-proofing essentials may include protective furniture covers, dog bed covers, pet protector pads, and more. We understand how messy your furry friends can get, which is why we create durable and reliable pet furniture protection solutions that will keep your furniture looking and feeling fresh.

Pet-Proof your Furniture with Protective Covers

You can simply place our protective furniture covers onto your couch without having to deal with any confusing ties or elastics to hold them place. Our pet protective covers stay in place with the help of zippers, so your four-legged friend can roam freely without slipping or accidentally removing the cover. Our couch covers also offer a soft suede feeling at an affordable price—you’ll enjoy lounging around with your four-legged friends without worry of accidents. Our covers are also machine-washable and long-lasting. With the help of durable pet furniture protection essentials such as our protective covers, you can ensure complete protection for your furniture.

Custom Dog Bed Covers

When you’re thinking about purchasing your pet furniture protection essentials, a dog bed cover is the perfect place to start. Whether your pup’s favorite bed is square, oval, or round, we have the perfect custom solution to fit your needs. Our pet bed covers feature a zippered construction, which makes it easier for you to take the cover on and off.


We strive to provide the latest and most innovative slipcovers for various furniture types, including cushion covers, ottoman covers, futon covers, arm covers, and even custom covers. We set ourselves apart by creating custom slipcovers for your most unique pieces furniture—no matter what type of furniture you have, we have you covered. See the difference in our slipcover quality for yourself!