Ready Made Ottoman Cover Sizing Chart


Where do I find this product on your site?
Ready made Ottoman slipcovers are sold on all pages where ready made furniture covers are sold.


How is Ready made ottoman cover made?
Ready made ottoman cover style vary according to fabric type that is selected. We offer ottoman covers in two fabric types: Stretch and Non Stretch.


How do I know if an ottoman I am about to buy Stretch or Non Stretch?
Read detail page description for the product.

Stretch Ottoman Covers:

Stretch Ottoman cover offers One-piece slip cover construction. Fits right over your ottoman and has elastic band in just the right places. 

Made to fit Square or Rectangular ottomans from 22"W x 26"L and up to 26" W X 30"L or anything in between, Height from 16" to 21".


Non Stretch Ottoman Covers:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

Non Stretch Ready made ottoman covers offers two-piece construction, flat top sheet and a ruffled skirt that goes over it. Measure (circumference) all four sides. Will fit ottomans up to 112 inches in circumference. Works on any square or round ottoman.

Easy Fit as 1-2-3.

  1. Place flat sheet over the ottoman.
  2. Place ruffled skirt over the ottoman.
  3. Adjust corner folds and height of skirt. All Done.
    A – 21” Maximum height.
    (From floor to top of ottoman.)

    B – Circumference up to 112"
    (Total of all four sides)