Basic Slipcover Questions


Our Slipcovers

What size do I need?
Slipcovers are available in sizes to fit most of the furniture styles. To determine the size, measure your furniture according to sizing charts that are available on detail pages. Our furniture slipcovers are available in both, Ready made and Custom made styles.

How do you wash a slipcover?
Most of our slipcovers are machine washable, cold water, gentle cycle, line dry is recommended to preserve color vibrancy. Never use bleach. (see washing instruction label). Please note: All Custom Made slipcovers must be dry cleaned.

What about shrinkage and wrinkles?
Shrinkage of slipcover during the first couple of washings will occur. Do not worry, shrinkage amount is very minimal, it will not effect the fit of your slipcover. To avoid wrinkles after washing, line dry the slipcover and place it immediately on the furniture. You may also use steaming iron. To remove wrinkles you may do following: place the slipcover into the dryer with a damp washcloth for five minutes at low heat and wrinkles will disappear!

How do you select right slipcover?
Selecting slipcover is easy. Look around your room, see if the selected pattern goes well with your interior - rugs, curtains and wallpaper. We offer wide selection of slipcovers from Solids and Floral to Leather Look and South West. For clean contemporary look most people prefer neutral or solid color slipcovers. These colors are simply easier to decorate with.

Can I get fabric samples before I make my slipcover purchase?
No more guessing, encourages you to Fabric samples prior to your cover purchase. Links are available at the bottom of all product pages.

Do you make other than shown types of slipcovers?
We make custom slipcovers for different products. Email us a picture of your project and we will reply if we can make it or not.

How do I send you my pictures?
Visit Contact Us for more info

How do I buy different slipcover products in same fabric pattern?
Example, buying:  Furniture Slipcover, Seat Cushion covers, etc 
Once, the slipcover product is placed in to the Shopping Cart, click on "Similar Products and Cushions" link.

Custom Made Furniture Slipcover FAQ

How is Custom Furniture Cover different from your stocked slipcover?
Stocked furniture slipcovers are made to fit an average size furniture, where seat, length, circumference of  furniture and shape of arm is predetermined by industry standards. Custom Furniture Covers are made to your measurements and your design specifications. Made to fit any upholstered sofa, loveseat or chair with removable Square or "T" shaped seat. We take 26 dimensions to create a Custom furniture slip cover to fit your particular furniture shape.
How do I price and purchase Custom Furniture slipcover online?
We makes it easy to price or purchase custom furniture slipcovers online. To get a price quote: only 1 step. To purchase Online: all required steps..

What is quoted price include & how much time?
Quoted price includes our fabric and labor. Usually all our custom orders are made within 7 business days.

How about sofa sleeper option?
For Sofa sleeper slipcover there is additional charge for zipper opening. (charge is shown on product detail pages).

How do I know that Custom Slipcover will fit my furniture? Are they returnable?
We proud to have great track record and to be rated as a 5 star seller by Third Party Ratings 
All our custom slipcovers are made according to your dimensions and specifications, therefore for perfect results follow these simple rules.
Before placing an order download printable "Work Sheet", fill it out and then return to the computer. (otherwise system may time out) Each "Work Sheets" is unique and available for printing once you have selected your back style.
o Use flexible tailors measuring tape when measuring curved shapes. Especially measuring over the back. 
o Measure according to chart. Do not invent your own measuring techniques. 
If we ask you to measure to the floor - you must measure to the floor.
o Do not add or subtract from actual dimensions.
o Do not assume anything - if you have question e-mail or call us, we are here to help.
o Once your order is submitted, you will receive an automated e-mail requesting several pictures of your furniture to confirm correct back style selection.

If the product is damages or mistake is made on our account we will take every effort to correct mistake and ship slipcover as soon as possible. 
We will NOT take responsibility for mistakes that are made by customer.
If you have made mistake measuring, and it is possible for us to correct it we will do so at additional charge. Charge will depend on required additional fabric & labor. Customer is responsible for all shipping. Please measure carefully - custom slipcovers are not refundable.

Do you make slipcovers for Sectional furniture?
Yes,  to see if your sectional meets our slipcover specifications send us an image of your sectional.

Can I get separate seat covers or back pillow covers?
Yes, you can get those in your size! You can price them and order them online. Available options: Elasticized Seat Covers, Pillow Covers and Zippered Cushion Covers.

Ready Made Furniture Slipcover FAQ

Ready made furniture slipcovers - why buy from you and not a competitor?
Our readymade furniture slipcovers feature patented Clip-On fasteners for a better fit and clean front appearance. Perfect look and fit even if your furniture is in between sizes! We are the manufacturer - not just a reseller, therefore you get immediate shipping and best price.
Ready made furniture slipcovers - will it work with T seat cushion?
Readymade furniture slipcover will not work on furniture with T shape seat cushions.

Do you make other than shown types of slipcovers?
Yes, they do work on high back furniture if the measurement from the back of the couch from floor, up and over the back, down over the seat and down to the floor in front of the couch measures 139" or less. For best results we suggest using stretchable slipcovers for camel back furniture.

Do they work on furniture with High Camel Backs?
Most of our slipcovers are machine washable, cold water, gentle cycle, line dry is recommended to preserve color vibrancy. Never use bleach. (see washing instruction label). Please note: All Custom Made slipcovers must be dry cleaned.

Do ready made slipcovers fit snug and stay in place??
Just like bed covers you have to straighten them. For furniture slipcovers, on occasion you need to re-tuck fabric, that has came loose. Use spoon on spatula to tuck in excess fabric in to the creases where the back meets cushions and the arms.

How to enhance appearance and minimize tucking?
This is a one-piece slipcover construction & covers entire furniture seat and back. Tucking in is required - Unless you purchase optional separate seat cushion covers. For a completely tailored look you may also consider optional separate seat or back cushions covers.

Why you need slipcover:

Ready made furniture slipcovers - why buy from us and not a competitor?
Compare savings: to reupholster a sofa may cost you up to $1600, ready made slipcovers range from $39 to $159. 
Aside from savings, slipcovers have other advantages over upholstery:

  • You can change your furniture look in minutes, as seasons change.

  • You can use slipcover to make "matching set" out of your mismatched furniture.

  • Have a second slipcover set, you can use one for every day wear and another slipcover set for "company".

  • Perfect slipcovers, if you have kids, pets, roommates, or summer rentals.

  • You can wash your slipcover without the expense or trouble of upholstery cleaning.

  • Most of all, slipcovers will extend the life of our upholstered furniture by years. - Your slipcover source.