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Custom made Ottoman Covers
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Price includes: Our fabric and Labor.

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Care: Dry Clean only.
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Custom Ottoman Covers

Revitalize Your Favorite Footrest
An Ottoman Slipcover is the ideal way of protecting your favorite ottoman while resting your legs after a long day. We understand that repeated use of your favorite ottoman may cause it to wear out prematurely. But just because you are feeling worn out doesn’t mean your foot rest needs to look worn out too. Although your ottoman may not be the main feature in your room’s design, it will surely attract negative attention if it looks torn or tattered. However, why should you replace a perfectly good piece of furniture when you can have a custom ottoman slipcover crafted for your specific piece?

Ottoman Covers Customized to Suit Your Tastes
Ottoman covers are custom tailored for your square, rectangular, oval, or circular ottomans, refreshing their look completely. However haggard your foot rest may look today, our covers will breathe new life into them. Choose from a wide selection of fabrics in a multitude of stunning styles and colors. We’re certain you’ll love the result. Enrich your living room footrest with a tapestry style ottoman slipcover. Give your feet a treat with a comfy cotton or chenille cover on your ottoman. Rotate between seasonal covers every few months for a look that’s never out of style.