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Custom made to fit pillows with pointy corners,
neck rolls and wedges. Made in USA.
Features concealed zipper.

Price includes: Our fabric and Labor.

Lead Time: One week.

Care: Dry Clean only.
Our Work: Before and After

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Custom Pillow Covers

Custom Pillow Covers in any size and shape
No matter what they are used for, pillows are among the most important accessories of any home environment. From providing sleep in the bedroom to adding an extra layer of comfort to any living room sofa, pillows are used all throughout the day and need to be protected accordingly. Fortunately, the custom pillow covers available on our site can cover up any type of pillow for an affordable rate. Because our custom upholstery is completely tailor-made to your individual needs, you can enjoy maximum style and comfort no matter what type of pillows you own.

Custom covers in a Full Suite of Fabrics
The beauty of custom slip covering is its unique ability to mesh with just about any part of your home. Thanks to our diverse selection of custom pillow covers, you can make any of your pillows fit effortlessly in your home. Whether you want to match your pillow with one of our cushion slipcovers or want to create some unique contrast, our variety of custom-made pillow covers gives you what you need. Our fabrics range from cotton to denim, allowing you to design custom-made pillow covers that make you the most comfortable. From classic patterns to loud, artistic designs, our site truly has something for everyone.