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Custom made in USA to fit any shape cushion. Features Concealed Zipper Construction.

Price includes: Our fabric and Labor.

Lead Time: One week.

Care: Dry Clean only.
Swatch Samples: Available for all fabrics.
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Zippered Cushion Slipcovers for Any Environment
Whether you own a sofa, wrap-around couch or loveseat, chances are your home is filled with cushions. These cushions likely see a great deal of wear and tear from frequent use, leading some furniture owners to completely trash them and spend a fortune on new ones. However, thanks to our zippered cushion slipcovers, you can effortlessly give any of your cushions a facelift within seconds. All of our custom upholstery is made-to-order, meaning you will get the exact size you need whether you own a massive couch or a humble living room chair. Do not trash your cushions - We can bring them back to life for less! Custom upholstery

A Wide Range of Custom Upholstery Designs
While functionality comes first when it comes to furniture, we surely have not forgotten the importance of form! Our vast custom upholstery selection spans a wide variety of fabric designs, ranging from bright, bold colors to unique, artistic patterns. With cushion slipcovers in faux leather, cotton, and a large selection of other materials, you can enjoy slipcover comfort exactly how you want to. Whether you want to make a statement with your custom upholstery or you simply want your sofa to blend in with your living room, we have something for you.