Top Reasons to Invest in Slipcovers for the Whole House

Top Reasons to Invest in Slipcovers for the Whole House

Some cheaper slipcovers have the reputation of being sloppy, ill-fitting, and outdated, but this is not the case when it comes to the slipcovers offered by In fact, perfectly fitting ottoman covers are so polished, you might think its part of your ottoman's original design. The fact that slipcovers are removable gives you a perfect way to spruce up your furniture with different designs. Here are four reasons why you should try slipcovers.  

  • They can cover more than sofas and chairs: Slipcovers are typically known to cover your sofas and chairs, but there are many other items you can slip a cover over to spruce up your house, lounge, or resort. For instance, you can include pillow covers for your throw pillows and bed pillows to change up your bedroom's look; you can also get different designs for your pet bed covers; you can try out different ottoman covers for a pop of color in your living room; you can even choose an outdoor twin mattress cover for that afternoon nap under the sun. But don’t leave your patio hanging! Add character and color to your patio furniture with fun cushion covers for any occasion.


  • Update a tired dining set: Your dining set may be worn out, or you may be looking for a change. Try custom made pillows and slipcovers before you spring for a new set. Slipcovers are less expensive and guarantee a fresh new look for your dining room. You can have slipcovers customized, so they don’t cover the entire seat if that’s not your cup of tea. With a customized design, you will get to show off the parts you love about your dining set while covering up what’s not so great.


  • Slipcovers updates and protects antiques: Do you have an antique you would like to blend with the rest of your furniture? Slipcovers can help protect the antique piece of furniture from scuffs, scrapes, and the particularly furry friend. After all, pets love to lounge on soft ottoman covers.


  • They are amazingly chic: When you hear the word slipcovers, you might think of loose and floppy designs. Let’s be honest; off the shelf, covers will never fit perfectly. Today, ottoman slipcovers, chair covers, and daybed covers are smart and tailored to perfection when you want to sprinkle elegance and poise in a room. If this is the look you are after, you have to opt for custom-tailored slipcovers. Look for high-quality makers who produce slipcovers using different fabrics and have a variety of colors and prints available. Great slipcovers often use cotton because it's lightweight, a natural material, breathable, and it can withstand high temperatures. Just be sure to look for slipcover makers who offer a tailored fit.

  Furniture Today estimates that future furniture sales in the US will continue to grow, reaching an all-time high of $122 billion by 2020. The U.S. hotel industry makes over $208 billion each year and uses part of that revenue for ottoman covers. This is one industry that knows the value of slipcovers and uses their functionality and practicability to their advantage. Try some of the elegant designs offered by to see your home flourish.