Easy Ways To Achieve a Modern Look in Your Home

Easy Ways To Achieve a Modern Look in Your Home

Everyone wants to have a modern and stylish home, but there are many costs involved with updating furniture and décor every few years. Here are a few easy ways to achieve a modern look in your home without breaking the bank.

Bring Old Metals into the New Age

If your home is still plagued with the ghosts of decades past, consider a quick and easy replacement or color change to help bring in the modern era for a low cost. One of the common telltale signs of an outdated house is its metal accents such as fireplace covers, lighting fixtures, and door handles. These items are all simple to replace through DIY projects. Back in the old days, shiny gold fixtures were the talk of the town, but now a muted silver or attractive copper is the way to go. This can be achieved in one of two ways:

  • Remove and spray paint the items with a metallic finish spray paint
  • Purchase new items and replace the old ones with them

Cover Up Old Patterns

Older furniture may be lasting and comfortable, but old, bold patterns are out. Modern looks favor those of minimalism, monoaromatics, and mid-century styles. If your upholstered furniture is outdated, consider investing in a custom slipcover to bring it back into the modern age. For example, there is currently a big emphasis on upholstered dining room chairs, but many are covered in old patterns that date a dining room greatly. Investing in dining chair slipcovers can ensure your chairs are an attractive color that compliment your décor and boasts a minimalist, yet farmhouse style that currently reigns in the modern home.

Clear Out the Clutter

While this may seem more like a tip for creating space than a home style tip, it helps with both. The modern home isn’t bursting at the seam with furniture like how it used to. Today’s stylish home has enough seating and enough furniture without crowding a room. The look of today is space and open concept. Even if your home doesn’t have an open concept floorplan, minimizing unnecessary furniture pieces opens up a room and makes it look more spacious. There are tons of easy ways to achieve a modern look in your home. Check out our selection of high-quality custom slipcovers to get a jump start on making your home the most up-to-date and stylish on the block.

How To Design and Decorate Kids’ Rooms

How To Design and Decorate Kids’ Rooms

Every child is different and holds different interests, and those interests can come and go with the blink of an eye. This makes designing a kid’s bedroom much more difficult. Every parent is plagued by similar questions: will my child still be interested in space two weeks from now? Should I really make everything blue, or will their favorite color be red tomorrow? These rapid changes all stem from the rapid learning your child does every day. This can make decorating their room more difficult for parents, though. Discover how to design and decorate kids’ rooms in a fun and functional way.

Pick a Color Scheme

One of the best ways to avoid favorite color fatigue is by choosing a color scheme with a main neutral color, a main pop of color, and a few supporting colors to break up the monochromatic feel. Talk to your child about what their favorite colors are. A fun way to discuss colors with a child who may not know shades and hues very well is by bringing home a few color swatches from the paint store. They can point to the swatches they like and tell you what they do or don’t like about some of the other shades. This can be a fun bonding experience that helps your child choose their room color and learn more about different shades.

Be Realistic and Stylish

If you have a young child, fitted mattress covers are a must. These are something stylish and practical that give the room a little fun and function. High-quality mattress covers will protect the mattress from the stains and spills that children are so prone to. It also makes the bed more fun for your child, as they can get a mattress cover in fun colors and patterns to make bedtime a little more exciting.

Consider Wall Decals

Wall decals are fun, easy to put up, and, most importantly, easy to take down. These are perfect for the child that likes to change their mind. If your child is extremely interested in zoo animals, you can put up fun zoo decals on their walls. In a few months, when they tire of zoos and get more into sports or science, you can easily remove the zoo animals and put up new decals in their place. This is a super fun and interactive way to let your child take ownership of their bedroom. There are many ways to design and decorate kids’ rooms. One of the most important things you can do is include your child. This helps them take responsibility and connect with their space. When they get to make a few decisions, they will find it easier to take ownership of their space and feel truly at home there.

Tips for Choosing a Slipcover for Your Home

Tips for Choosing a Slipcover for Your Home

Slipcovers are a sound investment for many reasons. They help protect furniture from spills, rips, and other damage. They also help keep your home’s interior design interesting and on theme when it comes to color and style. There are so many reasons to invest in slipcovers for your furniture, but something many people struggle with is deciding which slipcover is the right one for their home. If you’re having a hard time picking the perfect piece, check out these tips for choosing a slipcover for your home.

Pick where it will go

When deciding to invest in a slipcover, be sure to choose where you will put it before you go any further in your search. If, for instance, you want slipcovers for your living room furniture, this will help you narrow down your search. Different materials and types of slipcovers are available for different types of furniture. For example, patio furniture slipcovers will be more durable and water-resistant to help protect your items from the stressors and elements of the outdoors.

Decide on color

After you’ve decided which furniture pieces need slipcovers, the next step in choosing a slipcover for your home is selecting the right color. Part of the fun and excitement of investing in these items is that you can choose any color or pattern without fear of tiring of it. This is your chance to go bold or neutral without reservations. Consider the room’s existing color scheme and think about the way certain colors would pop or blend with the look.

Choose a set or a custom piece

There are a few different ways to go about getting a slipcover for your furniture. You can purchase one that is already made and designed to fit furniture of a similar shape and size as the piece you plan to cover. You can also invest in a custom slipcover that is designed for your furniture’s exact specifications, so you are guaranteed a perfect fit. For more standard-sized items, a pre-fabricated cover will work perfectly, but for larger or more unique shapes and sizes, it’s well worth the extra wait time for a custom slipcover.

Creative Hotel Marketing Ideas to Attract More Customers

The hospitality industry is changing rapidly, due in part to the rise of sites that offer alternative accommodations. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to attract more customers and appeal to a changing market. Adapting to the increase in competition means not only attracting new guests, but encouraging them to return. One extremely important way to invite visitors is to have an attractive, guest-friendly website that is easy to navigate. Most clients prefer to book hotels online, so make sure they are able to make reservations. If you want to venture beyond the ordinary, include a virtual tour so potential visitors get an idea of what to expect on their visit. A consistently updated blog can also drive more traffic to the site. Mention local events and attractions to entice visitors to the area, or share some travel tips. You could also offer complimentary stays to other travel bloggers, who will likely write a detailed article about their stay. Once you have an attractive website, you need to make sure you are active on social media. Include attractive pictures on your hotel slipcovers, and invite guests to share pictures and posts as well. You can also set up ads on Facebook to bring more attention to your hotel. Build relationships with local tourist boards so that you can not only promote new events, but have the organizers promote your hotel in return. You can also invite businesses to use your space to host conferences and special events. In addition to social media, you need to monitor sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. Reply to reviews as frequently as possible, especially negative reviews. Tactful, respectful responses to negative reviews show that you genuinely care about your business and customers, and give you an opportunity to highlight your strengths. You can also encourage customers to write more reviews by asking them at check out or leaving a business card with a friendly reminder. Another way to gain reviews and attract more customers is by creating mailing lists. Not only does this allow you send out polite requests for reviews, but it also enables you to start a loyalty program. In general, customers enrolled in loyalty programs return twice as often, so offer incentives based on visits or amount spent. You can also advertise upcoming events that may appeal to prior customers. If you are short on local events and attractions, consider hosting some of your own. Host art shows, poetry readings, or other events that appeal to broader audiences. These are especially good ideas for weekdays, as they tend to be popular with retirees and college students. You can also create special packages and programs, including some that tie in with newsworthy events like the Royal Wedding or the World Cup. Finally, try to find ways to offer things that cannot be found at homestyle lodgings. Provide guest experiences like happy hours or yoga classes. Package them together with other services that you offer and advertise them on your site. Doing so may encourage guests to try something new, and most importantly, entice new visitors to your hotel.

Common Colors and Patterns To Find on Today’s Slipcovers

It is exciting to see what types of slipcovers are available for your use today. These include many slipcovers designed with a variety of great colors and patterns in mind. You might be surprised at how attractive these can be for all your uses. When finding great slipcovers, you have to choose options that come with colors that fit well in your home. An attractive option should blend in with the walls, the floor and other pieces of furniture in your room. It could contrast with other pieces if desired but the key is to simply have something that looks appealing. The color must also be one you are comfortable with. If anything, some custom slipcovers can allow you to dramatically change the appearance of your furniture. You can take a light-colored sofa and make it darker with a cover on top of it. With this in mind, you should look around to see what colors are available on today’s slipcovers. You might be surprised at some of the options that are available as well as related patterns. Traditional Colors Work Many of today’s slipcovers include a variety of brown, tan and white colors. These match up with the traditional colors you come to expect out of typical sofas and other pieces of furniture. These blend in well in most rooms and don’t create anything far too outlandish or unusual in such a spot. What About Special Colors? Blue and red are the most common special colors you can come across when finding great slipcovers. These colors are popular for being eye-catching and for offering dark or light tones depending on the shade. Many slipcovers can come with such appealing tones. Slight Damask Effects Can Be Added One pattern to see on a cover is a damask tone. This works with a small series of woven features on its body. These add a few intricate lines that are easy to notice but aren’t necessarily going to stand out or protrude far too much. They will simply blend in with the rest of the furniture to create a nicer overall appearance. A typical floral pattern can be found in such a damask slipcover. This adds an intricate look that establishes a series of fine lines without being too elaborate. Heirloom Patterns Are Prominent An heirloom pattern uses a series of patch-like accents all around the body of a slipcover. The patches are varied in color but they will all fit around the same end of the color spectrum. For instance, a cover may come with a series of red patches that mix well with white ones. A Lattice Pattern Works You can also get a lattice pattern on your slipcover. It features a series of lines scattered around the body of your cover. These can mix in well with any color and will create a repeating pattern with lines forming a series of squares or diamonds among other shapes. All of these options for colors and patterns are worth noticing for your slipcover. Take a look around to see what you feel might fit perfectly on your sofa or other piece of furniture you want to add it onto.