How To Wash Outdoor Cushions and Their Covers

How To Wash Outdoor Cushions and Their Covers

Many kinds of dirt and filth can get onto outdoor cushions, which is why we’ve made a guide explaining how to clean your cushions in the best way possible.
Make Your Home Spill-Proof With Cushion Covers

Make Your Home Spill-Proof With Cushion Covers

No matter how careful you are or how often you clean, keeping your furniture stain-free can feel like an impossible task, especially if you have pets or children running around the house. However, one reason it’s so hard is that your focus is on prevention and reaction rather than protection. If you protect your furniture, spills are less likely to become permanent fixtures. The best way to protect your upholstery is with slipcovers. If you want to know how they can help in each room of your house, keep reading our guide on how to make your home spill-proof with cushion covers.

Living Room

With more families opting to eat meals in the living room to watch TV with their dinner, spills are starting to become more common on couches and chairs, especially with kids in this room. Even if your furniture has removable cushions, they can still be a challenge to clean, particularly if you don’t notice the stain right away. To combat that, consider using cushion slipcovers. The ones in our store use elastic so that you can easily remove them for quick cleaning. After a trip through the washer and dryer, your sofa will look like new again.

Dining Room

Though more people are eating on the couch, most spills still happen in the dining room. Even though most surfaces in this room are made of hard materials that are easy to clean, if your family uses this room often for more than just eating, you probably still have cushions on your chairs or barstools. While these are great for board game nights or big family dinners, they can be hard to clean if a spill occurs. Cushion slipcover would be a great help here as well.

Backyard Patio

The final area where you can make your home spill-proof with cushion covers is your backyard patio. If you like to have weekly cookouts, you probably have some comfy porch furniture to sit on and enjoy your food outside. If so, spills can occur out here as well, and since all your cushions sit out in the sun during the day, the stains they leave behind can very quickly get baked in. At least if you have a slipcover on them, they’ll be notably easier to clean and save from stains.

Outdoor Cushion Cover Fabric Guide

Outdoor Cushion Cover Fabric Guide

Protecting outdoor furniture is a hassle. That’s why we’ve created a guide that tells you the most important things you should do to protect it.
Benefits of Cushion Covers for Hotels

Benefits of Cushion Covers for Hotels

Using furniture covers in hotels is a great way to keep your furniture clean, stylish, and welcoming for your guests. Discover more benefits here.
Keeping Hotel Lobby Furniture Modern

Keeping Hotel Lobby Furniture Modern

Hotels are a business where customers expect the best. Hotels must build trust with their market before they convert consumers into guests. Guests must trust the hotel to be clean, private, secure, safe, and comfortable. People go to hotels in search of a home away from home, and part of this is expecting a modern environment. No matter how clean and pristine a hotel is, if the lobby looks outdated, guests will be less than satisfied. Check out this guide to keeping hotel lobby furniture modern.

Replace the furniture every decade

You should replace hotel furniture every decade. This not only helps hotels keep up with modern trends and styles but keeps the furniture nice and comfortable as well. The hotel lobby is the first impression a hotel makes on a potential guest. If there is furniture from 20 years prior, guests will notice. While trends occasionally make comebacks, this is rarely true in the short term for furniture. Hotels should aim for a 10-year mark of replacing lobby furniture to stay modern and in style.

Cover old, outdated patterns

Even within a decade, hotel furniture can quickly become outdated and look old. Outdated patterns are a sure giveaway that furniture is old. Jumping onto trends too quickly can turn an entire hotel lobby into an outdated mess, even with newer furniture. Patterns come and go from popularity and can quickly date a piece of furniture. To avoid this, invest in zippered cushion covers and slipcovers for your lobby furniture. These covers are stylish and can be custom-made to fit perfectly with any color or pattern. You can easily remove and wash them, as well. Whether you want to cover a dated pattern or display a modern one, zippered furniture covers can help your hotel stay on-trend much easier.

Rearrange the furniture often

It isn’t just the style of furniture that makes a hotel lobby look old, but the way you arrange it as well. Furniture arranged in a closed-concept set up can make a hotel lobby instantly feel forty years older. You should arrange furniture in a modern, open-concept feel. Even with old furniture, the lobby will instantly come to life and feel more modern when you arrange the furniture well.

Keeping Furniture Safe in a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Keeping Furniture Safe in a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Vacationing with a pet is a new level of luxury. Most people consider their pets to be part of the family, and many can’t stand the idea of having to leave them behind when they go on vacation. This makes the demand for pet-friendly hotels greater than ever and growing all the time. When you run a pet-friendly hotel, you’re guaranteed a constant influx of guests, both two- and four-legged. One downside of pet-friendly hotels is the furniture can sometimes get damaged. Check out this guide to keeping furniture safe in a pet-friendly hotel to maximize the lifespan of your furniture.

Decide which furniture to allow pets on

A lot of pet-friendly hotels will have rules that prohibit pets on certain pieces of furniture. This helps protect the more costly items while being reasonable to your guests. Decide which pieces of furniture you are okay with pets being on and shield them with protective furniture covers. Many hotels decide pets are not allowed on the bed but make an exception for the couches. If this is a policy that may work for you, consider it or a version of it that makes the most sense for your hotel, clientele, and location.

Use furniture covers

Slipcovers are perfect for pet-friendly hotels, as they cover and protect the furniture from accidents, pet hair, drool, chewing, and even kitty claws. It’s a great idea to place slipcovers over the furniture, as they can be easily washed between visitors to tackle issues with territorial pets “marking” their territory in the hotel rooms. It can be beneficial to keep replacement slipcovers on hand because your slipcovers will need washing often and may even be damaged by pets, so keeping a few spares around the hotel is wise.

Require pets to be critter-free

If a pet comes to stay at your hotel and has fleas or other critters on them, they can easily pass on these bugs not only to other pets at the hotel, but also to your furniture as well. A bug infestation can quickly ruin a piece of furniture, not to mention deter guests from staying at your hotel. Require your fluffy guests to be up to date on the latest vaccines and to use a form of flea prevention to stay at your hotel. Request that if the owner notices a bug on their pet, they must inform the staff right away so the problem can be contained.

Silk Furniture: Guide to Cleaning & Maintaining

Silk Furniture: Guide to Cleaning & Maintaining

Silk furniture has a ton of benefits. It’s stylish, comfortable, and luxurious, and it adds ambiance and personality to your home. However, it can be tough to maintain. Check out this guide to cleaning and maintaining silk furniture.

Stay away from water

Water can be extremely damaging to silk fabric, so try to avoid situations where liquids may spill on the silk. If a spill or stain does occur, use a lightly dampened soft cloth to gently tap the area until the stain lifts. Be extremely gentle when cleaning stains and spills, as rubbing can damage the silk to an unrepairable extent. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaning agents not specifically formulated for silk material.

Vacuum it often

When dust, dirt, and crumbs accumulate on the silk furniture, you can simply use a furniture attachment on your vacuum and run it over the entire piece. A vacuum shouldn’t damage silk when you use the right attachment. Too rough of a brush could potentially create tears, pilling, and damage, so be intentional in your attachment choices. You should vacuum every few weeks, depending on how much use the piece of furniture sees. If you use it daily, vacuuming once or twice a week may be necessary, but if you seldom use the item, then vacuuming it once a month should suffice.

Keep it covered

The best way to clean and maintain silk furniture is to cover it. This ensures protection and minimizes the potential damage to the actual silk or the furniture piece itself. If you plan to use your silk furniture often, consider investing in a furniture slipcover to protect it so that you can enjoy the piece for years to come without worry of accidental damage or staining. Using furniture slipcovers can also keep the style without sacrificing the comfort. You can even have custom pillow covers made to match the material and keep the style alive.

How to Protect Outdoor Furniture During All Seasons

How to Protect Outdoor Furniture During All Seasons

If you live in an area that experiences all four seasons, you know the struggle of trying to keep your outdoor furniture safe and intact during the constant weather shifts and precipitation variation. Check out this brief guide on how to protect outdoor furniture during all seasons.


In the fall, the main threats your outdoor furniture faces are rain, leaves, and dirt. To help your outdoor furniture survive the fall, check out these tips and tricks.


If your outdoor items have cushions, make sure to put them away when you’re done using them. This could mean bringing them inside before each rainfall or putting them in an outdoor storage space such as a garden bench or deck box.

Leaves and dirt

In the fall, leaves are bound to find their way onto your furniture—and they bring dirt with them. A great way to protect your furniture from the elements and dirt is to use slipcovers for outdoor furniture. These are easy to clean, and they come in fun colors.


The winter is a difficult time for people with elaborate outdoor spaces and a lot of outdoor furniture to take care of. Between the snow, cold, and ice, your furniture may suffer if you don’t properly care for it.


Snow is just as damaging as rain—especially as it begins to melt and turns to slush, which helps dirt seep deep into your cushions. Treat snow like you treat rain: simply take your cushioned furniture out of the elements.


Most types of outdoor furniture should be able to stand up to the ice. However, you’ll have to store cushions and fabric furniture inside and away from water, if possible. If you don’t have the storage space, then consider getting furniture covers or even a deck box to help protect fabrics from hail and ice.


Cold conditions are generally safe for most patio furniture. Just make sure to properly secure or store lightweight items in case of cold, harsh winds that could potentially damage your frames.


Springtime means it’s finally warm enough to use your outdoor furniture—but it still needs protection from rain and dirt buildup.


Just as in the fall, keep an eye on the forecast, and move your cushions off your furniture to avoid soaking them.


Participate in spring cleaning. Wash the frames of your outdoor furniture pieces, and clean the cushions and fabric. This can prevent rust, dirt, and other issues from piling up and leading to your furniture’s early demise.


Summer is the time your outdoor furniture will get the most use, so protect it properly.


Heat won’t damage most of your furniture, but some materials could burn you if they get too hot. Keep furniture out of the sun if it’s made from a material that heats easily, such as metal.

Sun damage

With the extra sun exposure in the summer, furniture covers and slipcovers for outdoor furniture are perfect for preventing the sun from fading your furniture.

A Yard For the Ages: 3 Ways To Make Your Patio Amazing

With summer finally here, many people will be spending much more time outside in their yards. You can make the most of this time by adding some key features to your patio that you can enjoy for years to come. Use these three ideas to get you thinking about what your patio can do!

    1. Add a pergola: In the hotter months, a bit of shade can make all the difference. A pergola helps shelter you from the sun's rays without blocking them out completely. The structure can also be covered in hanging plants or vines, adding new levels to make your yard's greenspace more dynamic. Place some chairs with ottomans and ottoman covers under your pergola to create the perfect spot to relax out of the intense sun.


    1. Have it double as a kitchen: If the idea of summertime barbecues and outdoor family meals excites you, you should consider investing in the necessary components for an outdoor patio kitchen. Get a grill, a food prep surface, and a minifridge, and you're well on your way to feeding and entertaining guests all while in your backyard. Be aware, though -- this makes your outdoor furniture much more vulnerable to stains, as people can accidentally spill food and drinks. With most custom made patio furniture cushion covers from Slipcover Shop being machine washable, you can simply throw dirty ones in with the laundry and have them looking like new. And because they are tightly woven, the covers will repel dirt and always keep their shape.


  1. Add a space for fires: One way to maximize the time you can comfortably use your patio each year is to build a spot for warm, cozy fires. This can be accomplished using a fire pit or fireplace; the one you choose will depend on available space, budget, time frame, and personal preference. A firepit will generally be cheaper and take less time to build, while a fireplace is a more involved construction task. Another advantage to firepits is the fact that they offer 360 degrees of heated space, while a fireplace provides half that. Whichever you choose, place some nice recliners with recliner seat covers by the fire to enjoy a nice fireside nap in the crisp fall weather!

For patio furniture cushion covers that will keep your patio looking its best, browse the selection at Slipcover Shop!

Relaxing Transformations: 3 Ways To Redefine Your Outdoor Living Space

Relaxing Transformations: 3 Ways To Redefine Your Outdoor Living Space

As winter quickly approaches, it's nice to think about the comfort and warmth of summer weather. Without an outdoor living space to enjoy it, the beauty of dappled sunshine and soft breezes would be entirely missed. Though you may be forced to watch that outdoor area lie untouched under mountains of snow in the coming months, these three tips to creating a relaxing outdoor space will keep you in warm spirits.  

      • Introduce a daybed: Daybeds have become all the rage across the country. Providing the perfect area to sit back and take a nap in the afternoon sunshine, daybeds are functional as well as beautiful. With the right design and fitted mattress covers, they'll be comfortable and entirely protected from the elements -- selecting a synthetic suede slipcover resists stains and water damage, so you'll have a classy look that allows you to drink wine while you lounge without fear of damage.
      • Buy new slipcovers: Outdoor furniture, even in the summer, experiences the brunt of nature's moods. Rain and wind can do significant damage if not protected, so investing in patio furniture slipcovers (or patio furniture cushion slipcovers) can guarantee they last throughout the season. Buying daybed covers for your brand new luxury resting area is also smart; you don't want bugs or mold interrupting your summertime nap!
      • Add a splash of color: While whites and linens are favored among outdoor decor, they can get a little boring. If you prefer to walk on the wild side, or are simply looking for a change, include colorful chairs, bold and bright rugs, and even vibrant shade umbrellas. Throw a red blanket on that outdoor twin mattress cover you invested in for your daybed, choose rich pillow covers, or give the nearby fence a re-imagining with your favorite color.
      As you reminisce on your summertime projects, the cold weather and blowing snow will seem to disappear from your life. You've got plenty of time to consider other ideas -- such as the addition of a deck, the introduction of a wealth of plant life, or even the construction of a covered area to fully enjoy that outdoor twin mattress cover you just splurged on. Before you know it, summer will be here!