Refresh Your Living Room for a Modern Look

Regardless of your budget, you can revitalize the looks of your living room. While daydreaming about making an upgrade is fun, reality sets in when you have to pay for improvements. Instead of adding new looks all at once, establish a decorating plan that you can incorporate over time.

For example, if your budget is limited (around $100), declutter your living area and rearrange the furnishings. To add a bit of interest, paint an accent wall. By removing the clutter, your space will look instantly larger. Plus, modernizing in this way is absolutely free. The same is true for rearranging the furnishings. If your sofa is situated against the wall, move it toward the center of the room. Match the paint for the accent wall with the color of your couch.

Add New Artwork and Plants

If you have a bit more to spend, declutter your living space, paint the walls, and include new art and plants. Begin with smaller plants to save cash. Choose a piece of art that is either a limited-edition print or an original painting. If you cannot afford a limited edition or painting, include a collage of photos—in gallery picture frames—of nature scenes.

Add Some Pillows

Can you spend around $500? If so, declutter, paint, include plants and art, and warm up the space with textiles. For example, the addition of a throw over an armchair or an arrangement of cushiony pillows on the couch will instantly modernize your space’s appearance. If you have extra to spend, buy some new curtains, Venetian blinds, or shutters.

Install New Lighting

If you can spend around $700, get rid of the excess clutter, paint the wall, add plants, hang artwork, include textiles, hang curtains, and install new lighting. For example, you might consider adding an overhead light, or if you have a ceiling light, install a dimmer switch. Recessed lighting can also be installed to provide a soothing ambience.

Re-upholster a Tired-looking Chair

If you have a fairly large amount to spend ($1,000), do all the things previously outlined plus replace some of your furnishings. For example, maybe a chair looks tired and needs updating. If the frame is in good condition, you might consider having it reupholstered or doing the work yourself. By reupholstering the chair, you have increased choices with respect to colors and fabrics. If you find a new chair you like better, you may also consider switching out the old furnishing.

Add a New Rug

Do you have a bit more to spend? Trying adding a new rug to the living area. Make sure the accessory adequately fits the space. One of the most common decorating errors is featuring an area rug that is too small. A rug that is generously sized enlarges a room’s appearance, yet makes the space look cozier and more inviting.

Replace the Sofa

If you do not have any budget constraints, put out the money for a new sofa too. This is more of the most notable changes you can make to a living room. A better sofa will last a lot longer. Therefore, select a couch that is the highest quality for what you wish to spend. If you have pets or kids in your home, select a darker-hued, stain-resistant material.

Refreshing your living room is easier than you think. Even on a small budget, making some upgrades can make a big difference in how a room looks and feels.

Creative Hotel Marketing Ideas to Attract More Customers

The hospitality industry is changing rapidly, due in part to the rise of sites that offer alternative accommodations. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to attract more customers and appeal to a changing market. Adapting to the increase in competition means not only attracting new guests, but encouraging them to return.

One extremely important way to invite visitors is to have an attractive, guest-friendly website that is easy to navigate. Most clients prefer to book hotels online, so make sure they are able to make reservations. If you want to venture beyond the ordinary, include a virtual tour so potential visitors get an idea of what to expect on their visit. A consistently updated blog can also drive more traffic to the site.

Mention local events and attractions to entice visitors to the area, or share some travel tips. You could also offer complimentary stays to other travel bloggers, who will likely write a detailed article about their stay.
Once you have an attractive website, you need to make sure you are active on social media. Include attractive pictures on your hotel slipcovers, and invite guests to share pictures and posts as well.

You can also set up ads on Facebook to bring more attention to your hotel. Build relationships with local tourist boards so that you can not only promote new events, but have the organizers promote your hotel in return. You can also invite businesses to use your space to host conferences and special events.

In addition to social media, you need to monitor sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. Reply to reviews as frequently as possible, especially negative reviews. Tactful, respectful responses to negative reviews show that you genuinely care about your business and customers, and give you an opportunity to highlight your strengths. You can also encourage customers to write more reviews by asking them at check out or leaving a business card with a friendly reminder.

Another way to gain reviews and attract more customers is by creating mailing lists. Not only does this allow you send out polite requests for reviews, but it also enables you to start a loyalty program. In general, customers enrolled in loyalty programs return twice as often, so offer incentives based on visits or amount spent. You can also advertise upcoming events that may appeal to prior customers.

If you are short on local events and attractions, consider hosting some of your own. Host art shows, poetry readings, or other events that appeal to broader audiences. These are especially good ideas for weekdays, as they tend to be popular with retirees and college students. You can also create special packages and programs, including some that tie in with newsworthy events like the Royal Wedding or the World Cup.

Finally, try to find ways to offer things that cannot be found at homestyle lodgings. Provide guest experiences like happy hours or yoga classes. Package them together with other services that you offer and advertise them on your site. Doing so may encourage guests to try something new, and most importantly, entice new visitors to your hotel.

Tips To Make Your RV Feel Just Like Home

RVs are a great way to explore the open road while keeping a home base. In order to do that, you need to ensure your RV provides essential comforts that make it feel like your own. There are a number of things you can easily do to make it more welcoming.

First, think about some of those things you really appreciate having in your home. For example, consider some of the appliances you use the most and try to find ones specifically designed for an RV. You might be surprised to find that there are even washer-dryer combos that make doing laundry a little bit easier. In addition to appliances, consider bringing along some of your favorite dishes and plates to make meals feel more familiar.

Because an RV is a smaller space, it is essential to keep it well organized in order to stay comfortable. There are plenty of clever ways to effectively organize your RV, such as using magnets to keep things stored underneath your cabinets or adding pullout drawers to furniture. You can also use magazine files and hangers to effectively utilize space.

Houseplants are another great way to make your RV feel more like home. Not only are they attractive, but they also improve the overall air quality. There are also plenty of fresh herbs that grow well indoors, allowing you to have your own small garden in your RV. Keep them in small containers above your sink and add to them to meals for a delicious fresh taste.

An important way to improve the appearance of your RV is through color. You can choose to paint the walls, add furniture slipcovers, or just add pops of bright color through curtains, rugs, and pillows. You could even assign certain colors or patterns to certain areas to help designate little “rooms.”

In addition to colors and patterns, you may choose to decorate your RV using a particular theme. Western or nautical themes help emphasize the adventurous lifestyle of an RV owner, although there are many other options you can choose. Pick something that accompanies your personality and your particular journey.

Another way to improve the ambiance of your home is through lighting. LED lights are softer and more energy efficient than fluorescent lights. You can also consider flameless candles as a safer alternative to wax candles.

Photographs are essential to making anyplace feel like home. Display pictures of family, friends, and even favorite places in prominent spots. Choose creative ways to display them, like using clothes pins to hang them from twine. You can also display children’s artwork or postcards to add a personalized touch to your décor.

Even though the purpose of the RV is to give you a sense of home, you should also preserve memorable souvenirs from your trips. Find a good place to display your mementos and remind you of all your adventures. The combination of home and travel will help create the welcoming environment you desire.

How To Add Extra Comfort To Your Boat This Summer

Spending hours out on the water can be a relaxing way to enjoy the day. However, too much time on the water can wear out your legs and back, and the time outside can lead to sunburn. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to make your ride more comfortable and minimize problems afterward. Some of them also help protect your boat and increase its value over time.

First of all, try to ensure that your boat will provide as smooth a ride as possible. Avoid excessive pounding by installing trim tabs, which help the boat get on plane and correct listing. Trim tabs also reduce fuel consumption and improve visibility, contributing to a more efficient and enjoyable ride.

Water reflects UV rays, increasing your chances of sunburn. Make sure you wear sunglasses and sunscreen that is at least 30 SPF. Another option if you are planning to spend long hours out in the sun is a bimini top. It will protect you from the harsh rays, especially when the sun is most intense. It can even provide some shelter from rain if you are stationary.

Seating is another important consideration for your boat, especially since simply standing and maintaining balance on a boat can tire your muscles. Plus, the weather can wear out existing seats and their bases, so make sure both are in good condition. Boat cushion covers can help protect the material for as long as possible. Be sure to invest in good quality upholstery or durable material, as the water and weather can damage older ones.

If you want to add more temporary seating, there are even more options to consider. Portable loungers and bean bags provide a nice alternative, while padded chairs and benches can add to the overall comfort of your boat without taking up too much space when not in use. You can also add cushions to a cooler to combine comfort with functionality.

Another way to stay comfortable is to invest in marine carpeting or anti-fatigue mats, which can reduce the shock of a big wave. Not only are these easier for standing for long periods of time, but they can also help prevent slipping and falling. Modern marine carpets are durable, prevent mold and mildew, and enhance the general appearance of your boat.

To prevent further back or knee pain, be sure to invest in a good pair of boat shoes. Choose shoes with good traction and cushioning. Most importantly, make sure they keep your feet dry.

Finally, a major consideration for comfort onboard comes from adapting to our modern world and giving yourself some peace of mind. A house battery or compact portable generator can be useful, especially if you are bringing along any electronic devices, like stereos. If you are planning to bring phones, make sure you also have a portable charger. Try to find one that is solar powered to avoid feeling too lost at sea.

Summer days were meant for spending long hours on the water. Make sure it is a restful and easy experience by ensuring your comfort onboard first.

All About Kitchens: Layout, Storage, and More!

Although it might be fun thinking up all sorts of kitchen design ideas, its important to keep a few key elements in mind before going all out.

For starters, its super important to consider the ideal layout you want along with where those large appliances will go. Those appliances will take up the most space, so pay careful consideration to those. And, if you are super creative, you might even find a way to incorporate one of our best selling futon slipcovers nearby!

Once you’ve done that, pay attention to storage. Most kitchens contain endless amounts of cooking pans & pots, cool gadgets, and of course the essential utensils. Its critically important to have plenty of extra space to store all of these essentials and have them be reachable within seconds.

Finally, and this is probably the funnest part of the whole process, your kitchen should reflect YOU. Its super important to incorporate your personality, taste, and mood into the overall decor. Although functionality is important, the final goal of every kitchen should be to make cooking, eating, and entertaining an awesome experience.

Have fun and send in your favorite kitchen photos!

Three Ways To Instantly Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Feeling stuck in a small bedroom? Not enough space to feel comfortable? When it comes to your bedroom, size is everything!

Unfortunately, for many of us, moving to a brand new bedroom isn’t an option. A complete move is time consuming, takes up all of your energy, and more importantly, can be very expensive.

Don’t have the budget for a complete move? Here are three ways to instantly make your bedroom look bigger:

1. Use lighter colors to enhance the overall mood and feeling of the space. Darker colors make you feel closed in. Light colors make you feel open and free. Its time to lighten up the wall paint and furniture colors.

2. Although this may come across as somewhat obvious, get rid of the king size bed for a queen. You’ll be surprised by how much space this saves. And, the truth is, you’ll hardly notice the difference between a king and a queen! You might even want to try one of our futon mattress covers.

3. And for the fastest option, you can visually expand the room almost instantly by utilizing a few mirrors here and there.

Use these three options and watch your room grow instantly!

Buying a Slipcover For a Recliner? Recline Away…

You can get a slipcover to go on top of any recliner in your home. But to make such a cover work, you have to be cautious. You need to see how you can install it properly so it will look its best. This includes knowing how to work it around some of the tough spaces that might make it a challenge for you to get your cover installed properly.

What Pieces Are There?

The individual series of pieces in your slipcover set should be checked carefully. You should have individual pieces for features like a cushion, the backing and even the arms on the sides. A separate slipcover may be used for the middle part of the recliner that comes in and out.

How Is the Seat Treated?

The seating area that moves in and out of the recliner must be treated carefully. You might have a separate cover for this part of the recliner. In this case, you would have to pull the seat out all the way so more parts of the seat can be fully exposed. As it is open, the seat will reveal all of its backing features. You will have to fit your cover around the body of the seat so it will work its best.

A cover for the seat often focuses on the top part of the seat that is visible. You would have to stretch a cover over that top area. It should be large enough to cover the seat while having enough space to support the edges of the bottom, thus keeping it all together in one simple setup.

Look For Openings

The openings around your slipcover set must be prepared carefully. This is especially the case for the seat. There should be enough openings to support the backing features that keep the seat together. You probably won’t have to move your cover over every single opening but it helps to at least watch for how it is designed.

In most cases such a cover can include a hole on one side. This is to fit the cover around a handle you might use for moving the seat in and out. This can be helpful but it is even better if you have a handle that can be removed and put back together. That would keep the handle from being stuck and out in the open as you’re trying to get a good fit up and running.

The same goes for any remote controls. A control may be linked directly to your recliner to help you move the seat out and back in. This should be flexible enough to where you can fit a slipcover around its opening but you should still try and remove it all the way first. This is just to simplify the overall process of getting it installed correctly.

Be certain when looking for recliner slipcovers that you know how it is designed and that it can fit well. You must know how to get it installed properly so it will not be all that hard to use.

Spandex Works For Many Slipcovers

Spandex is often used in the construction of slipcovers. About 4 to 6 percent of the build on a slipcover may be made with spandex. But what makes this material so popular on slipcovers? It’s normally something that is found on athletic apparel but it can be worthwhile if used right on your furniture.

Spandex, or elastane or Lycra as it is also known, is a synthetic material. It was introduced in the early 1960s by the DuPont company. It was designed as a material used to be stronger than traditional rubber while also being less likely to break or wear out.

This consists of polyester and polyurethane materials mixed together. The two are blended into the same polymers and mixed through a careful manufacturing process. Magnesium is often used to finish the surface to create a smooth texture. The fibers that are produced can be strung together like with any other fabric and then applied onto a surface. As the spandex is arranged, it will create a strong body that flexes well.

Where Does Spandex Go On a Slipcover?

Spandex typically goes around the ends of a slipcover. These include ends where the cover goes around the edges of the furniture. This assists in securing a tight fit while flexing itself along with the natural shape of the furniture in question.

This is arranged around the ends so it will not stick out from the rest of the surface. It is still painted in the same color as that of the rest of the fabric.

Sometimes the spandex can be blended in with the rest of the fabric in general. This is to give it a flexible body all the way through. The total amount of spandex used is minimal in comparison with the rest of the cotton or polyester or other material but it can make a real difference.

Why Use Spandex?

The benefits of using spandex on cushion slipcovers are especially great to notice:

  • It is light in weight and is not too hard to use.
  • It is very flexible and easy to apply onto any end of your furniture. It does not produce lots of wrinkles. The fabric simply secures itself along the ends of your furniture with ease.
  • The stretching that comes with the spandex isn’t going to cause indentations in the fabric or lots of other stress marks. It is flexible enough to where the fabric will not weaken or wear out quickly.
  • You can get spandex dyed in a variety of colors to match up with the rest of the fabric being used on your slipcover.
  • The risk of needle damage will be minimal. As a slipcover is prepared, the spandex will not lose its ability to stretch and flex as a series of stitching tools moves through it. This allows you to have a surface that is smooth and comfortable without being overly hard to use.

You will be pleased at how well spandex can be used when getting a slipcover ready. Check on how well your cover is being prepared with a strong spandex body so you will have something easy to apply and use on any surface in your home.

Measure Your Slipcover and Your Furniture Carefully

Whether you have a sofa, an armchair, an ottoman or any other fine piece of furniture, you have to look carefully at how you’re going to get a slipcover ready. You must make sure your slipcover can fit over your furniture properly.

You must look carefully at how well the cover can not only go over a surface but also be easy to secure without it slipping off, wrinkling or being otherwise hard to use. Make sure you use the right standards for getting such a cover ready on any kind of surface you want to get it on. This includes not only the size of the slipcover and the furniture but also the other features associated with the cover.

Add a Few Inches on Each Side

It helps to add a few inches onto your slipcover just to be safe. A few inches can be added on each end or side to make sure you have a large enough surface with a good fit that goes on each end. The key is to give you a comfortable look around your furniture.

Check the Thickness

You also have to look at how thick your slipcover as it can influence how well it can fit over the furniture. A slightly longer slipcover might be needed if you have a really thick surface to work with. This is just to ensure that the cover won’t snag up on a surface or be too hard to get on.

Watch For Zippers and Other Items on Your Furniture

Zippers, buttons and other commonplace accents on your furniture could add a bit of bulk onto that space. This could make it tough for you to get a futon slipcover applied in some cases. You might have to stretch the cover over some of these accents or add a bit of extra onto the cover so it will be a little easier for the material to go over that spot.

Be certain that any accents around your furniture don’t get stuck onto your slipcover either. You have to allow the cover to stretch over properly without any of those extra things creating snagging that could cause the furniture under the cover to tear up.

Look At Fasteners

You might see some fasteners around some sides of a slipcover. This is especially the case if you have a more traditional dining chair that you want to cover. While fasteners can be useful to secure a strong fit onto any chair, you have to watch carefully at how well such fasteners might work. You have to see that they are actually going to cover the entire surface of your furniture. More importantly, you have to avoid being overly tight on one of these so you don’t risk damaging your furniture at any time.

Check your slipcover carefully to see that it can go over your furniture without any problems. Be certain that you look at how well your great slipcover added onto your furniture. It should fit perfectly over your furniture without being overly tough or otherwise difficult to use in any situation.

Check Carefully on Fabrics For Slipcovers

The physical appearance of your slipcover isn’t the only thing you should look at. You should also look into how well it feels. As you sit on your furniture, you need a surface that is comfortable and enjoyable. It can offer a smooth body or even a cooling effect depending on what you choose.

The options for fabrics for your slipcover can be rather appealing and worth looking into. Here are a few of the more commonplace choices you can get out of such fabrics.

Traditional Cotton

Cotton is a traditional material used on many slipcovers. It is light in weight and soft. It is also easy to wash. However, a lighter cotton application might also wear out quickly and may stretch with use. This leads to the second consideration that you can use for your custom pillow covers.

Heavyweight Duck Cotton

Heavyweight duck cotton is an option that is a little more advanced and powerful. This is a heavier option that may come with thicker fibers. It also offers an opaque look that is detailed and offers more support for a strong appearance. What makes it especially popular is that it is softer and retains that texture for a longer time. It could make a real difference when you are trying to add a slipcover that lasts for a longer period of time.

Linens Mixed With Cotton

Linens can be blended in together with a cotton base. The linen will become soft when you wash it. This is a comfortable choice that is relaxing and enjoyable but at the same time you might have to dry-clean your slipcover depending on how it is made.

A tighter weave can be added into your cotton base as well. The weave can add a better look all the way through to establish a brilliant and appealing style all around.

Can Canvas Work?

Canvas can be used in some cases. Canvas materials are popular for how they offer thicker bodies and are cool to the touch. They are also strong enough to last for a long period of time. However, they may also be tough to clean off and can reflect light by a little too much. Canvas might not always look as professional as you might wish it could be. You’d have to be careful if you’re going to add any kind of canvas surface onto a sofa or other fabric.

Silk Is For Low Traffic Situations

Silk materials can be used on your slipcover. However, it is best to use silk when you’re got a piece of furniture that you don’t expect to use too often. While silk offers an elegant and smooth look, it is also very thin and can be easily scratched or wrinkled. It may also be tough to clean off as you might have to dry clean it. It is a frustrating fabric but it can look amazing if applied and used the right way.

All of these fabric choices are good to look into when finding a great slipcover. These all come with their own features and care standards so make sure you compare each option to see what is right for you.