How to Make Your Hotel Furniture Last Longer

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Running a hotel can be a challenge, but it’s even tougher when you need to frequently replace your furniture. Whether you’re trying to improve the longevity of the furniture in your guests’ rooms or looking to spruce up the appearance of your lobby, here are some easy ways to get more life out of your hotel furniture.

Clean with care

Cleaning your hotel’s rooms should be at the top of your priority list. This includes cleaning your linens and fabrics every time a guest changes rooms. Luckily, daybed pillow covers can be cleaned more often and more easily than an entire bed.

However, frequent cleaning with harsh chemicals can actually reduce the longevity of your fabrics, whether you’re using a slipcover or not. For your couch slipcovers and recliner seat covers, only spot clean when necessary with a gentle, but strong organic cleaner.

Additionally, cleaning and polishing your wooden furniture should also be considered. If you happen to clean your furniture too regularly, it might actually shorten its lifespan. When it comes to wood and chrome items, try to polish them at least once a month. At the very most, you should be polishing these items once per week, but no more than that.

Banish pets from the premises

Even though you take pride in being a pet-friendly hotel, cleaning up after your guests’ pets is costing you more in the long run. Not only do you need to ensure all allergens are removed from linens and rugs, but you also never know when a teething pooch might ruin your hotel’s furniture.

Even with the best-quality pet bed covers and pet cover solutions, there’s no guarantee the legs and arms of your couches will survive a few visits from Fido. Save on your expenses by banning pets. You can always partner with a local kennel club to offer coupons to disgruntled guests.

Invest in quality cushion covers

Investing in daybed pillow covers and zippered cushion covers is a great way to save money on cleaning costs. After all, these covers will take on the brunt of the dirt, allergens, and bacteria that might get on your furniture. All you need to do is pull these slipcovers off and throw them in the wash.

But if you choose a cheap option, you might find yourself replacing these covers more often than you’d like. Poor-quality slipcovers will fade quickly and are more prone to tearing than other custom slipcovers.

With so many people traveling, it’s no wonder the U.S. hotel industry is worth more than $208 billion. Keep your furniture safe by investing in couch and daybed pillow covers from today.

How To Forge The Perfect Kid-Friendly Bedroom

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Whether you’re a first-time parent or parent-of-the-year, creating a child-proof living space is one of the hardest parts of raising your children. As your babies turn to toddlers and young children, your nursery needs necessary updates to assure your child’s safety — and prevent your home from falling apart in the process.

Here are some of the best ways you can craft a kid-friendly bedroom without applying bubble wrap to everything.

Banish cleaning supplies

Though you might have had a handy locked cabinet to store cleaning supplies when your baby was confined to a crib, children won’t be able to resist playing with items they should not touch. This means that any chemicals or cleaning products should be kept downstairs and out of your child’s reach. Consider purchasing a secure cabinet for the best in storage and organization.

Guard the space

Guards and other locking mechanisms can prevent your child from getting injured, whether you’re around or not. After all, kids have a knack for getting themselves into trouble but mitigating the worst of the potential dangers can keep your child out of harm’s way.

Start by installing guards on your windows to stop your child from falling out. You should also invest in blinds devoid of dangling cords and dangerous metals. Ditch sharp corners on pieces of furniture with baby bumpers or foam padding to protect your child — and your surfaces — from harm.

Manage messes

Kids can be messy but that doesn’t mean your house has to suffer the consequences. Whether your child sneaks snacks in bed, has a nighttime accident, or gets sick in bed, the best way to protect your child’s bed is by using a fitted mattress cover.

If your child has a sofa or other chair in their room, you can also invest in suede sofa slipcovers and zippered cushion covers which are both stylish and resistant to stains and water damage. This will prevent your valuable pieces of furniture from wearing out under rambunctious play used for forts, sports, or other messes. Even custom pillow covers can keep your pillows clean for years to come.

When you want help crafting a kid-friendly space, rely on the quality products of We offer the best zippered cushion covers, sleeper sofa slipcovers, and fitted mattress covers so you can enjoy your furniture for years to come. Contact us today for more information.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Upholstered Furniture

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If your living room is the central hub of your hectic home, you know the simultaneous love and abuse that your couches and chairs see. Kids crash into them, pets jump all over the cushions, and drinks spill on the fabric almost daily. While quality and durability are the most important qualities for 91% of sofa buyers, there is no guarantee that your couches and chairs will able to survive the regular wear and tear of family life. Extend the life of your upholstered furniture with these easy tips, and you won’t be buying a new sectional before you’re done paying off the old one.

Provide leg support protection

The legs of your couches and recliners bear a lot of weight every day. They also take a lot of pressure when you move furniture around for cleaning or redecorating. To prevent your furniture legs from breaking off or wearing down, place furniture movers or floor protectors under each couch and chair leg. Not only do these handy sliders make it easier to move your furniture around, but they relieve the usual pressure the legs bear and make them last for much longer.

Avoid the sunlight

While you may appreciate natural light filling your living space, the fabric on your furniture does not. The sun’s UV rays tend to fade upholstery in the same way that they damage your skin. Try to keep your furniture out of direct sunlight and add extra protection with blinds, shades, curtains, and windows that are designed to block UV radiation.

Use furniture slipcovers

Recliner seat covers and sofa slipcovers are the surest way to protect your furniture from damage. These covers take the daily wear and tear so that your furniture doesn’t have to. They are especially useful as pet cover solutions and spill protection, as you can more easily remove recliner seat covers for regular cleaning than attempt to clean the recliner itself.

Vacuum regularly

Speaking of cleaning, something as simple as regular vacuuming can significantly extend the life of your furniture. It doesn’t matter if your couch is made of leather, fabric, or always has a couch slipcover on it, you can easily protect it when you vacuum it weekly. Be sure to clean off pet hair with lint rollers before you vacuum to remove any embedded debris and to immediately wipe up spills to prevent permanent damage.

It only takes a few easy steps to make your upholstered furniture last for years to come. Whether you choose to use protective methods like couch and recliner seat covers or create a regular cleaning schedule, you’re taking the right steps to extend the life of your well-loved furniture.

Adulting 101: 3 Simple Ways To Create An Adult Living Space

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Moving out for the first time can be an exciting, but often stressful time. This gets even worse when you want to create an adult space but lack the tips and tricks to prove you’re truly living an independent lifestyle.

If you want to showcase a more “adult” space, here are three tips and tricks to prove you’ve got this adulting thing down.

1. Dutiful decorations

Decorating your walls is an essential part of creating a more grown-up home. Though it’s tempting to hang your favorite poster with a few multicolored thumbtacks, your space will look much more put-together if you opt for frames and other visual displays. This is because frames add structure and order, two essential components when it comes to creating a cohesive space. Even choosing a cheap frame can bring the appearance of your poster from a one to a nine on the attractiveness scale.

If you really want to step up your game, consider purchasing real art from local vendors to display in your home. Just make sure they fit the same overall theme to avoid a hodge-podge interior design situation.

2. Keep it clean

You’d be amazed what a daily vacuuming can do for your home. If you want to redecorate your space, consider performing a thorough scrub down of your home. You can even reorganize the layout to make an old space feel like new. Regardless, try to keep your sink clear of dishes and occasionally swab the baseboard of gunk build-up to present a clean, organized space.

3. Protect your furniture

Whether you’re investing in new furniture or old, the best way to present an adult space is by protecting it with the right slipcovers. Sofa slipcovers are great for parties, pets, and anything in between. You should also invest in quality fitted mattress covers to ensure the longevity and quality of your mattress. After all, cleaning a slipcover is much easier than tossing your entire couch in the washing machine.

You can rest assured that fitted mattress covers, couch slipcovers, and pillow covers will save you the effort of cleaning and look great in the process.

It’s estimated that furniture sales in the United States will only grow in the next five years. In fact, it’s estimated that market value will reach $122 billion by 2020. It’s essential that you protect your furniture but still present a great-looking home at the same time.

For the best in slipcovers, fitted mattress covers, and more, rely on for all your protection needs.

Selling With Slipcovers: Why Slipcovers Are The Best Tool In Your Open House Arsenal

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Selling your home is quite the ordeal. Once you’ve found a reliable realtor and have set a schedule, you’ve got to open your home to strangers. More than just that, your home needs to look like their next home. That can be hard to accomplish given the fact that the average home holds over 300,000 things; from personal collections to quirky furniture, turning your vibrant home into a neutral space can feel like a serious challenge.


Fortunately, furniture slipcovers offer a quick solution to a pressing problem. Forget renting generic furniture to stage your home — sofa slipcovers, pillow covers, and fitted mattress covers are an easy, affordable, and effective way to freshen up your home. They create a neutral environment that allows guests’ imaginations to run wild with possibilities while also offering a clean, tidy look. Around 36% of sofa-buyers expect to keep their new sofa for at least five to nine years, yet constant wear and tear can make a not-that-old piece look well beyond its years. This simple appearance, especially if accompanied with bold or bright patterns, can distract and dissuade potential home-buyers.


They’re also perfect for pet-friendly homes: with fitted slipcovers, the dog’s favorite couch will be transformed into a brand new piece of furniture, and the cat’s scratching post will look like it’s never seen a claw in its life. Your guests and potential buyers will be much more focused on the space — and what it is capable of — than the current family’s style. The need for commercial-grade vacuums and cleaning services vanishes with the concealment of that fur.


Best of all, they’re functional! Visitors can sit on the couch slipcover while thinking of where they’d put the TV, or where the desk would go; after the house is sold and you’re settled in your new place, you can purchase replacement slipcovers for your own home! The ease of use, low cost, and customizable options make slipcovers absolutely necessary in a staged home, and ideal in a new one.


So, buy a bunch all at once (including a few replacement slipcovers for emergencies) and sit back — and relax — in your newfound, reborn furniture.

Custom vs Ready-Made Slipcovers: Which Is The Best Option For You?

sofa slipcoversWe know how it can be: you’ve just dropped a significant amount of money on a brand new couch, and only realized after the fact how chaotic your household is. Whether you’ve got animals running rampant, a few messy children, or are firmly established in your “eating on the couch” ways, you still expect this major purchase to last a good while — and you’re not alone: 91% of sofa-buyers don’t plan on needing to buy another one for at least five to nine years!

Luckily, there’s nothing to worry about; a sofa slipcover will keep your couch safe and secure without sacrificing its class or style. However, you now face one more decision: to buy custom or pre-made? Here are a few things that may help you narrow it down.


Both custom and ready-made slipcovers come in just about the same types of fabric (cotton, denim, suede, etc.), so rather than focusing on how you want it to look and feel, you should consider the shape of the piece you’re trying to protect. Fortunately, most sofas and couches are pretty much the same size and shape, so finding a suitable sofa slipcover is pretty just left to your personal choice. However, if your sofa is the only one of its kind, a ready-made cover will probably look bulky and unnatural. Use your best judgment when browsing options.


Although delivery times have certainly been reduced in this age of instant gratification that we live in, custom covers will always take longer because they need to be designed and crafted first, by real people! If you’re throwing a party in three days, your best bet is pre-made; if you just considered that having a slipcover would be wise for no immediate reason, you can absolutely take the time necessary to have a custom cover made just for you.


Custom anything is going to be more expensive than alternatives that are produced in bulk. If you only have a limited amount of money (or simply don’t want to spend above a certain number), pre-made sofa slipcovers are an easy and affordable way to protect your furniture. Otherwise, there’s no harm in splurging a little.

No matter what you choose, what’s important is that your needs are met! Slipcovers are ideal for all types of furniture: from recliner seat covers to pillow covers — even pet bed covers! — slipcovers are about protecting your furniture. Ready-made doesn’t necessarily mean low-quality, so focus on your own personal wants and desires.

Winter Weather Warnings: 3 Ways To Protect Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

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Winter is a paradoxical season. Soft, fluffy snowflakes can create the most dazzling displays of beauty in your yard and neighborhood, yet blustering winds and freezing ice can cause a significant amount of damage. If you’re like most people, winter is simply a (mostly) unpleasant period between fall and spring, and you’re just waiting for it to pass so you can get out and enjoy your backyard again. Patio furniture is a boon on those warm and breezy days, yet may not always survive the winter weather: here are three ways to improve your odds.


  • Place them in storage. One of the easiest ways to protect your outdoor furniture from the wrath of winter is to remove it entirely. Placing your furnishings in a shed, garage, or even an offsite storage facility guarantees their security from even the most violent storms; unfortunately, it’s also the most costly option. Most people like to store their cars in the garage when it snows, removing the possibility of space for a bulky table and chairs, and sheds and storage facilities don’t come cheap. Depending on your preferences and the depth of your wallet, storage may not be the best choice.


  • Invest in slipcovers. Slipcovers have long been used to protect indoor furniture (sofa slipcovers are a godsend if you have pets or rambunctious children), so it only makes sense that they should be used outside. Regardless of what your needs are — if you’re interested in daybed covers, patio furniture cushion covers, or simple couch slipcovers — you’ll be able to find a prefabricated or custom-made option available online. They’re cheaper than a storage unit, and tend to offer more protection than protective coatings.


  • Apply weather treatments. Usually the most affordable option, weather treatments are practical if you live in areas that experience mild winters: light showers, hardly any snow, or warmer temperatures for example. If your furniture is completely exposed and you live in the northeast, however, they may not quite do the job. The right choice depends entirely on your personal needs and budget.


The furniture and home furnishings industry is valued at around $106.8 billion — it doesn’t really need you to contribute to that number by having to purchase new patio furniture each year. With the right protective coatings, patio furniture slipcovers (and patio furniture cushion covers), or storage spaces, your outdoor furnishings will live to see another summer.

Relaxing Transformations: 3 Ways To Redefine Your Outdoor Living Space

outdoor twin mattress cover

As winter quickly approaches, it’s nice to think about the comfort and warmth of summer weather. Without an outdoor living space to enjoy it, the beauty of dappled sunshine and soft breezes would be entirely missed. Though you may be forced to watch that outdoor area lie untouched under mountains of snow in the coming months, these three tips to creating a relaxing outdoor space will keep you in warm spirits.


      • Introduce a daybed: Daybeds have become all the rage across the country. Providing the perfect area to sit back and take a nap in the afternoon sunshine, daybeds are functional as well as beautiful. With the right design and fitted mattress covers, they’ll be comfortable and entirely protected from the elements — selecting a synthetic suede slipcover resists stains and water damage, so you’ll have a classy look that allows you to drink wine while you lounge without fear of damage.
      • Buy new slipcovers: Outdoor furniture, even in the summer, experiences the brunt of nature’s moods. Rain and wind can do significant damage if not protected, so investing in patio furniture slipcovers (or patio furniture cushion slipcovers) can guarantee they last throughout the season. Buying daybed covers for your brand new luxury resting area is also smart; you don’t want bugs or mold interrupting your summertime nap!
      • Add a splash of color: While whites and linens are favored among outdoor decor, they can get a little boring. If you prefer to walk on the wild side, or are simply looking for a change, include colorful chairs, bold and bright rugs, and even vibrant shade umbrellas. Throw a red blanket on that outdoor twin mattress cover you invested in for your daybed, choose rich pillow covers, or give the nearby fence a re-imagining with your favorite color.


    As you reminisce on your summertime projects, the cold weather and blowing snow will seem to disappear from your life. You’ve got plenty of time to consider other ideas — such as the addition of a deck, the introduction of a wealth of plant life, or even the construction of a covered area to fully enjoy that outdoor twin mattress cover you just splurged on. Before you know it, summer will be here!

Pet-Proof And Plush: 3 Durable Fabrics That Will Stand Up To Your Furry Friends

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No one can argue the benefits of bringing home a furry, four-legged friend; they offer companionship, unconditional love, and endless entertainment! However, they also happen to be tiny tornadoes just waiting to be unleashed in a flurry of hair and sharp claws. As a responsible pet owner, you are required to make a few changes or alterations to your home, just like if you were baby-proofing — except the goal is to protect your house from your pet, not the other way around.


When it comes to the damage that can be wrought by a hyperactive puppy or a bored kitten, your furniture is the most at-risk. Here are the three best, most durable fabrics — put best to use in the form of slipcovers to provide maximum protection — available to keep that expensive sofa nice and safe.


  • Outdoor: Outdoor fabrics are usually specially treated to repel water, stains, and even bacteria; this means that your furniture will smell as fresh and clean as it looks. However, if bringing a piece of outdoor furniture indoors doesn’t mesh with your decor, you can invest in an outdoor fabric cover — if your pet owns a certain piece (we all know how pets can be), you can purchase sectional couch covers or pillow covers to keep them safe. Although outdoor fabric can feel less luxurious than the following options, it is one of the strongest types available for fighting against fur and felines alike.


  • Denim: Some diehard denim fans may claim that the material only belongs in jeans and jackets, but they haven’t seen the versatility of denim couch slipcovers. Offering a material that is able to withstand even the most rambunctious of pets, the informal fabric is easy to clean, vacuum, and comes in a variety of shades and designs — trust us when we say it won’t look like you’ve re-purposed some old jeans. Denim sectional couch covers will become the new stars of your living room as your pets race all over them and don’t leave a single scratch behind.


  • Woven: The secret to woven slipcovers (or upholstery in general) is in the tightness of the weave; tighter weaves are more resistant to stains and actually repel dirt, and are also able to keep their shape longer. If your sofa sees a lot of use, both from humans and animals alike, tightly woven sectional couch covers can provide an excellent layer of protection against everyday damage and that caused by wildly bounding and energetic puppies.


Durable, easy-to-clean fabric is the secret to success when it comes to new pet ownership. Don’t let your messy companion rule the household; purchase slipcovers (even pet bed covers!) made from these materials and your pets will know who’s in charge.

A Step By Step Guide To Choosing The Best Slipcover For Your Outdoor Furniture

slipcovers for outdoor furniture

Purchasing outdoor furniture can be a tricky, sometimes overly complicated process. You have to take in a multitude of considerations: your climate, how much use it’s going to see, and how much you’re willing to spend. Fortunately, you can cover your bases (and your furniture!) easily by investing in slipcovers for outdoor furniture. These covers help protect the furniture’s base material and extend its lifespan by many years. Whether you’re looking to spruce up old outdoor furniture or are simply interested in saving money without sacrificing quality, there’s a slipcover material and design out there for you. Let’s walk through those considerations.


Climate Conditions


Patio furniture needs to be able to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it. If you live in an area that experiences heavy rainfall, you’ll want to choose couch slipcovers that are waterproof, or incredibly water resistant. Tightly woven fabric, such as denim, is particularly good at this endeavor. Fortunately for you, there is also a type of fabric known simply as ‘outdoor’ — it resists stains, damage, and water, all at once. However, if you live in a sunny region that hardly ever sees a drop of rain, you might want to consider a lightweight and breathable cotton fabric.


Extent Of Use


Are you going to be throwing parties every evening, or casually lounging every once in a while? Obviously, durable material is desired for constant use, while something more simple and comfortable such as synthetic suede can be used if you’re outdoor furniture is hardly going to be touched.




Here’s where you’ll always win! While you may have to spend exorbitant fees on the material of the furniture itself if you’re electing not to use slipcovers for outdoor furniture, covers — whether they’re patio furniture cushion covers or outdoor twin mattress covers — you will be spending less. Always. Best of all, you won’t be settling for anything cheap or unattractive: high quality slipcovers for outdoor furniture are still going to be less expensive than the furniture itself.


Now that you have all the information you need, it’s time to explore the options available at your fingertips! Work your way down until you find a slipcover that is as practical for your needs as it is beautiful.