Protect Furniture With Custom Slipcovers

Protect Furniture With Custom Slipcovers

Whether it’s a brand-new sofa or a family heirloom, protecting furniture can be close to impossible. You can set rules for children and pets or put the piece in a room you don’t often use, but at some point, something is going to happen that will ruin that piece of furniture forever. Luckily, slipcovers offer a simple solution. With tons of customizable options in various colors, styles, and textures, you can protect your most valued pieces of furniture without sacrificing aesthetics. Regardless, you should know why it’s so important to protect your furniture with custom slipcovers and what options you have for doing so.

The Importance of Protection

Furniture damage can happen in an instant without warning, and unfortunately, the biggest culprit is food. Drippings from a messy sandwich or a spill from an uncapped soda will quickly turn a beautiful couch into an unsightly disaster. With so many families opting to eat meals around, this has become a bigger problem than it used to be. Messes stemming from foods aren’t the only danger, though. Small tears in upholstery can widen over time, relegating your prized recliner to the curb. Even everyday occurrences—your cat sharpening its claws or a stray key poking through one of your pockets—can damage your furniture. Granted, you could always stitch it up if the gash isn’t too big, but prevention is always the better option.

How Slipcovers Can Help

Slipcovers can protect your helpless furniture from both these problems. Depending on the material you use, a slipcover can protect your couch from most, if not all, nasty spills. After a mishap, just take the slipcover off and run it through the washer and dryer. These innovative products can also protect from cuts. Most slipcovers will resist or altogether stop sharp objects, but even if they fail, only the slipcover will sustain damage. And it’s much easier and less costly to replace a cover than a whole chair. Plus, since their customizable, you can use slipcovers to make your furniture look just the way you want it to. Buying a new ottoman simply because it doesn’t match the rest of your decor may not be feasible. With a slipcover, you can match the rest of the room without replacing perfectly good furniture.

Order Yours Now

If you are now interested in protecting your furniture with custom slipcovers, then you’re in the right place. We offer a vast selection of custom slipcovers for anything you want to put them on. All you need to do is pick the style, the shape of the furniture it will cover, and its measurements. If you are unsure which measurements you need, there’s no need to worry. Our illustrated guide will show you exactly what we need. We will also ask you for a picture of each side of the couch or chair. Once we have all this information, you’ll be able to purchase your new, stylish slipcovers.

How To Make a Futon More Comfortable

How To Make a Futon More Comfortable

Everyone knows futons aren’t ideal to sleep on. Chances are, you’ve felt the wrath of an evil futon that preyed on your back one fateful night. However, futons aren’t predetermined to be uncomfortable and to cause restless nights’ sleep—they can be as cozy as a regular bed. Check out a guide to how to make a futon more comfortable.

Invest in Your Futon Mattress

Usually, the largest issue that causes a futon to be uncomfortable is the mattress that’s on it. Many times, futons come equip with a low-quality mattress or pad that functions more as a passable couch cushion than a realistic sleeping place. Replacing your futon mattress is a great way to instantly improve its level of comfort. You can purchase a high-quality futon mattress that’s thicker and more supportive than the original manufacturer-grade mattress it came with. Pro Tip: Think of your futon mattress as a regular mattress. When you purchase a new mattress for a bed, you want to try it out and ensure it’s comfortable for all your regular sleeping positions—do this with a futon mattress too!

Get Cozy Pillows

Sometimes a new mattress is not enough to make the futon a cozy place to rest at the end of a long day. If you’re just using a throw pillow or an old hand-me-down pillow with a head hole in the center, your neck will not have the support it needs for a restful night’s sleep. Investing in a supportive and comfortable pillow to pair with your futon is essential. Even if you only use your futon for occasional overnight guests or for family over holidays, investing in one or two nice pillows will go a long way for comfort. They’re even easy to store—simply put them in a protective bag or tub and keep them under the futon. Pro Tip: You can even use your pillows as throw pillows for the futon when it’s in couch-mode by investing in a complementary-patterned pillow cover.

Cover It With Soft Blankets

Soft, cozy blankets are a comfort of home, especially when traveling. At the end of a long day, everyone loves to curl up with a soft blanket and take a deep, restful snooze. Many futon users tend to use throw blankets, but these aren’t the same quality of blankets that you’d put on your bed to sleep with. Get a blanket that’s the correct size for the futon. For example, if you have a full-sized futon, get a full-sized comforter to go with it. Small throw blankets are not large enough to cuddle up with for a warm night’s sleep. Pro Tip: Get a pair of sheets for your futon! Putting sheets on your futon will make it feel much more like a traditional bed.

Purchase a Mattress Topper

If you don’t want to invest in a new mattress for your futon or your futon is not compatible with a replacement mattress, a great alternative is to purchase a mattress topper. There are many options of mattress toppers with different benefits and thicknesses to fit your exact needs. If your futon is lumpy, and you can feel the metal rod down the center, invest in a thick, supportive topper. If your futon is just a little lumpy but pretty cozy overall, a thin memory foam mattress topper should do the trick. Pro Tip: If you want a thick, luxurious mattress topper but are worried the couch-mode may look odd with it on, you can always store it during the day and apply it a night. Many mattress toppers are easy to roll up and store in a closet or cabinet.

Get Comfy Covers

The material of your futon mattress or padding may not be conducive for sleeping. For example, leather or faux leather futon may be stylish in couch-mode, but leather is not an ideal sleeping material. A thin sheet isn’t enough to really cover this material. Using high-quality futon covers is the best choice when you want to make your futon’s material more comfortable so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep on it. Futon covers are available in many materials, styles, colors, and patterns, so you’ll be sure to love whatever you pick out. Pro Tip: Easy Fit has high-quality futon covers that come in a wide range of styles and materials. You can pick out the exact material and style you want for a cozy and quality night’s rest.

Pad the Frame

A top complaint of regular futon sleepers is that the frame pokes through the mattress or causes discomfort during the night. The best thing to do is to avoid futons with thick, jutted metal frames or arms. If you already have your futon and the frame is causing discomfort, try padding the portions of the frame that are giving you trouble. For example, if the center metal support juts through the mattress, wrap extra padding around it to soften the impact. Pro Tip: Using a cheap mattress topper and cutting it to size is a great DIY way to pad the problem parts of your futon’s frame.

Add Slats

Most futons come with built-in slats or ones that are available to install. If those don’t seem to support you enough, you can always add more. In spots where there’s a noticeable dip in support, try adding your own DIY slats. Simply measure your existing ones and cut some wood down to size. Pro Tip: While making your own wooden slats may feel intimidating, there are plenty of online tutorials to follow along with. You can do this! At Easy Fit, we sell top-quality futon covers that are sure to make your futon more cozy, comfortable, and inviting. Just because you’re sleeping on a futon doesn’t mean you can’t get a restful night’s sleep. These tips on how to make a futon more comfortable are sure to make your sleeping arrangement more enjoyable.

How To Make a Futon More Comfortable

Tips for Making a Studio Apartment Work

Tips for Making a Studio Apartment Work

After a long year living with family or spending time away from cities, many young professionals are flocking back to cities or ready to venture out into living on their own again. Prices for apartments are high, and it’s not uncommon to land in a studio apartment. Studios have their charms and are quite trendy right now, but making that small of a space work for you may feel impossible. Check out some handy tips for making a studio apartment work for you.

Sneak in Storage

Storage may be in short supply at your new studio but fret not—there are sneaky ways to maximize your storage. Consider investing in furniture that opens to reveal storage, such as storage ottomans, trunks, and other double-function furniture. Pro Tip: Make the most of your cabinet space by investing in shelf splitters, stackable drawers, and other organizational items that maximize the use of your vertical storage space.

Make It Multifunctional

Furniture shouldn’t be just one thing. Your kitchen table should double as a coffee table—yes, they really make these! Consider getting chairs for that table that double as lounge chairs. One of the best multifunctional furniture pieces you can invest in is a futon. Futons are the perfect furniture piece for studio apartments. The couch-by-day and bed-by-night flexibility makes you feel less like you’re cooking in your bedroom for lunchtime and helps you transition to sleep much easier. Consider investing in a few futon slipcovers to cover and protect your mattress. These allow you to use your futon as a stylish couch without fear of dirtying your bed at the same time.

Use the Vertical Space

Vertical space is essential in smaller apartments. Even if you have low ceilings, you can still utilize vertical space through the following methods:

  • Install shelves
  • Invest in tall, skinny bookshelves for a renter-friendly alternative to shelves
  • Hang a pegboard
  • Hang some hooks
  • Install tall cabinets

There are so many great tips for making a studio apartment work, but the most important thing is that your space works for you. Studios can feel cramped and limited, but with the right furniture and design, you can really make it feel like a spacious home. The use of slipcovers helps make your furniture look new and can take any upholstered item to the next level. Check out our vast selection of fabrics and styles of high-quality slipcovers for your furniture.

Ways To Make an RV Feel Like Home

Ways To Make an RV Feel Like Home

RVs and campers are full of potential, and you can use them in different ways, depending on many factors. Whether you’re using your RV for vacations, road trips, and camping or plan to join the trending vanlife, it’s important to learn ways to make an RV feel like home.

Decorate It Like a Home

Most people wouldn’t leave the walls in their home bare or relegate decorations to just one small section of their house—so why do that with an RV? Get some decor in your RV to make it your own. Hang pictures or tapestries, paint, and customize it. It’s your space, so make it feel like yours. Decorating an RV can feel like a task with limitations, but there are tons of ways to add decor without creating permanent damage—think of it like a rented apartment. Any methods you might use to decorate one of those without damage, apply them to your RV.

Make It Cozy and Welcoming

The chances are good that you have some sort of sleeping surface or bed in your RV or van. There is also a high likelihood that you’d like all your spaces to serve multiple purposes, such as a bed serving as additional seating during the daytime. Try adding fitted mattress covers to your bed. These slipcovers are stylish and easy to wash, and they’ll protect your bed when you’re using it as additional seating in daytime clothing. Slipcovers are such a beneficial addition to an RV—even for the other seats. They add style and comfort, and they’re super easy to care for and maintain while protecting your upholstery.

Add a Scent

RVs can start to smell and feel cloudy, dingy, and stuffy simply because of the cramped quarters and the limited time you spend with windows or doors open. This is one small factor that can make you feel alienated in your own RV. Take back your home’s homeyness by adding a fresh scent. You can use sprays, faux candles, covered wax melts, and room air fresheners to make your space smell fresh and clean again. It’s one small change that can make a huge impact on how at home you feel. No matter how you use your RV, finding ways to make an RV feel like home is essential. Investing in custom, high-quality slipcovers from Easy Fit is a great way to start. Contact us today.

Benefits of Cushion Covers for Hotels

Benefits of Cushion Covers for Hotels

Using furniture covers in hotels is a great way to keep your furniture clean, stylish, and welcoming for your guests. Discover more benefits here.
Tips for Furnishing a Restaurant

Tips for Furnishing a Restaurant

Running a restaurant is a stressful job—especially in the last year, as the industry made some drastic changes to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic, many restaurants suffered at first but quickly came up with new business methods to survive. Regulations regarding the pandemic change constantly, and many restaurants are now able to safely seat dine-in customers again—with extra precautions, of course.

Choose Pieces for Your Brand

Trends tend to change on a dime, which means if you pick out chairs based on what’s popular on social media today, it may be outdated by next year. When it comes to any business, especially a restaurant, style says a lot about what people should expect. For example, if your restaurant is a place for a quick and delicious breakfast to-go, you may want chairs and tables that allow customers to comfortably wait for their food, but don’t need tons of space for eating. If you have a steakhouse meant for multi-course meals, it may be beneficial to invest in comfortable chairs with stylish details and larger tables with plentiful room for multiple dishes.

Focus on Cleanliness

Now more than ever customers want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your restaurant cleans everything often. This includes upholstered furniture. One of the best ways to make sure your upholstered furniture is easily washable is to invest in high-quality custom slipcovers. Slipcovers are easy to put on and take off, and they are machine washable, making clean up at the end of the day much faster.

Choose a Color Scheme

Too many bold colors can overwhelm a space, and not enough colors can make it feel bland and lifeless. The key to striking a balance and staying on brand is to develop a color scheme before furnishing your restaurant. If you’ve already furnished your restaurant and the colors of the furniture don’t quite fit what you want, the best solution is slipcovers. You can change these out in any color, pattern, or material to fit the seasons, your menu, and your aesthetic. Contact Easy Fit today for more information on our custom dining chair covers. The best tips for furnishing a restaurant are to do what works for your business and make sure to keep safe and sensible products, such as slipcovers.