A Guide To Decorating Your Home on a Budget

A Guide To Decorating Your Home on a Budget

Home décor is important to the feel of a home. In your home, you should feel welcomed and relaxed. The best way to ensure your home reflects your personality and preferences is by decorating it to match your style. One of the main issues people run into when decorating their homes is the price of decoration and furniture. While it often feels unattainable to have your house decorated the way you want it without pushing your budget, it is possible. All you need is a guide to decorating your home on a budget.

Repurpose Your Existing Décor

Your existing décor might be old and outdated. It might just not fit your current aesthetic preferences. Whatever the reason it’s not serving your needs, it may be able to be repurposed. For example, if you have an old metal side table that is cute but doesn’t fit well in your living room anymore, consider moving it to your patio to fit the aesthetic outside. Many things can work in a home that’s undergoing a style shift when they’re moved to a different place. Moving items around for style’s sake comes with the added bonus of a feeling of a refresh. Moving furniture around, even a small décor piece livens up a room and gives it some much-needed excitement and intrigue.

Don’t Count Out Secondhand

Secondhand shops and your friends and relatives often have great items that can fit into your home’s décor roster with ease with a little bit of love. Thrift shops, antique stores, garage sales, and estate sales all provide an opportunity to get great new items for your home at affordable bargain prices. It’s easy to forget that these types of secondhand shops often have tons of unique and aesthetic décor waiting to be added to your home. Here is a list of items to look for at your local secondhand shop that are perfect for décor:

  • Vases (Any color works because you can paint them to match your color scheme)
  • Paintings
  • Glassware
  • Wall hangings
  • Rugs

There are so many great pieces of décor you can find at your local secondhand or antique shop for reasonable prices. Some of the items may need a bit of refurbishing, but most will be ready to adorn your walls or shelves.

Plan Ahead of Time

The best advice for anyone looking to update their home’s decoration style is to make a plan before buying or changing anything. Spend some time just looking at your space and paying attention to where you want to put decorations. The best way to understand what each room needs is to follow these steps:

  1. Remove all current decorations from the walls, shelves, and tables.
  2. Spend time in the room as you normally would but tune in to which areas feel empty.
  3. Keep a list of where you’d like decorations to go.

Once you have a list of what areas felt lacking, you can develop a better idea of what decorations you still need to get and what type. For example, if a certain wall feels empty, you know you need some form of wall hanging—but you get to decide the size and type. The next step of preparing ahead of time is to then go through the current decorations that you own. It’s time to decide what does and what does not fit your aesthetic or the room. If you decide you like something, instead of looking for a place for it, reference your notes of where in your home already needs to feel less empty. Put that decoration in a place you’ve listed that would benefit from a decoration of that relative size, shape, and type. Following this method takes the “finding a place” for an item out of home décor. Buying before having a place for something is what leads to clutter and mismatched aesthetics.

Refurbish Rather Than Replace

Small trinkets and wall hangings are not the only forms of home décor. Furniture is what really sets the tone of a room. If you have drab furniture that dates your style—and not in a fun vintage way—consider what you can do to improve the look of it without investing in all new furniture. Couches, chairs, tables, and all other furniture pieces are pricey when you buy new, so try to salvage what you already own before heading to your local carpenter.

Wooden Furniture

When you have wooden furniture that’s seen better days, you can usually refurbish it as a DIY project—even without any woodworking experience. As long as the wood is in decent condition, there are no bugs, and there is no water damage, you can usually strip down the wood stain and sand out any smaller imperfections. Then, apply the paint or stain of your choosing, seal it, and enjoy a piece of furniture that looks brand new and expertly crafted.

Upholstered Furniture

Many people lose hope in their DIY furniture updating abilities when it comes to upholstery—but fear not. You don’t have to learn to reupholster furniture to enjoy a couch or accent chair that looks brand new. Furniture slipcovers are perfect for when you want to make your home more friendly and welcoming through color, texture, and a refresh, but don’t want to change your furniture up. Investing in a custom slipcover helps you cover and protect the original fabric while making your furniture easier to clean, more customizable, and made of any fabric you want. Pro Tip: Even if you have a futon for a sofa in any room and want it to fit your aesthetic while remaining functional, you can invest in futon mattress covers to match the rest of the furniture or the futon frame. This makes it look more “couch-like” without sacrificing functionality. When you’re in need of a guide to decorating your home on a budget, then look no further than Easy Fit. Our custom-made slipcovers are perfect for giving your home a total makeover for a fraction of the price of new furniture. We have a wonderful selection of fabrics, colors, and patterns to choose from. Contact us today for more information. A Guide To Decorating Your Home on a Budget

How To Make Your Patio Look Luxurious

How To Make Your Patio Look Luxurious

Your outdoor space is your place to enjoy the weather, soak up some sun, and maybe even entertain guests. This spring, it’s imperative to spend time outside and recover from the winter blues. If your space leaves much to be desired or doesn’t fit your lifestyle, check out our tips on how to make your patio look luxurious.

Clean It Up

The first step to enjoying a luxurious patio is to clean up your outdoor area. Here are a few easy steps to cleaning outside.

  • Pick up any garbage or dead leaves and throw them away.
  • Sweep and power wash any hardscaping.
  • Clean the inside and outside of any windows.
  • Fix chipped paint on posts or your home’s exterior.
  • Remove any dead plants and replant native plants that will thrive.
  • Wipe down any hard furniture with cleaner and wash any outdoor rugs.

Decorate With Style

Decorating your patio is also essential to making it feel welcoming and refreshing. Consider installing hooks for hanging plants, planting vines or crawling plants on a pretty trellis, or creating a box garden. There are so many ways to incorporate fresh plants and flowers into your outdoor space, giving it an instantly more glamorous feel.

Update Your Furniture

Once your patio is clean, you may still feel that your space is outdated or dreary. The way outdoor patio furniture looks makes a considerable impact on the comfort you feel outside. If your upholstered patio furniture is intact and usable but is outdated or the colors are faded, consider investing in cushion slipcovers that are custom to your cushions and crafted in a durable outdoor fabric. Adding a slipcover to your patio furniture is a quick and affordable way to completely update and transform your space. There is no definitive guide on how to make your patio look luxurious, but high-quality outdoor fabric custom slipcovers are a great place to begin. Contact us today for more information.

Spring: Home Décor Updates To Transform Your Space

Spring: Home Décor Updates To Transform Your Space

Spring is here, which means it’s time to send the grays and heavy fabrics out and bring in the bright pastels and florals of the season. If your home needs some updates to prepare for the warmer weather and brighter season, but you don’t want to undergo a full remodel, check out these spring home décor updates to transform your space.

Switch Out Your Throws

One of the simplest ways to make your home feel springier is by rotating out your throw pillows and throw blankets based on the season. Switching out throw pillows is easy and quick. You can simply put a pastel or spring-colored pillowcase on the existing throw pillow. For throw blankets, it’s best to find a spring color and use it all season. Pro Tip: Keep your spring-inspired throw blankets and pillows draped over your couch for an extra appeal, or keep them in a decorative basket next to your seating area for more décor options.

Put Up Some Temporary Wallpaper

Another great trick to make your home match the season is to invest in some temporary wallpaper. Putting up wallpaper is easier than ever with peel and stick sheets. Most home improvement stores and even some retail shops carry temporary wallpaper that is easy to install and even easier to take down. Pro Tip: Pick a spring pattern and put up one accent wall in your living room or kitchen. Those rooms see the most use and will benefit most from a seasonal change.

Change the Look of Your Furniture

The best way to make your home match the season is to switch up your furniture colors and fabrics. You may be thinking that it’s a tad unrealistic to get all new furniture for every season—and you’d be correct! However, investing in custom slipcovers for every season is affordable and fun. You can get a heavier fabric in a gray tone for winter and switch to a trendy sage green linen for spring. It’s as easy as ordering and placing a perfectly fitted custom slipcover over your existing furniture. There are so many ways to give your home a little upgrade for the springtime. Contact Easy Fit today for information on our custom sectional sofa covers and other slipcovers for all your furniture needs.

Tips for a Monochromatic Living Room

Tips for a Monochromatic Living Room

With all the home trends emerging as 2021 continues, one of the early standouts is the monochromatic theme. This home trend emphasizes using one color in each room of your home to simplify your design without committing to minimalism. If you love the monochromatic home trend but don’t want to shell out a fortune for all new furniture, check out our tips for a monochromatic living room with the stuff you have now.

Spray Paint What You Can

The little things in your home that you use for décor may all be different colors, but that doesn’t mean you have to toss them when you choose a monochromatic theme. Any vases, picture frames, small décor pieces, and plant pots can all be spray painted to match the new color you choose. Remember to only spray paint in well-ventilated areas and use safety precautions.

Invest in Furniture Slipcovers

While smaller décor is easy to replace or change in color, you may look at your couch or ottoman that is grey and realize it needs to be green to match your color scheme. Don’t fret! Although reupholstering furniture often costs the same (if not more) than purchasing new furniture, you can invest in a furniture slipcover for your couch—there are even custom-made ottoman slipcovers that you can choose to match your aesthetic perfectly! Slipcovers from Easy Fit are high-quality and come in a wide range of fabrics, patterns, and colors to make your living room look exactly the way you want.

Minimize Your Belongings

If you have some things in your living room that are the wrong color and spray paint just won’t fix them, consider either donating the items or storing them in a covered basket. That way, you can keep your items without having to see them on display or mess up your room’s aesthetic. We hope you use our tips for a monochromatic living room in your next living room transformation. Contact us today for information on our high-quality custom-made furniture slipcovers.

Common Furniture Buying Mistakes

Common Furniture Buying Mistakes

When setting out to purchase furniture, there is a lot you must consider. There are some rules to follow to ensure you get the furniture piece you need for any room in your home. Explore these common furniture buying mistakes so you can avoid any headaches the next time you shop.

Forgetting To Measure Your Space

One of the mistakes people make all the time is forgetting to measure their space before buying. Furniture in warehouses and stores always looks smaller than it does once it’s in your home. Before heading out, measure your room and the space for the new item. This measuring prevents disaster when the piece is delivered. You don’t want to receive a piece that is much smaller or larger than you anticipated.

Not Considering Usage and Functionality

Another common mistake people make when buying new furniture is forgetting to think about the actual functionality of the piece. The item you purchase will go into your home, so it needs to fit into your household and its norms. For example, a dining room set with gorgeous white upholstered chairs may look regal and perfect in the shop, but at home it may not work if you have young, rambunctious kids or pets who shed a lot. Pro Tip: If you buy a white dining chair set, invest in dining chair covers to prevent damage from spills or wear.

Disregarding Delivery Fees in the Budget

Furniture prices in your budget should account for delivery fees. Many furniture shops will deliver furniture for free, but don’t make the mistake of assuming free delivery only to be hit with a large bill later. Be sure to ask the salesperson for the delivery fee upfront so you can adjust your budget accordingly. There are many more common furniture buying mistakes you could make. It’s crucial to know that there are solutions in case you make one of these common mistakes. If the color isn’t right or you didn’t consider the mess potential in your home, contact us for a custom slipcover. Our slipcovers are stylish and made to fit your furniture exactly right.

How To Care for Outdoor Upholstered Furniture

How To Care for Outdoor Upholstered Furniture

An outdoor space is essential for every home. Enjoying the outside in the comfort of your design is very beneficial. If you have an outdoor space at your home, you probably also keep furniture outside to help you enjoy it more. Caring for outdoor furniture is tricky but possible. Explore how to care for outdoor upholstered furniture regardless of the season or location you’re in.

Cover It During Rain, Snow, and Other Inclement Weather

When the weather is not ideal for spending time outside, you need to protect your furniture. If you wouldn’t lounge outdoors in the weather without a coat, umbrella, or other protection, neither should your furniture. Upholstered furniture that gets wet can potentially start to smell and grow mold or mildew. When it’s raining or snowing, consider taking your furniture inside or placing the cushions and other upholstered parts of the furniture into a deck box, shed, or storage area. If you don’t have an available storage area, plastic tarps and furniture covers are also great options.

Use Covers To Keep It Safe and Easy To Wash

Furniture slipcovers are another great way to care for your outdoor upholstered furniture. Outdoor furniture, as everyone should know, gets dirty much faster than indoor furniture. It can encounter dirt, leaves, and other outdoor items that come with wind and outdoor creatures. Investing in a slipcover for your outdoor cushions makes clean-up much easier. Simply remove your slipcover, throw it in the washing machine, dry it, and put it back on. It’s much easier to clean outdoor furniture slipcovers than the actual furniture.

Store It When It’s Not in Use

When you’re not using your furniture or won’t be using it for an extended period, such as the winter season or when you go on vacation, consider storing it. Keep it in a garage, deck box, shed, or even a storage room or facility. There are many ways to protect your furniture when you’re not planning to use it for a while. There are many ways to care for outdoor upholstered furniture. We recommend investing in our quality, custom-made outdoor cushion covers. These slipcovers fit exactly right to your furniture and protect the original fabric from sun damage, color fading, and weather conditions—and they make your items much easier to keep clean. Simply remove the slipcover, pop it in the washing machine, and enjoy a nice, clean furniture cushion. Contact us today for more information or help getting started on your custom slipcover design.