Common Mistakes When Cleaning Leather Furniture

Common Mistakes When Cleaning Leather Furniture

Leather is a timeless material that adds class and wonder to any room in your home. Furniture made of leather is known for its soft and comforting feel. If you have leather furniture adorning your home, you know just how inviting and stylish it is. You also know it can be a bit tricky to clean. Avoid these common mistakes when cleaning leather furniture.

Using Household Cleaners

Common household or upholstery cleaning solutions are potentially too harsh for the delicate surface of leather furniture. They frequently contain harsh chemicals that can harm and even strip the surface of the leather on your furniture pieces. Leather, although not as absorbent as regular upholstery, still absorbs liquids. When leather absorbs cleaners, it can stain, crack, and discolor the surface.

Using Leather Cleaner Before Testing It

Just because a product is designed to clean leather without damaging it doesn’t mean it won’t harm your specific leather. There are countless hues, types, and forms of leather. Every leather uses a different dye, and it may have a unique treatment or finish. It’s tricky to find a true one-size-fits-all leather cleaner. Test your leather cleaner on a small portion of your furniture piece that is not readily visible before coating the entire item. See if it causes discoloration or other flaws. If not, proceed with cleaning.

Not Protecting It From Spills

One of the biggest pitfalls leather furniture owners fall into is not preventing dirt and spills from penetrating the surface of their fine leather. If you spill anything on leather furniture it needs to be cleaned right away or it may soak up the spill and ruin the surface. The best way to avoid discoloration due to spills is by protecting the furniture in the first place. For leather furniture that sees a lot of food or drink action, consider investing in slipcovers. It’s simple to install any slipcover onto leather furniture, even chair slipcovers. They can be custom-made and designed to fit the chair exactly right. There are many common mistakes when cleaning leather furniture. Protect your leather furniture items by investing in a custom slipcover.