How to Clean Restoration Hardware Linen Furniture

How to Clean Restoration Hardware Linen Furniture

Investing in Restoration Hardware linen furniture has a lot of value. It can make a home look new while keeping its original charm. Some upkeep is required to keep this furniture looking fresh and updated—check out this guide on how to clean Restoration Hardware linen furniture.


Vacuuming keeps the dust particles out of your fabric, making it appear brighter and keeping it fresh longer. This is especially important in households with pets, which can leave fur on your furniture. Even if they don’t sit directly on the furniture, their fur can billow through the air, and dander particles can land on it. This can dim the piece’s color and even create bad odors throughout your home. Vacuuming can prevent these particles from dirtying your furniture and also extend time between washings.

Soak and spot-clean small stains

When small spills occur on your furniture, you can spot-clean the areas to prevent them from becoming permanent stains. To clean small spills, use distilled water to dampen a soft white cloth. Gently dab the area with the cloth until the stain lifts. Be sure not to rub the area or use a rough cloth, as this can cause pilling or damage to the furniture. If the stain doesn’t lift using this method, try soaking the area with a solution of one-third mild fabric detergent and two-thirds warm water. Once you’ve soaked the area, dab it with the cloth again.

Machine-wash the cover

If the prior methods for cleaning your Restoration Hardware linen furniture don’t pan out, you can try to machine-wash the cover. Slipcovers are great because they’re washable and because they can beautify your furniture. Remove the slipcover from your furniture and place it in the washing machine. Use a mild detergent, and wash on a gentle cycle. You may also opt to hand-wash the item if your washing machine isn’t as gentle as you’d prefer. This method should remove the stain and get your furniture looking great again. For all your slipcover needs, check out Easy Fit’s vast collection of stylish slipcovers, from couch covers to outdoor twin mattress covers. We can even make you a completely custom slipcover to perfectly fit over your furniture.