Factors To Consider When Buying Home Furniture

Factors To Consider When Buying Home Furniture

When you set out to furnish your home, it can feel overwhelming, especially if you have to furnish an entire home or you recently upgraded to a larger space. Check out these main factors to consider when buying home furniture.

Find your style

Finding what furniture styles you prefer is crucial to the selection process. It can help you find the right piece much faster and with less stress when you get to the furniture store. Do a little bit of research on different furniture styles and notate which ones you respond to. Some people love the trendy mid-century modern style, while others tend to lean more toward the contemporary, traditional style. Note what you like about certain the pieces, and don’t forget to figure out what shapes you prefer and what sizes will fit in your home.

Factor in your color scheme

Color is important in your furniture. While brightly colored sofas are all the rage right now in the home decor scene, this is most likely not a lasting lust. Many choose to go with neutral focal pieces and simply decorate them with bright colors. Another way to add a pop of color is to invest in slipcovers for your furniture. For example, you might invest in a 3-piece sectional couch cover for your big sectional in a bright color. This way, you can enjoy the fun color right now but can also go back to the regular neutral tone if you ever tire of the bold hues. This will also keep the original material clean and in amazing condition!

Consider functionality and comfort

Functionality and comfort are also extremely important factors to consider when buying home furniture. Make sure the pieces will fit in your home before you buy them. We highly recommend that you measure your space and keep a log of these dimensions with you when you go furniture shopping. This way, you won’t accidentally buy something that can’t fit through your door. Comfort is another important factor. Be sure to try out the furniture before you buy, or at least read the review, both the good and the bad. You’ll want to know if others started to feel springs in the couch two weeks after purchase, or if the material of the chair snags easily. Invest in something that you know you’ll use and love for many years to come.

Advantages of Investing in Leather Furniture

Advantages of Investing in Leather Furniture

Getting new furniture is an exciting activity. While furniture shopping can be a bit stressful, ending up with the perfect piece for your home is a great feeling. Furniture shopping can be tricky because it’s hard to imagine a piece in your home. You have so many choices to make regarding fabric, layout, materials, and style. One of the most popular furniture materials is leather. Discover the advantages of investing in leather furniture to make your decision easier.

It’s Comfortable

Leather is a very comfortable material for furniture. High-quality leather is soft and smooth, so sitting or lounging on it is comfortable. Other fabrics and materials can fade, lose their shape, tear easily, and get scratchy or uncomfortable after a while of lounging. Leather is a high-quality material and is designed to be comfortable and smooth for years to come. When you want the right material for a couch, chair, or other lounging furniture, leather is the best choice.

It’s Durable

Leather is durable and lasts up to four times longer than fabric furniture. Leather furniture doesn’t fade easily in the sun, although direct sunlight on a daily basis is not recommended. It doesn’t tear or rip very easily, either. Maintaining leather furniture is quite simple, as it won’t soak up and hold spills, oils, and dirt quite like other materials will. Caring for leather furniture simply requires wiping it with a damp, soft cloth. It also won’t pill the same way fabric furniture does after some time and wear.

It’s Timeless

Leather furniture is stylish and timeless. Leather furniture is always a good look and classes up any room it’s in. It’s a material that’s been popular for a long time, and it won’t fade in and out of popularity as some trendy fabrics do. Leather furniture is a timeless addition to any home and will continue to add value and comfort to a room for years to come. It can feel risky to choose leather furniture if you have children or pets in the home, but you can always invest in a high-quality sectional couch cover to shield your leather from harm and keep it looking as good as the day you bought it. This way, you can start enjoying all the wonderful advantages of investing in leather furniture no matter what.

Tips for Choosing a Slipcover for Your Home

Tips for Choosing a Slipcover for Your Home

Slipcovers are a sound investment for many reasons. They help protect furniture from spills, rips, and other damage. They also help keep your home’s interior design interesting and on theme when it comes to color and style. There are so many reasons to invest in slipcovers for your furniture, but something many people struggle with is deciding which slipcover is the right one for their home. If you’re having a hard time picking the perfect piece, check out these tips for choosing a slipcover for your home.

Pick where it will go

When deciding to invest in a slipcover, be sure to choose where you will put it before you go any further in your search. If, for instance, you want slipcovers for your living room furniture, this will help you narrow down your search. Different materials and types of slipcovers are available for different types of furniture. For example, patio furniture slipcovers will be more durable and water-resistant to help protect your items from the stressors and elements of the outdoors.

Decide on color

After you’ve decided which furniture pieces need slipcovers, the next step in choosing a slipcover for your home is selecting the right color. Part of the fun and excitement of investing in these items is that you can choose any color or pattern without fear of tiring of it. This is your chance to go bold or neutral without reservations. Consider the room’s existing color scheme and think about the way certain colors would pop or blend with the look.

Choose a set or a custom piece

There are a few different ways to go about getting a slipcover for your furniture. You can purchase one that is already made and designed to fit furniture of a similar shape and size as the piece you plan to cover. You can also invest in a custom slipcover that is designed for your furniture’s exact specifications, so you are guaranteed a perfect fit. For more standard-sized items, a pre-fabricated cover will work perfectly, but for larger or more unique shapes and sizes, it’s well worth the extra wait time for a custom slipcover.

Keeping Hotel Lobby Furniture Modern

Keeping Hotel Lobby Furniture Modern

Hotels are a business where customers expect the best. Hotels must build trust with their market before they convert consumers into guests. Guests must trust the hotel to be clean, private, secure, safe, and comfortable. People go to hotels in search of a home away from home, and part of this is expecting a modern environment. No matter how clean and pristine a hotel is, if the lobby looks outdated, guests will be less than satisfied. Check out this guide to keeping hotel lobby furniture modern.

Replace the furniture every decade

You should replace hotel furniture every decade. This not only helps hotels keep up with modern trends and styles but keeps the furniture nice and comfortable as well. The hotel lobby is the first impression a hotel makes on a potential guest. If there is furniture from 20 years prior, guests will notice. While trends occasionally make comebacks, this is rarely true in the short term for furniture. Hotels should aim for a 10-year mark of replacing lobby furniture to stay modern and in style.

Cover old, outdated patterns

Even within a decade, hotel furniture can quickly become outdated and look old. Outdated patterns are a sure giveaway that furniture is old. Jumping onto trends too quickly can turn an entire hotel lobby into an outdated mess, even with newer furniture. Patterns come and go from popularity and can quickly date a piece of furniture. To avoid this, invest in zippered cushion covers and slipcovers for your lobby furniture. These covers are stylish and can be custom-made to fit perfectly with any color or pattern. You can easily remove and wash them, as well. Whether you want to cover a dated pattern or display a modern one, zippered furniture covers can help your hotel stay on-trend much easier.

Rearrange the furniture often

It isn’t just the style of furniture that makes a hotel lobby look old, but the way you arrange it as well. Furniture arranged in a closed-concept set up can make a hotel lobby instantly feel forty years older. You should arrange furniture in a modern, open-concept feel. Even with old furniture, the lobby will instantly come to life and feel more modern when you arrange the furniture well.

Keeping Furniture Safe in a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Keeping Furniture Safe in a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Vacationing with a pet is a new level of luxury. Most people consider their pets to be part of the family, and many can’t stand the idea of having to leave them behind when they go on vacation. This makes the demand for pet-friendly hotels greater than ever and growing all the time. When you run a pet-friendly hotel, you’re guaranteed a constant influx of guests, both two- and four-legged. One downside of pet-friendly hotels is the furniture can sometimes get damaged. Check out this guide to keeping furniture safe in a pet-friendly hotel to maximize the lifespan of your furniture.

Decide which furniture to allow pets on

A lot of pet-friendly hotels will have rules that prohibit pets on certain pieces of furniture. This helps protect the more costly items while being reasonable to your guests. Decide which pieces of furniture you are okay with pets being on and shield them with protective furniture covers. Many hotels decide pets are not allowed on the bed but make an exception for the couches. If this is a policy that may work for you, consider it or a version of it that makes the most sense for your hotel, clientele, and location.

Use furniture covers

Slipcovers are perfect for pet-friendly hotels, as they cover and protect the furniture from accidents, pet hair, drool, chewing, and even kitty claws. It’s a great idea to place slipcovers over the furniture, as they can be easily washed between visitors to tackle issues with territorial pets “marking” their territory in the hotel rooms. It can be beneficial to keep replacement slipcovers on hand because your slipcovers will need washing often and may even be damaged by pets, so keeping a few spares around the hotel is wise.

Require pets to be critter-free

If a pet comes to stay at your hotel and has fleas or other critters on them, they can easily pass on these bugs not only to other pets at the hotel, but also to your furniture as well. A bug infestation can quickly ruin a piece of furniture, not to mention deter guests from staying at your hotel. Require your fluffy guests to be up to date on the latest vaccines and to use a form of flea prevention to stay at your hotel. Request that if the owner notices a bug on their pet, they must inform the staff right away so the problem can be contained.