How to Choose the Right Slipcover for Your Furniture

Reasons to Use a Sectional Couch Cover

Covers are casual—instead of the harsh formality of many furniture designs, using a sectional couch cover (or slipcover for other kinds of furniture) gives the room a relaxed, laid-back look. This helps visitors feel at ease in your environment. Covers are easily washable—this makes them an excellent way to combat messes made my young children and pets. Instead of ruining your upholstery, the only thing at risk is a much less-expensive slipcover. If a sectional couch cover is part of your strategy for dealing with kids and pets, you’ll want to make sure it’s made of washable fabric—and then keep two on hand, so you can use one while the other is in the wash. Covers allow you to update and customize the look and style of your furniture—without replacing the costly furniture itself. If you have custom slipcovers made, there’s even more you can do. Covers can protect antiques—if you have old and valuable furniture in your home, using slipcovers can ensure that it stays protected. In addition to this, using covers over antiques can both update their appearance, and coordinate them, so they all look like they belong in the same environment. Covers can be easily changed with the seasons—thin, white covers look beachy and summery, while thick covers in warm colors are comforting for the winter. Covers are easy on your budget—rather than buying a new sectional couch, just buy a sectional couch cover, and you’re set. Covers can be purchased for almost all of your furniture—not just the couch. Daybed covers, ottoman covers, and recliner seat covers are also available, which lets you coordinate your look between furniture.

How to Choose a Couch Slipcover

To help you choose the right cover for your couch, loveseat, or recliner, answer the following questions. 1. How often is this piece of furniture used? If it’s going to see a lot of wear—for example, if you have company over often—you’ll want to get a colorfast cover that isn’t going to wear with frequent use. If your guests occasionally spend the night your couch, you might want a cover with antimicrobial qualities. If you can find a cover that is reversible, this will help, too. 2. Do you have kids or pets? If so, you’ll definitely want slipcovers made from a fabric that is easily washable, and that won’t stain easily. A waterproof cover might even be in order. To help with stability under heavy use, a cover with a non-skid backing can keep it on the furniture for longer. 3. Are you concerned about appearances? If you want your slipcovered furniture to look as fashionable as possible, you’ll want to buy custom-made or semi-custom covers. Semi-custom covers are designed specifically for the brand and model of furniture you have. Fully custom-made covers are designed and created according to your precise specifications and measurements. Fully custom-made slipcovers might not be machine-washable, however, requiring trips to the dry cleaners instead. But if style is your main concern, they’re your best option. On the other hand, ready-made slipcovers are manufactured in standard furniture sizes. To get them to look right, you’ll usually have to tuck-and-pin the fabric in and around the furniture. 4. What’s the size of your furniture? To get accurate measurements of your sofa or loveseat, measure from one outer arm to the other to get its length, and then from the front of the couch to the back for depth. Last, measure from the floor to the tops of the seat cushions to get the height. You’ll want to avoid buying a slipcover that just barely fits over your couch. It should slip on and off easily, having just enough stretch to wrap around the furniture fully. 5. What kind of fabric is right for you? If durability is your primary concern, some highly indestructible fabrics include canvas, twill blends, denim, and cotton. (Cotton especially is lightweight, yet durable, capable of withstanding high temperatures. Best of all, it’s highly breathable.) Fabrics like velvet and chenille, while heavy-duty, won’t conform well to the shape of your furniture. Fabric with a water-resistant coating is necessary for use outdoors. Microfiber and polyester fabrics offer a more fitted appearance, but they’re also more lightweight. For a very sophisticated look, wool and silk are nice choices, but they can only be dry cleaned.

Top Reasons to Invest in Slipcovers for the Whole House

Top Reasons to Invest in Slipcovers for the Whole House

Some cheaper slipcovers have the reputation of being sloppy, ill-fitting, and outdated, but this is not the case when it comes to the slipcovers offered by In fact, perfectly fitting ottoman covers are so polished, you might think its part of your ottoman's original design. The fact that slipcovers are removable gives you a perfect way to spruce up your furniture with different designs. Here are four reasons why you should try slipcovers.  

  • They can cover more than sofas and chairs: Slipcovers are typically known to cover your sofas and chairs, but there are many other items you can slip a cover over to spruce up your house, lounge, or resort. For instance, you can include pillow covers for your throw pillows and bed pillows to change up your bedroom's look; you can also get different designs for your pet bed covers; you can try out different ottoman covers for a pop of color in your living room; you can even choose an outdoor twin mattress cover for that afternoon nap under the sun. But don’t leave your patio hanging! Add character and color to your patio furniture with fun cushion covers for any occasion.


  • Update a tired dining set: Your dining set may be worn out, or you may be looking for a change. Try custom made pillows and slipcovers before you spring for a new set. Slipcovers are less expensive and guarantee a fresh new look for your dining room. You can have slipcovers customized, so they don’t cover the entire seat if that’s not your cup of tea. With a customized design, you will get to show off the parts you love about your dining set while covering up what’s not so great.


  • Slipcovers updates and protects antiques: Do you have an antique you would like to blend with the rest of your furniture? Slipcovers can help protect the antique piece of furniture from scuffs, scrapes, and the particularly furry friend. After all, pets love to lounge on soft ottoman covers.


  • They are amazingly chic: When you hear the word slipcovers, you might think of loose and floppy designs. Let’s be honest; off the shelf, covers will never fit perfectly. Today, ottoman slipcovers, chair covers, and daybed covers are smart and tailored to perfection when you want to sprinkle elegance and poise in a room. If this is the look you are after, you have to opt for custom-tailored slipcovers. Look for high-quality makers who produce slipcovers using different fabrics and have a variety of colors and prints available. Great slipcovers often use cotton because it's lightweight, a natural material, breathable, and it can withstand high temperatures. Just be sure to look for slipcover makers who offer a tailored fit.

  Furniture Today estimates that future furniture sales in the US will continue to grow, reaching an all-time high of $122 billion by 2020. The U.S. hotel industry makes over $208 billion each year and uses part of that revenue for ottoman covers. This is one industry that knows the value of slipcovers and uses their functionality and practicability to their advantage. Try some of the elegant designs offered by to see your home flourish.

Benefits of Using a Pillow or Cushion Cover

Benefits of Using a Pillow or Cushion Cover

The Furniture Market

The furniture market is no joke. Whether you are stocking a hotel, refurnishing a home, or simply replacing a pillow or cushion, there are always reasons to spend money on new furniture. Furniture sales added up to over $100 billion in the United States in 2015. That's a lot of cash. We spend a lot of money on our furniture. It's important to protect that investment. From zippered cushion covers to ottoman covers or even a pet bed cover, there are many solutions to help keep your furniture clean. In addition to keeping the furniture clean, zippered cushion covers and pillow covers can help furniture last longer and can even be good for your health.

Top Benefits of Using Pillow and Cushion Covers

From home decor to traveling, pillow and zippered cushion covers are important. Here's why:

  • Cushion Covers Keep Your Pillows Cleaner Pillows are used a lot. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping on them. In addition, they are often used throughout the day for napping or just laying down to relax. Because they have such frequent contact with our skin, pillows tend to pick up a lot of sweat, dirt, germs, and even dead skin cells. Over time, a pillow will get filled and dirty just from natural use. Using a pillow or cushion cover will prevent the buildup of germs, dirt, and dead skin and stop it from getting inside of a pillow. Zippered cushion covers are very easy to remove and wash, keeping your pillows fresh, fluffy, and clean.
  • Keeps Out Allergens Cushions and pillows are also notorious for capturing and holding in allergens. Especially in the springtime, outdoor patio furniture can gather pollen and give people a not-so-sweet surprise when they sit down. Using zippered cushion covers is a great way to quickly wash off pollen and other allergens. Even indoor pillows can collect allergens such as dander and dust. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology has said that dust mite allergens are microscopic creatures that thrive in warm and humid environments like bedding. This makes them a common trigger of allergy and asthma symptoms. Indoors or out, pillow and cushion covers are the way to go to help the sneeze-prone among us.
  • Fluff It Up Keeping your pillow fluffy is important. Cushion and pillow covers can help protect against the sweat and oil from our bodies that end up deadening a pillow's fluff. For optimal fluff, you can also wash your feathered down pillows. It is recommended you wash your pillows every 6 months to keep them fluffy and clean.
  • Extra Defense Against Bed Bugs If any of you have ever had an experience with bed bugs, you know how miserable it can be. If you haven't, do everything you can to prevent it. Bed bug infestations can cost thousands of dollars to get rid of, and even require house residents to leave for several days. Pillow and cushion covers with zippers prevent bed bugs from getting inside and nesting in your pillow.

Ultimately, pillow and cushion covers will be able to save you time and money. Contact Slip Cover Shop today to learn more about how investing in these covers can benefit your home.

Best Of Both Worlds: How To Ensure Your Home Decor Is Affordable And Fashionable

Best Of Both Worlds: How To Ensure Your Home Decor Is Affordable And Fashionable

Whether you are looking to purchase an entirely new sofa, new patio furniture for the summer BBQ season, or a new pet bed, pillow covers will be your best friend. Over 50% of sofa buyers say they intend to keep a newly purchased sofa for at least five years, with a full 25% expecting to keep it for 15 years or more. Five to 15 years is a long time to keep a sofa. If you are going to use a sofa for that amount of time, it is important to have appropriate pillow covers to ensure the sofa maintains its beautiful color and remains as stain-free as possible. When you manage to keep a sofa stain-free and looking nice, it retains market value much better and you can typically resell it for three to four times the amount of an old stained couch. Let's take a look at how you can maintain the look of your furniture and its affordability whether it is indoors or out.

Getting ready to furnish your outdoor space?

If you are furnishing an outdoor area, such as your back patio, it is important to purchase patio furniture cushion covers and patio furniture slipcovers. The cushion covers and pillow covers will not only help protect the furniture from stains but will also act as an extra buffer between the furniture you invested in and the elements. Constant exposure to UV light (aka the sun) and rain or sprinkler water can cause the color on your fabric to fade rather quickly. The elements also weaken the threading, making it easier for the fabric to rip and tear. Over 90% of furniture buyers reported that quality and durability were among the top two factors when making a decision on what to purchase. When you purchase furniture, having sofa slipcovers is one of the best ways to ensure that the furniture remains durable throughout the years.

What about indoor furniture? Do I really need pillow covers?

We understand that initially getting a sectional couch cover or a pillow cover may seem cumbersome and tedious. However, which of these scenarios would be more tedious in the long-run: washing that fruit punch stain out of your new couch or taking off a couch slipcover and throwing it in the wash? The answer is pretty clear. In addition to getting covers for your sofas, it might be beneficial to consider pet bed covers, fitted mattress covers, and ottoman covers. Nearly all of your furniture can benefit from the added protection of a pillow cover. In addition to protecting the furniture from stains, pillow covers can help keep furniture smelling fresh and clean, increase the longevity of the furniture, and give you a way to protect the furniture from pet hair. A brand new sectional sofa can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000. That's an investment worth protecting. When protecting it can be as cost effective as purchasing a pillow cover or slipcover that is only between $20 and $100, purchasing a handy cover is one of the most sound decisions you can make.