How To Forge The Perfect Kid-Friendly Bedroom

How To Forge The Perfect Kid-Friendly Bedroom

Whether you're a first-time parent or parent-of-the-year, creating a child-proof living space is one of the hardest parts of raising your children. As your babies turn to toddlers and young children, your nursery needs necessary updates to assure your child's safety -- and prevent your home from falling apart in the process. Here are some of the best ways you can craft a kid-friendly bedroom without applying bubble wrap to everything.

Banish cleaning supplies

Though you might have had a handy locked cabinet to store cleaning supplies when your baby was confined to a crib, children won't be able to resist playing with items they should not touch. This means that any chemicals or cleaning products should be kept downstairs and out of your child's reach. Consider purchasing a secure cabinet for the best in storage and organization.

Guard the space

Guards and other locking mechanisms can prevent your child from getting injured, whether you're around or not. After all, kids have a knack for getting themselves into trouble but mitigating the worst of the potential dangers can keep your child out of harm's way. Start by installing guards on your windows to stop your child from falling out. You should also invest in blinds devoid of dangling cords and dangerous metals. Ditch sharp corners on pieces of furniture with baby bumpers or foam padding to protect your child -- and your surfaces -- from harm.

Manage messes

Kids can be messy but that doesn't mean your house has to suffer the consequences. Whether your child sneaks snacks in bed, has a nighttime accident, or gets sick in bed, the best way to protect your child's bed is by using a fitted mattress cover. If your child has a sofa or other chair in their room, you can also invest in suede sofa slipcovers and zippered cushion covers which are both stylish and resistant to stains and water damage. This will prevent your valuable pieces of furniture from wearing out under rambunctious play used for forts, sports, or other messes. Even custom pillow covers can keep your pillows clean for years to come. When you want help crafting a kid-friendly space, rely on the quality products of We offer the best zippered cushion covers, sleeper sofa slipcovers, and fitted mattress covers so you can enjoy your furniture for years to come. Contact us today for more information.