Change the Look of a Room Completely and Easily

If you want your Living Room or Den to look more elegant for that special occasion you don’t need to spend a lot of money or time.  A few simple changes will totally change the looks and give you that festive touch. These are changes you can make to any room in your home or use a few in each room for a total house makeover. Add a Mirror Adding a large mirror or a wall mirror will give the sense that a room is larger than it actually is.  Whether it is framed or unframed is up to your personal taste. Adding a large wall mirror at the end of a hall makes the hall look much longer.  They are not very expensive and really add to your home decor. Mirrors can be easily hung or mounted and require no special tools to do so. Use Slipcovers on Your Furniture If your furniture is stained up or the pieces do not match, try using a matching click clack cover for your furniture.  Family and friends will think you bought new furnishings when they see your click clack replacement cover. Maybe you are just tired of the color your furniture is now. A click clack futon cover will take care of that too.  This is so easy and you can change one piece of furniture or all the furniture in your home for a reasonable price. When they get dirty simply wash the slipcover in the washing machine.  It is much easier than cleaning a couch with a vacuum or shampooer. Do you have a party or special occasion coming up? Klik klak sofa bed covers can change a room that has a casual setting into one of elegance and more formal.  Add this to some of the other tips you find here and your room can be transformed in just a few hours with a clic clac cover.  Add Drapes To the Windows Adding drapes to a room adds a feeling of elegance and adds personality to the room.  Drapes block out the sun and they come in many different lengths and styles. They can add color and style to the room. Drapes are a great addition to any room.  They provide privacy and a sense of safety as well. Use some Artificial Lighting and Plants Place candlesticks and candelabras on tables and shelves. You can get some that are gorgeous in LED and not have the worry of an open flame. These always add an air of elegance to a room and cost very little.  There is something almost magical about a candlelight dinner. Add a few pot plants or hanging ivy to add that special touch to the room. A bouquet of flowers on a coffee table or as a centerpiece on the dining room table tends to add a personal touch to the room. All of these changes can be done quickly and inexpensively. You can make a room either more or less elegant by changing these up some.  People will think you spent a lot on the decor. These and more inexpensive additions can totally change the look of a room.