How to Expand the Lifespan of Your Furniture

How to Expand the Lifespan of Your Furniture

Whether you buy it new or used, furniture is still an investment. Ideally, you want to get the most out of whatever you buy. This isn’t just friendly to your wallet, but to the environment as well. That being said, everyone has a different living situation. If you have children or pets, you can expect regular wear and tear. Fortunately, no matter your circumstances, you can take certain steps to guard your furniture against deterioration and to expand its lifespan. Here we share a few tips on how you can achieve this. Continue reading “How to Expand the Lifespan of Your Furniture”

What Are The Benefits Of Comfy Sofas?

After a long day of work with loads of responsibilities to take care of, it is sometimes overwhelming to manage all the stress outside your home. When at home, you need cozy furniture and a place where your body and mind can feel at peace. The furniture and couch slipcovers in your home should offer you instant relaxation. For a healthy body and mind, this is mandatory. People who are good at meditation and relaxation techniques will tell you that you should first create a soothing atmosphere. A comfy sofa with couch slipcovers is perfect for ultimate relaxation. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Corrects your sitting posture: Sofas are filled with memory shredder foam and covered with bolster covers that help you stay calm and relaxed. This foam should form the same shape as the body sitting on it. This helps it support both your weight and your spine. This becomes the most convenient seat for people who spend long hours behind desks. Such people often experience back pain, headaches, and sometimes swollen feet. Since your office might not have a comfy couch, it will do you good to have one at your house so you can enjoy its benefits.
  2. Match your decor and lift your moods: The couch is not just perfect for your back and neck, it is also a great way to revamp the look of your living room. Some studies have shown that there is a deep connection between color and mood. Some colors keep you in a happy mood. There are colorful couch slipcovers that can be custom made to suit each home’s decor. Among sofa-buyers, 91% say quality and durability are essential when they make a purchase. So, you must make sure that the custom slipcovers are not just for decoration. They should also protect your sofa from damage and dirt.
  3. Environmentally friendly: If you have wondered how you can make your home green so you can help the planet reduce carbon and the destruction of trees, a comfortable eco-friendly sofa and couch slipcovers are what you need. Most sofas in the market require that trees are cut down so the sofa can be made. To get a set of sofas means that many trees had to be cut down.
    If more and more people are to embrace other creative methods of making sofas like the use of old car tires in place of wood, it will go a long way towards the reduction of deforestation. You will also be in a better position to help save the planet.
  4. They are warm: Good sofas come in a variety of different styles, sizes, and material makes. However, whether they are made of feathers or velvet, the fact that the seat is both comfortable and warm is clear. These sofas and sofa slipcovers should be made from breathable materials that make them warm during the cold and crisp during summer days. With comfy sacks and couches, you will not have to worry about your children’s preference to sit on the floor when watching movies. You can also have them outdoors so you can relax with your family when it’s nice outside.

Regardless of the type of sofa you use and the zippered cushion covers you go for, you need them to be comfortable for you. Each home will be different and what is comfortable for one person may not work for another, so choose wisely. You know yourself.

Four Great Ideas for Pet Cover Solutions

pet cover solutions

We all love our pets! It’s true, they are really part of the family. But sometimes they give us rather ‘hairy’ situations to solve. Things like having pet hair all over our furniture, or spots and stains on our favorite designer fabrics. These four great ideas for pet cover solutions will help keep everything clean and peaceful at home!

1. Reversible Sofa Throw Cover

Cover your sofa in style with a sofa throw cover! Choose from a variety of colors, and enjoy your sofa in slip-free peace. These are also such a great idea because they are reversible. So you can enjoy two different looks all year-round, but you only need to purchase one item. Since you’ll save some money that way, why not purchase some pretty pillow covers to go with your throw and complete your pet cover solution set?

2. Pet Friendly Slipcovers

Here’s a wonderful pet cover solution: pet friendly slipcovers. They are available as sleeper sofa slipcovers, sectional couch covers and patio furniture slipcovers, too. Look for ties to secure the slipcovers instead of straps (which can snap and break). And don’t forget the pillow covers!

3. Water-Resistant Microsuedes

Microsuedes are one of the most popular pet cover solutions. As a synthetic suede, the fact that microsuedes they are water resistant as well as stain resistant makes them perfect daybed covers or ottoman covers. Ready to snuggle up after that romp through the wet grass? No problem!

4. Reversible Chair Slipcovers

One of the perfect pet cover solutions! These slipcovers work on a standard chair or recliner. The reversible wing chair recliner slipcover has a nice look that makes it easy to go with any decor. It is a great deal to have a reversible recliner seat cover, as it gives two different looks for the price of one. Time to curl up with your best friend and a good book!

In addition to the four pet cover solutions above, there are also some other products to consider. For instance, pet friendly rugs, pet friendly furniture, dog stain and odor removers and vacuum cleaners for pet hair will all help preserve your furniture and keep your home clean and fresh. Most of all, they will keep you and your best friend happy together!

Custom vs Ready-Made Slipcovers: Which Is The Best Option For You?

sofa slipcoversWe know how it can be: you’ve just dropped a significant amount of money on a brand new couch, and only realized after the fact how chaotic your household is. Whether you’ve got animals running rampant, a few messy children, or are firmly established in your “eating on the couch” ways, you still expect this major purchase to last a good while — and you’re not alone: 91% of sofa-buyers don’t plan on needing to buy another one for at least five to nine years!

Luckily, there’s nothing to worry about; a sofa slipcover will keep your couch safe and secure without sacrificing its class or style. However, you now face one more decision: to buy custom or pre-made? Here are a few things that may help you narrow it down.


Both custom and ready-made slipcovers come in just about the same types of fabric (cotton, denim, suede, etc.), so rather than focusing on how you want it to look and feel, you should consider the shape of the piece you’re trying to protect. Fortunately, most sofas and couches are pretty much the same size and shape, so finding a suitable sofa slipcover is pretty just left to your personal choice. However, if your sofa is the only one of its kind, a ready-made cover will probably look bulky and unnatural. Use your best judgment when browsing options.


Although delivery times have certainly been reduced in this age of instant gratification that we live in, custom covers will always take longer because they need to be designed and crafted first, by real people! If you’re throwing a party in three days, your best bet is pre-made; if you just considered that having a slipcover would be wise for no immediate reason, you can absolutely take the time necessary to have a custom cover made just for you.


Custom anything is going to be more expensive than alternatives that are produced in bulk. If you only have a limited amount of money (or simply don’t want to spend above a certain number), pre-made sofa slipcovers are an easy and affordable way to protect your furniture. Otherwise, there’s no harm in splurging a little.

No matter what you choose, what’s important is that your needs are met! Slipcovers are ideal for all types of furniture: from recliner seat covers to pillow covers — even pet bed covers! — slipcovers are about protecting your furniture. Ready-made doesn’t necessarily mean low-quality, so focus on your own personal wants and desires.

Tips To Make Your RV Feel Just Like Home

RVs are a great way to explore the open road while keeping a home base. In order to do that, you need to ensure your RV provides essential comforts that make it feel like your own. There are a number of things you can easily do to make it more welcoming.

First, think about some of those things you really appreciate having in your home. For example, consider some of the appliances you use the most and try to find ones specifically designed for an RV. You might be surprised to find that there are even washer-dryer combos that make doing laundry a little bit easier. In addition to appliances, consider bringing along some of your favorite dishes and plates to make meals feel more familiar.

Because an RV is a smaller space, it is essential to keep it well organized in order to stay comfortable. There are plenty of clever ways to effectively organize your RV, such as using magnets to keep things stored underneath your cabinets or adding pullout drawers to furniture. You can also use magazine files and hangers to effectively utilize space.

Houseplants are another great way to make your RV feel more like home. Not only are they attractive, but they also improve the overall air quality. There are also plenty of fresh herbs that grow well indoors, allowing you to have your own small garden in your RV. Keep them in small containers above your sink and add to them to meals for a delicious fresh taste.

An important way to improve the appearance of your RV is through color. You can choose to paint the walls, add furniture slipcovers, or just add pops of bright color through curtains, rugs, and pillows. You could even assign certain colors or patterns to certain areas to help designate little “rooms.”

In addition to colors and patterns, you may choose to decorate your RV using a particular theme. Western or nautical themes help emphasize the adventurous lifestyle of an RV owner, although there are many other options you can choose. Pick something that accompanies your personality and your particular journey.

Another way to improve the ambiance of your home is through lighting. LED lights are softer and more energy efficient than fluorescent lights. You can also consider flameless candles as a safer alternative to wax candles.

Photographs are essential to making anyplace feel like home. Display pictures of family, friends, and even favorite places in prominent spots. Choose creative ways to display them, like using clothes pins to hang them from twine. You can also display children’s artwork or postcards to add a personalized touch to your décor.

Even though the purpose of the RV is to give you a sense of home, you should also preserve memorable souvenirs from your trips. Find a good place to display your mementos and remind you of all your adventures. The combination of home and travel will help create the welcoming environment you desire.

What Do Sofa Slipcovers Offer For Your Comfort and Protection?

The problem with trying to get new furniture in your home is that it might be far too expensive to buy. This is especially the case with your sofa. Such a large piece of furniture will cost a great deal of money to acquire.

Even with this in mind, your existing sofa might still be comfortable and sturdy. You can always get a new sofa slipcover installed over your existing furniture. A slipcover will transform the look of your furniture to provide you with a more beautiful look all the way through.

How Is It Made?

A sofa slipcover is made to help create a soft and flexible cover over your sofa’s original surface. It establishes a beautiful color and a soft texture. The goal of the cover is to create a totally new look to your sofa.

A slipcover is made with several parts in mind. One part is designed to go over the main body of the sofa. The other parts are for individual cushions. These include not only the ones you sit on but also the ones for the back of your sofa. Check on the specific slipcover model you order to see what pieces are included so you’ll have full coverage.

How Does It Feel?

The texture of your sofa slipcover will be a perfect replacement for the original texture of your sofa provided it has worn out and weakened over time. A great slipcover is made with a fine polyester surface that lasts for years. It will be thick and soft while being easy to clean off in a washing machine. It is also thick enough to ensure that the inside part of the furniture will not be hurt.

How Does It Look?

A slipcover, when installed properly, will give you an impressive look to have over your furniture. It will feature a brilliant color that fits in with other surfaces in your home. You can find many slipcovers that come with tan, brown or red shades among others.

Some slipcovers include a few special patterns. These include lattice features with a series of interlocking lines. Make sure when choosing a slipcover that you opt for one that features a great look that fits in with your furniture and everything else in your room.

How Do You Install It?

A slipcover can be added onto a sofa with ease. First, you’d have to find a proper option that fits over your sofa. This includes a choice that can fit over a box or T-cushion-shaped model. You can also tumble-dry your slipcover before installed it so any wrinkles it develops while in storage or in its packaging can be removed.

You’d have to remove the cushions from your sofa and then move the slipcover over the sofa. Check the cover’s labels to find where you need to get it draped over. The fabric should be properly pulled all the way through to the corners of the furniture. This is to create a smooth surface with nothing slipping over it. Any excess fabric may be added into the crevices in your furniture as a means of keeping the cover in its place.

The cushions should be secured with their own separate covers. Use the same rules for adding them onto each cushion.

A Great Option

Once you get your sofa slipcover installed, you will have a beautiful and consistent new look on your furniture. It not only protects the body of your furniture but also has a comfortable body. Make sure you look at this when finding a great way to make your furniture look its best while staying relaxed.