How to Put a Slipcover On a Couch or Sofa

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Roughly 36% of people buying a couch or sofa say that they intend to keep their new piece of furniture for five to nine years. Meanwhile, roughly 28% say they expect to keep theirs for 15 years, or even more.

Keeping one piece of furniture for so long means that it will see a lot of wear and tear, even if its owners are fairly careful with it, or use it infrequently. This leads to couches and sofas with worn, dingy fabric and upholstery.

This condition can lead people to assume they must replace their couch outright. But instead of putting in the investment to replace a worn, but still sturdy, piece of furniture, why not buy replacement slipcovers instead?

Couch slipcovers are beautiful cloth wraps that are designed to fit the form and contours of your couch. Some slipcovers are made specifically for particular brands, or even particular sofas. Others have to be made by an industry professional according to precise measurements you give them. Luckily, these slipcovered are available in many different visual styles and sizes to give you a one-of-a-kind look for your revamped furniture.

So instead of throwing away your old couch, or buying new furniture right away, why not give it a facelift with a replacement slipcover?

The many faces of slipcovers

When you think of slipcovers, you might consider generic designs that are made to fit couches at standard sizing specifications. While these sofa slipcovers aren’t as perfect-looking as custom-made replacement slipcovers, they can still be made to look great on your sofa by folding and pinning up the loose fabric around the furniture.

A far better investment, however, is relying on replacement slipcovers. The best aspect of this type of products is that they aren’t just available for couches and sofas — you can also get them for recliners, rocking chairs, ottomans, and even dining room furniture. More often than not, you can easily find replacement slipcovers for different furniture with matching patterns and designs, enabling you to coordinate your look throughout your living room and across your home.

Once you’ve picked out and purchased your slipcover, the following steps will show you how to put it on your couch or sofa.

Instructions for Putting on a One-Piece Slipcover

  1. First, remove any throw pillows or blankets from the couch.
  2. Lay out the slipcover across the couch, from front to back. Gently drape the slipcover’s arms over the couch’s arms. Pull the slipcover over the back of the couch.
  3. Using a wooden spatula, tuck excess fabric from the inside arms into the spaces between the arms and the couch cushions.
  4. Pull excess fabric out from the middle of the seating space, towards each of the arms. Tuck excess fabric into the space between the arms and the cushions again.
  5. Pull excess fabric from along the backrest, tucking it tightly into the space between the back support and the couch cushions.
  6. If there are ties along the skirt of the slipcover, use these to pull the fabric tighter, and fasten it around the base of the couch.
  7. Put your throw pillows and blankets, if any, back on the couch. Enjoy your good-as-new sofa!

Instructions for Putting on a Two-Piece Slipcover

  1. First, remove any pillows and blankets from your couch, and also remove the couch cushions.
  2. Follow the above steps, from step two through step five, that apply to the one-piece replacement slipcover.
  3. Put the couch cushions inside of the cushion cover. Zip the cushion cover closed, and replace the couch cushions on your sofa. Rearrange any throw pillows or blankets on your couch, and enjoy!


Remember that as your family continues to use your couch or sofa, the slipcover may start to loosen a little. If this happens, simply smooth out and re-tuck the slipcover. This will keep your couch looking its best.

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A Yard For the Ages: 3 Ways To Make Your Patio Amazing

With summer finally here, many people will be spending much more time outside in their yards. You can make the most of this time by adding some key features to your patio that you can enjoy for years to come. Use these three ideas to get you thinking about what your patio can do!

  1. Add a pergola: In the hotter months, a bit of shade can make all the difference. A pergola helps shelter you from the sun’s rays without blocking them out completely. The structure can also be covered in hanging plants or vines, adding new levels to make your yard’s greenspace more dynamic. Place some chairs with ottomans and ottoman covers under your pergola to create the perfect spot to relax out of the intense sun.
  2. Have it double as a kitchen: If the idea of summertime barbecues and outdoor family meals excites you, you should consider investing in the necessary components for an outdoor patio kitchen. Get a grill, a food prep surface, and a minifridge, and you’re well on your way to feeding and entertaining guests all while in your backyard. Be aware, though — this makes your outdoor furniture much more vulnerable to stains, as people can accidentally spill food and drinks. With most custom made patio furniture cushion covers from Slipcover Shop being machine washable, you can simply throw dirty ones in with the laundry and have them looking like new. And because they are tightly woven, the covers will repel dirt and always keep their shape.
  3. Add a space for fires: One way to maximize the time you can comfortably use your patio each year is to build a spot for warm, cozy fires. This can be accomplished using a fire pit or fireplace; the one you choose will depend on available space, budget, time frame, and personal preference. A firepit will generally be cheaper and take less time to build, while a fireplace is a more involved construction task. Another advantage to firepits is the fact that they offer 360 degrees of heated space, while a fireplace provides half that. Whichever you choose, place some nice recliners with recliner seat covers by the fire to enjoy a nice fireside nap in the crisp fall weather!

For patio furniture cushion covers that will keep your patio looking its best, browse the selection at Slipcover Shop!

Have Pets? These 7 Tips Will Help You Keep Your Furniture Clean

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If you have cats or dogs, you may find yourself looking for ways to clean your furniture. Some people opt for pet cover solutions to keep it all looking great. If you do not want to use these items to cover up your furniture, there are other things you can to keep your home clean when you have pets living with you.

  1. Duct tape is great at removing pet hair. There are almost too many ways duct tape can be used around the house. If you do not want to use pet cover solutions, sofa slipcovers, recliner seat covers, and the like to cover your furniture pieces, you can get all the hair from your cats or dogs off by using duct tape. It is very sticky and can pull up the fur or hair in a way that is more effective than a vacuum. If you take a paint roller and put duct tape with the sticky side out, you can roll it over your furniture and get rid of the pet hair and fur quickly and easily.
  2. Use products with enzymes to deal with odors and stains. There are a number of products out there that are full of natural enzymes to work on the compounds found in most stains made by pets and the smells they create. These enzymes will naturally neutralize the odor and get rid of the stain. Once the organic material in the stain is gone, the enzymes evaporate. This process works in either several hours or several days. These products also work on pet cover solutions.
  3. Wrap cords with plastic conduits. It is no secret that cats and dogs can enjoy chewing on power cords. This is dangerous for the cat or dog and can be destructive for the cords in your home. One solution is to get flexible plastic conduits that can be wrapped around all of the cords you want to protect. Also, as an added bonus, you can bundle several cords in these pieces so that you can make it all look less cluttered. Pets often lose interest in the cords when they are less fun to chew on.
  4. Get some pet repellent. If you do not want to use one of the pet cover solutions but you want to keep your cat or dog from jumping onto your furniture, you may want to think about getting some products that repel the animals from your furniture. You can spray your furniture with something they do not like but will not stain your furniture. Some people put plastic protectors that have a prickly side. When that is placed face up, animals will learn that jumping on the couch is not a pleasant experience.
  5. Use baking soda. Baking soda us a great product for getting rid of any odors you cat or dog left behind on your furniture. All you need to do is sprinkle it on the furniture and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. This is non-toxic and will not stain your fabric so you can use as much as you want. Vacuum up the baking soda after it has been allowed to sit on the furniture and you will notice the pet smell is gone.
  6. Keep pets off your furniture with tin foil. If you place a strip of tin foil on your couch or chairs, your cat and dog will not want to sit on it. It is not very comfortable for a dog and it will drive your cat to distraction. This is a safe yet effective way to break them of the habit of sitting and sleeping on your furniture.
  7. Vacuum your pets. One way to get rid of excess hair or fur on Fluffy or Fido is to use the vacuum directly on the pet. Cats are well known to be scared of vacuum cleaners but if you start early, you may find that they like it.

As much as Americans love their pets, they can be messy. Getting furniture with tightly wound fabric can help you avoid pet stains. For everyone else, these seven tips can help you clean up after your cats or dogs.

How To Forge The Perfect Kid-Friendly Bedroom

zippered cushion covers

Whether you’re a first-time parent or parent-of-the-year, creating a child-proof living space is one of the hardest parts of raising your children. As your babies turn to toddlers and young children, your nursery needs necessary updates to assure your child’s safety — and prevent your home from falling apart in the process.

Here are some of the best ways you can craft a kid-friendly bedroom without applying bubble wrap to everything.

Banish cleaning supplies

Though you might have had a handy locked cabinet to store cleaning supplies when your baby was confined to a crib, children won’t be able to resist playing with items they should not touch. This means that any chemicals or cleaning products should be kept downstairs and out of your child’s reach. Consider purchasing a secure cabinet for the best in storage and organization.

Guard the space

Guards and other locking mechanisms can prevent your child from getting injured, whether you’re around or not. After all, kids have a knack for getting themselves into trouble but mitigating the worst of the potential dangers can keep your child out of harm’s way.

Start by installing guards on your windows to stop your child from falling out. You should also invest in blinds devoid of dangling cords and dangerous metals. Ditch sharp corners on pieces of furniture with baby bumpers or foam padding to protect your child — and your surfaces — from harm.

Manage messes

Kids can be messy but that doesn’t mean your house has to suffer the consequences. Whether your child sneaks snacks in bed, has a nighttime accident, or gets sick in bed, the best way to protect your child’s bed is by using a fitted mattress cover.

If your child has a sofa or other chair in their room, you can also invest in suede sofa slipcovers and zippered cushion covers which are both stylish and resistant to stains and water damage. This will prevent your valuable pieces of furniture from wearing out under rambunctious play used for forts, sports, or other messes. Even custom pillow covers can keep your pillows clean for years to come.

When you want help crafting a kid-friendly space, rely on the quality products of We offer the best zippered cushion covers, sleeper sofa slipcovers, and fitted mattress covers so you can enjoy your furniture for years to come. Contact us today for more information.

Your Space, Your Decor!

Beautify the interior, and exterior of your home, making it pleasant and inviting.  Including slipcovers, and furniture covers for every room is an extraordinary way to achieve this goal, and an excellent first step!

Window treatments, and treasures–like decorative pillows in numerous colors, textures, shapes, and sizes, can be incorporated.

Throws and blankets also add enormous charm to all furniture styles, and are seen in stores everywhere. Novelties of slip covers, and furniture covers can be found in whatever style you choose; a great way to start off with the prospect of designing.

Your furniture style may be modern, contemporary, traditional, classic, or otherwise; yet you can have the haven you often dream about, by inventing new ideas, mixing and matching styles, and buying what you love.  Incorporating metals such as rod iron, copper, platinum, gold, and silver accessories in a room, and on walls, add appeal and can be fascinating.

Additionally, adequate lighting uplifts the mood in a room, so a careful selection is fundamental to its ambiance.

Stunning Color and Variations

Your home décor exhibits your personality, something you’re proud of; your individuality will allow you to mix and match stunning color combinations, textures, and style variations. The choices are abundant in the marketplace; and the anticipation of shopping is a delight!

Fabrics for Formal and Informal Spaces               

Imagine using uniquely soft flowing, silky, or shiny slipcover fabrics for formal dining furniture, flanked with ribbons, flowers and/or bows!  Others with heavier textures are great for:

  • Sofas
  • Loveseats
  • Ottoman
  • Wing chairs
  • Recliners
  • Sectionals
  • Sleepers

Fabrics imported from around the globe, in places like India, Japan, and Australia, meet customers’ preferences, and add variety to their selections.


Comfortable, area rugs like wool, sheepskin, jute, or bamboo, are good choices.  Depth of color could be a consideration for heavily traveled areas; while those of softer tones are best suited for lightly traveled areas.  The right selection can express the beauty of your furniture and color of your walls. Synthetic fiber rugs are functional for outdoor activities.

Before making purchases, a careful measurement of your space, is significantly essential, to insure you’re making the most of your time.

Window Treatments

Choose from an array of window treatments that are attractive and practical; like curtains and drapes, ranging from florals to basic colors, and earth tones.

Kitchen–Choice of Family and Friends

Change the face of your kitchen that will surprise you, and give it a brand new look, by covering kitchen stools.  Window treatments can also be a consideration for refreshing the place where everyone seems to gather for food and conversation.

Avoiding clutter may seem like a daunting task, but the beauty of your home can be totally lost in clutter.

With a splash of creativity, turn any room into a castle, giving you the look that gratifies!

What’s most important is that you, your family and guests feel the inviting warmth that is built in your home, office, or any other venue that you design.

The Icing on the Cake

Most adults can relate to the universal experience of being taken to a bakery as a young child.  Bakeries in particular have always had a special allure for children, as cookies, cakes, and pastries peer out captive from behind enclosed glass.  With sticky fingers and anxious faces pressed against the glass, children know that the majority of cakes are comprised of a simple vanilla or chocolate cake batter, thus having little impact on a child’s desire.  Contrarily, their sparkling eyes and hopeful hearts are immensely captivated by the exterior of the cake, in the form of thick frosting and colorful sprinkles.

These same children grow up, move out of childhood homes, and embark on securing and furnishing their own residences.  All furniture has to be constructed in a basic, non-negotiable manner, as it needs to be safe, sturdy, and strong for everyday usage.  This necessity makes a piece of furniture as generic as a cake batter.  However, the metaphorical frosting and sprinkles of a furnishing comes in the form of a slipcover, accent pieces, and furniture placement.

Slipcovers are extremely versatile, can be utilized with various pieces of furniture, and are often purchased for different reasons.  The type, fit, and style slipcover can instantaneously add impact to the presence of a furnishing.  Slipcovers have the ability to breathe new life into an elderly piece, thus bringing it back to its infancy.  Additionally, throughout the life of a furnishing, permanent scars of varying sizes and severities are often incurred.  A celebratory splash of red wine on a white couch, chocolate fingerprints on a cream dining room chair, or a few drops of blood on a peach ottoman can leave unwanted permanency.  Slipcovers offer an inexpensive fix to mask stains and blotches on furnishings.  Finally, slipcovers can be utilized to change the theme of a room based on furnishings.  A dining room with a country theme can effortlessly become modern, whereas a vintage living room can transform into romantic.

Small accent pieces can turn a generic piece of furniture into something more aesthetically pleasing and visually exciting.  A piece of furniture can be accented with pillows, throw blankets, plants, vases, or lamps.  Additionally, a larger, stand alone piece of accent furniture provides emphasis, demands attention, and goes beyond functionality.  This piece garners attention while taking emphasis off of the other more common furniture pieces.

Furniture placement is a tool to make furniture a more creative part of design.  Furniture placement dictates the tone for how a room will be utilized, such as whether it will be used for watching television, relaxing, or socializing.  Scale, size, and form are other factors that can be manipulated via furniture placement.

Slipcovers, accent pieces, and furniture placement are all a unique type frosting that captures attention and excitement from generic furnishings lying underneath.  Thankfully, these factors can invoke excitement in adults, as a really good piece of cake can do for a child.