Three Ways To Instantly Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Feeling stuck in a small bedroom? Not enough space to feel comfortable? When it comes to your bedroom, size is everything!

Unfortunately, for many of us, moving to a brand new bedroom isn’t an option. A complete move is time consuming, takes up all of your energy, and more importantly, can be very expensive.

Don’t have the budget for a complete move? Here are three ways to instantly make your bedroom look bigger:

1. Use lighter colors to enhance the overall mood and feeling of the space. Darker colors make you feel closed in. Light colors make you feel open and free. Its time to lighten up the wall paint and furniture colors.

2. Although this may come across as somewhat obvious, get rid of the king size bed for a queen. You’ll be surprised by how much space this saves. And, the truth is, you’ll hardly notice the difference between a king and a queen! You might even want to try one of our futon mattress covers.

3. And for the fastest option, you can visually expand the room almost instantly by utilizing a few mirrors here and there.

Use these three options and watch your room grow instantly!

Measure Your Slipcover and Your Furniture Carefully

Whether you have a sofa, an armchair, an ottoman or any other fine piece of furniture, you have to look carefully at how you’re going to get a slipcover ready. You must make sure your slipcover can fit over your furniture properly.

You must look carefully at how well the cover can not only go over a surface but also be easy to secure without it slipping off, wrinkling or being otherwise hard to use. Make sure you use the right standards for getting such a cover ready on any kind of surface you want to get it on. This includes not only the size of the slipcover and the furniture but also the other features associated with the cover.

Add a Few Inches on Each Side

It helps to add a few inches onto your slipcover just to be safe. A few inches can be added on each end or side to make sure you have a large enough surface with a good fit that goes on each end. The key is to give you a comfortable look around your furniture.

Check the Thickness

You also have to look at how thick your slipcover as it can influence how well it can fit over the furniture. A slightly longer slipcover might be needed if you have a really thick surface to work with. This is just to ensure that the cover won’t snag up on a surface or be too hard to get on.

Watch For Zippers and Other Items on Your Furniture

Zippers, buttons and other commonplace accents on your furniture could add a bit of bulk onto that space. This could make it tough for you to get a futon slipcover applied in some cases. You might have to stretch the cover over some of these accents or add a bit of extra onto the cover so it will be a little easier for the material to go over that spot.

Be certain that any accents around your furniture don’t get stuck onto your slipcover either. You have to allow the cover to stretch over properly without any of those extra things creating snagging that could cause the furniture under the cover to tear up.

Look At Fasteners

You might see some fasteners around some sides of a slipcover. This is especially the case if you have a more traditional dining chair that you want to cover. While fasteners can be useful to secure a strong fit onto any chair, you have to watch carefully at how well such fasteners might work. You have to see that they are actually going to cover the entire surface of your furniture. More importantly, you have to avoid being overly tight on one of these so you don’t risk damaging your furniture at any time.

Check your slipcover carefully to see that it can go over your furniture without any problems. Be certain that you look at how well your great slipcover added onto your furniture. It should fit perfectly over your furniture without being overly tough or otherwise difficult to use in any situation.