A Yard For the Ages: 3 Ways To Make Your Patio Amazing

With summer finally here, many people will be spending much more time outside in their yards. You can make the most of this time by adding some key features to your patio that you can enjoy for years to come. Use these three ideas to get you thinking about what your patio can do!

  1. Add a pergola: In the hotter months, a bit of shade can make all the difference. A pergola helps shelter you from the sun’s rays without blocking them out completely. The structure can also be covered in hanging plants or vines, adding new levels to make your yard’s greenspace more dynamic. Place some chairs with ottomans and ottoman covers under your pergola to create the perfect spot to relax out of the intense sun.
  2. Have it double as a kitchen: If the idea of summertime barbecues and outdoor family meals excites you, you should consider investing in the necessary components for an outdoor patio kitchen. Get a grill, a food prep surface, and a minifridge, and you’re well on your way to feeding and entertaining guests all while in your backyard. Be aware, though — this makes your outdoor furniture much more vulnerable to stains, as people can accidentally spill food and drinks. With most custom made patio furniture cushion covers from Slipcover Shop being machine washable, you can simply throw dirty ones in with the laundry and have them looking like new. And because they are tightly woven, the covers will repel dirt and always keep their shape.
  3. Add a space for fires: One way to maximize the time you can comfortably use your patio each year is to build a spot for warm, cozy fires. This can be accomplished using a fire pit or fireplace; the one you choose will depend on available space, budget, time frame, and personal preference. A firepit will generally be cheaper and take less time to build, while a fireplace is a more involved construction task. Another advantage to firepits is the fact that they offer 360 degrees of heated space, while a fireplace provides half that. Whichever you choose, place some nice recliners with recliner seat covers by the fire to enjoy a nice fireside nap in the crisp fall weather!

For patio furniture cushion covers that will keep your patio looking its best, browse the selection at Slipcover Shop!

Relaxing Transformations: 3 Ways To Redefine Your Outdoor Living Space

outdoor twin mattress cover

As winter quickly approaches, it’s nice to think about the comfort and warmth of summer weather. Without an outdoor living space to enjoy it, the beauty of dappled sunshine and soft breezes would be entirely missed. Though you may be forced to watch that outdoor area lie untouched under mountains of snow in the coming months, these three tips to creating a relaxing outdoor space will keep you in warm spirits.


      • Introduce a daybed: Daybeds have become all the rage across the country. Providing the perfect area to sit back and take a nap in the afternoon sunshine, daybeds are functional as well as beautiful. With the right design and fitted mattress covers, they’ll be comfortable and entirely protected from the elements — selecting a synthetic suede slipcover resists stains and water damage, so you’ll have a classy look that allows you to drink wine while you lounge without fear of damage.
      • Buy new slipcovers: Outdoor furniture, even in the summer, experiences the brunt of nature’s moods. Rain and wind can do significant damage if not protected, so investing in patio furniture slipcovers (or patio furniture cushion slipcovers) can guarantee they last throughout the season. Buying daybed covers for your brand new luxury resting area is also smart; you don’t want bugs or mold interrupting your summertime nap!
      • Add a splash of color: While whites and linens are favored among outdoor decor, they can get a little boring. If you prefer to walk on the wild side, or are simply looking for a change, include colorful chairs, bold and bright rugs, and even vibrant shade umbrellas. Throw a red blanket on that outdoor twin mattress cover you invested in for your daybed, choose rich pillow covers, or give the nearby fence a re-imagining with your favorite color.


    As you reminisce on your summertime projects, the cold weather and blowing snow will seem to disappear from your life. You’ve got plenty of time to consider other ideas — such as the addition of a deck, the introduction of a wealth of plant life, or even the construction of a covered area to fully enjoy that outdoor twin mattress cover you just splurged on. Before you know it, summer will be here!

Change the Look of a Room Completely and Easily

If you want your Living Room or Den to look more elegant for that special occasion you don’t need to spend a lot of money or time.  A few simple changes will totally change the looks and give you that festive touch. These are changes you can make to any room in your home or use a few in each room for a total house makeover.

Add a Mirror

Adding a large mirror or a wall mirror will give the sense that a room is larger than it actually is.  Whether it is framed or unframed is up to your personal taste. Adding a large wall mirror at the end of a hall makes the hall look much longer.  They are not very expensive and really add to your home decor. Mirrors can be easily hung or mounted and require no special tools to do so.

Use Slipcovers on Your Furniture

If your furniture is stained up or the pieces do not match, try using a matching click clack cover for your furniture.  Family and friends will think you bought new furnishings when they see your click clack replacement cover. Maybe you are just tired of the color your furniture is now. A click clack futon cover will take care of that too.  This is so easy and you can change one piece of furniture or all the furniture in your home for a reasonable price. When they get dirty simply wash the slipcover in the washing machine.  It is much easier than cleaning a couch with a vacuum or shampooer. Do you have a party or special occasion coming up? Klik klak sofa bed covers can change a room that has a casual setting into one of elegance and more formal.  Add this to some of the other tips you find here and your room can be transformed in just a few hours with a clic clac cover. 

Add Drapes To the Windows

Adding drapes to a room adds a feeling of elegance and adds personality to the room.  Drapes block out the sun and they come in many different lengths and styles. They can add color and style to the room. Drapes are a great addition to any room.  They provide privacy and a sense of safety as well.

Use some Artificial Lighting and Plants

Place candlesticks and candelabras on tables and shelves. You can get some that are gorgeous in LED and not have the worry of an open flame. These always add an air of elegance to a room and cost very little.  There is something almost magical about a candlelight dinner. Add a few pot plants or hanging ivy to add that special touch to the room. A bouquet of flowers on a coffee table or as a centerpiece on the dining room table tends to add a personal touch to the room.

All of these changes can be done quickly and inexpensively. You can make a room either more or less elegant by changing these up some.  People will think you spent a lot on the decor. These and more inexpensive additions can totally change the look of a room.

How To Add Extra Comfort To Your Boat This Summer

Spending hours out on the water can be a relaxing way to enjoy the day. However, too much time on the water can wear out your legs and back, and the time outside can lead to sunburn. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to make your ride more comfortable and minimize problems afterward. Some of them also help protect your boat and increase its value over time.

First of all, try to ensure that your boat will provide as smooth a ride as possible. Avoid excessive pounding by installing trim tabs, which help the boat get on plane and correct listing. Trim tabs also reduce fuel consumption and improve visibility, contributing to a more efficient and enjoyable ride.

Water reflects UV rays, increasing your chances of sunburn. Make sure you wear sunglasses and sunscreen that is at least 30 SPF. Another option if you are planning to spend long hours out in the sun is a bimini top. It will protect you from the harsh rays, especially when the sun is most intense. It can even provide some shelter from rain if you are stationary.

Seating is another important consideration for your boat, especially since simply standing and maintaining balance on a boat can tire your muscles. Plus, the weather can wear out existing seats and their bases, so make sure both are in good condition. Boat cushion covers can help protect the material for as long as possible. Be sure to invest in good quality upholstery or durable material, as the water and weather can damage older ones.

If you want to add more temporary seating, there are even more options to consider. Portable loungers and bean bags provide a nice alternative, while padded chairs and benches can add to the overall comfort of your boat without taking up too much space when not in use. You can also add cushions to a cooler to combine comfort with functionality.

Another way to stay comfortable is to invest in marine carpeting or anti-fatigue mats, which can reduce the shock of a big wave. Not only are these easier for standing for long periods of time, but they can also help prevent slipping and falling. Modern marine carpets are durable, prevent mold and mildew, and enhance the general appearance of your boat.

To prevent further back or knee pain, be sure to invest in a good pair of boat shoes. Choose shoes with good traction and cushioning. Most importantly, make sure they keep your feet dry.

Finally, a major consideration for comfort onboard comes from adapting to our modern world and giving yourself some peace of mind. A house battery or compact portable generator can be useful, especially if you are bringing along any electronic devices, like stereos. If you are planning to bring phones, make sure you also have a portable charger. Try to find one that is solar powered to avoid feeling too lost at sea.

Summer days were meant for spending long hours on the water. Make sure it is a restful and easy experience by ensuring your comfort onboard first.

Spandex Works For Many Slipcovers

Spandex is often used in the construction of slipcovers. About 4 to 6 percent of the build on a slipcover may be made with spandex. But what makes this material so popular on slipcovers? It’s normally something that is found on athletic apparel but it can be worthwhile if used right on your furniture.

Spandex, or elastane or Lycra as it is also known, is a synthetic material. It was introduced in the early 1960s by the DuPont company. It was designed as a material used to be stronger than traditional rubber while also being less likely to break or wear out.

This consists of polyester and polyurethane materials mixed together. The two are blended into the same polymers and mixed through a careful manufacturing process. Magnesium is often used to finish the surface to create a smooth texture. The fibers that are produced can be strung together like with any other fabric and then applied onto a surface. As the spandex is arranged, it will create a strong body that flexes well.

Where Does Spandex Go On a Slipcover?

Spandex typically goes around the ends of a slipcover. These include ends where the cover goes around the edges of the furniture. This assists in securing a tight fit while flexing itself along with the natural shape of the furniture in question.

This is arranged around the ends so it will not stick out from the rest of the surface. It is still painted in the same color as that of the rest of the fabric.

Sometimes the spandex can be blended in with the rest of the fabric in general. This is to give it a flexible body all the way through. The total amount of spandex used is minimal in comparison with the rest of the cotton or polyester or other material but it can make a real difference.

Why Use Spandex?

The benefits of using spandex on cushion slipcovers are especially great to notice:

  • It is light in weight and is not too hard to use.
  • It is very flexible and easy to apply onto any end of your furniture. It does not produce lots of wrinkles. The fabric simply secures itself along the ends of your furniture with ease.
  • The stretching that comes with the spandex isn’t going to cause indentations in the fabric or lots of other stress marks. It is flexible enough to where the fabric will not weaken or wear out quickly.
  • You can get spandex dyed in a variety of colors to match up with the rest of the fabric being used on your slipcover.
  • The risk of needle damage will be minimal. As a slipcover is prepared, the spandex will not lose its ability to stretch and flex as a series of stitching tools moves through it. This allows you to have a surface that is smooth and comfortable without being overly hard to use.

You will be pleased at how well spandex can be used when getting a slipcover ready. Check on how well your cover is being prepared with a strong spandex body so you will have something easy to apply and use on any surface in your home.