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All our ready-made slipcovers are made with patented Clip-On fasteners for a better fit and clean front appearance. All slipcovers shown on our website are physically in stock and shipped within 2 business days. Easy Fit® patented ready-made furniture slipcovers will give your furniture a custom upholstered look. 

Readymade Dining Chair Covers

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Our selection of dining chair slipcovers will definitely infuse new life into your dining chairs with a wide variety of attractive fabrics and colors at great savings. Available as a single piece or set of four. Affordable chair covers will not break a bank and they can be taken off and replaced within minutes. Works well with most styles of armless chairs with back up to 42" high.

Wing Chair Covers

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Wing furniture covers are made to fit most standard-sized wing chairs with T cushions for the seat. Each chair cover is designed to fit directly over your existing upholstery and fit neatly to the contours of your chair. Wing Chair covers are held in place using elastic and any excess fabric wraps around the edges. All our covers offer excellent value for your money. All in-stock and shipped within two business days.

Recliner Chair Covers

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Recliner chair covers are made in standard sizes to fit the most popular types of recliners, such as La-Z-Boy and Lane and Strato-Lounger chairs. Fits most standard recliners with a right-side handle. All recliner chair slip-covers feature a side pocket for remote control or TV guide.

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We have divided our entire ready-made slipcover category into several groups to guide you straight to the slipcover style you’re looking for. You may select your ready-made slipcovers by category, style of slipcover, or by subcategories that will fit the specific style of furniture like dining chair slipcover or wing chair cover. We know that styles and patterns are always changing—yes, even for furniture covers! So, when you shop with us you know that you are buying furniture covers that are stylish and look great. 

Furniture slipcovers are made to be super easy to fit over your existing upholstered furniture, therefore giving an old and tired looking sofa an instant facelift. If your sofa or wing sofa appears to be a bit worn out, consider covering it with new sofa slipcovers. Nowadays, sofa slipcovers are fairly inexpensive to purchase, especially if you’re looking into reupholstering the furniture. There are different styles of slipcovers to choose from, there are ready-made and custom slipcovers and wing sofa slipcover with and without separate t sofa cushion covers. 

Use sofa slipcovers to match your mismatched sofa and chair, making your interior more appealing. If you recently moved into a new house, a new sofa slipcover will help your sofa in with your new living room and the rest of the furniture. 

Dining chair covers are not just affordable and practical, they are also beautiful. Great choices of patterns in today's hot colors available at your fingertips. Available in almost any color scheme and fabric types such as microfiber suede, cotton, and even stretch covers. Fabric that is used for chair covers is always washable.