Jeans Indigo Elasticized Cushion Cover 452

Jeans Indigo Elasticized Cushion Cover is a Genuine denim fabric, just like the jeans you wear. The best selling slipcover ever. Durable and classy cover that will last for literally decades. Indigo denim look works well with almost anything. Perfect cover for high traffic areas. Easy to care for and . Poly Cotton. Made in USA.

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Elasticized Seat cushion slips are made to fit Seat cushion or “set of cushions” of any upholstered or wooden couch or chair. Ingenious, yet simple designed elasticized cushion slip works similar to fitted sheet, covering top, the sides and partially bottom of cushion.

Elasticized construction allows for easy fit and removal. Words of Wisdom: If you have more than one seat cushion on sofa, you may consider covering them all with one slip, by simply combining the length of all the cushions. This will save you money too.

Application: Seat cushions, odd size bedding, pet beds, pool tables, etc.

Note: Elasticized covers are not recommended for Back Cushions.

Pricing is based on the size of the cushion cover. Price includes our fabric and labor.

Lead Time: 7 business days.

Made in the USA Before and After


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1. Gary on 5/5/2017, said:  

The zipper on the old cover on my ottoman had given out. The cushion is still in great shape and I liked the simpicity of this cover, so I ordered it. It is easy to put on fits perfectly. I think I will be quite happy with this purchase and will keep,this company bookmarked for future needs. Thanks for a nice product.

2. Judy on 3/28/2017, said:  

I'm really pleased, the custom fit is perfect. I love the denim fabric and will look for other way to include it in my home and office.

3. Judy on 3/11/2017, said:  

I ordered 1 to check for quality, I received it and ordered 3 more. I could not of been more pleased. I ordered a custom size, and it fit perfect.

4. Robert on 1/30/2017, said:  

Very nice. They fit perfectly. Much easier than getting material and having the cushions re-covered.

Showing comments 1-4 of 4